ControlF5’s Ultimate Guide To Selecting the Right Web and Mobile App Development Framework!

ControlF5’s Ultimate Guide To Selecting the Right Web and Mobile App Development Framework!

Web and Mobile app development is a huge industry with a lot of choices for businesses looking to get their work done. Because of this, getting your app development right is essential if you want to make sure that your business is successful.

A framework is a platform on which you can build applications. The web or mobile application framework you choose is not important if you’re a skilful web and mobile application developer. But for a beginner, it can affect your learning curve and productivity.

Web or Mobile app development can be difficult, so having a framework or a toolkit to help you is essential if you want to ensure that your app is a success.

In this blog, we will look at 4 of the best web and mobile app development frameworks and which ones you should choose.

What is a web or a mobile framework?

Let’s begin by talking about what a mobile framework is. It allows web and mobile app developers to write code that they can then reuse on repeat. It’s a library of pre-written functions. A framework also helps web and mobile application developers achieve better performance in their apps because they can take full advantage of native features and hardware.

Web and Mobile app development frameworks provide capabilities that make your app easy to manage on different devices (be it a smartphone or tablet) while maintaining a consistent experience across all devices. This implies that the code is structured in a manner facilitating simpler writing for diverse device types, and it can exclusively operate on the operating system (OS) of your preference.

Web and App Developement

Why is it necessary to use a web or mobile app development framework?

The main reason why you should consider a web or mobile app development framework is to make your app easier to manage and easier to maintain. If you have been working with similar technologies such as java, c++, PHP or MVC javascript framework then you will notice how much time it takes to learn and master a new framework.

This time complexity can be avoided by using a more mature technology like ReactJS or python. Learning a single framework instead of multiple ones simultaneously can help you to focus on the most important task – building your app.

For example, you will probably have worked with or heard of ReactJS as it is one of the most popular Javascript frameworks, but what about Python; do you know how it works compared to other mobile frameworks? If not, keep reading!

  • Python

Python is one of the most used programming languages in the world, not just for mobile development, but for programming overall. It empowers you to expedite your work, enabling you to concentrate on projects that propel your business forward, rather than expending time on learning the intricacies of a new language or framework.

Python boasts numerous frameworks applied in web development, which can also be harnessed for constructing mobile applications.

Web and Mobile app development
  • ReactJS

React with JavaScript stands as another renowned mobile framework crafted for fashioning reusable UI components.

React allows you to attain optimal code performance, as it is authored to operate within native contexts. It’s so quick you can start iterating on ideas very quickly and if they don’t work, simply reload the page and start again. It also makes your app faster because it uses a declarative approach to UI development.

These make your application more user-friendly without compromising its performance.

  • MERN

If you’re looking for a framework that is designed for complex apps, consider the MEAN stack. This is great for businesses that are looking to build a large-scale app with a high level of performance. It works in all major web and mobile frameworks. It is known for its speed and ease of learning, so it will help you get started quickly with mobile applications.

If your business is just starting, this could be a great framework to use as it will grow with your business as it needs more functionality added in later.

  • Flutter

Flutter is an open-source mobile app development framework that uses the Dart programming language. It works on both Android and iOS apps and is backed by Google. Although it may be newer to the market than other frameworks, Flutter has already gained a lot of interest. Its inherent speed and reactivity are acknowledged, making it a valuable asset not just for prototyping but also as a production platform.

If your goal involves swiftly launching your app or necessitates customization to match your business prerequisites, Flutter could prove highly suitable for your needs.

Web and Mobile App Development Frameworks

Classification of web and mobile app frameworks according to their popularity and performance.

We covered the four most popular frameworks out there:

– Python, used in more than 60% of all sites;
– ReactJS, used by more than 30% of all websites;
– MERN (MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS), is used by 12% of websites.
-Flutter, used by 4% of all websites

Overview of the four frameworks

  • Python is a general-purpose programming language.It finds applications in sites to develop large, self-contained applications.
    Websites that use Python are Youtube, Instagram and Dropbox.


  • ReactJS is a modern way of building user interfaces for single-page applications. It finds usage in programming sites with a small code footprint and fast loading time. As seen with examples like Facebook Ads Manager and Airbnb.


  • Many mobiles and web developers agree that ReactJS works well with Python since it helps them structure their code better. Which will make it easy to maintain in the long term. Furthermore, ReactJS can be used for building an API backend for another programming language such as Python.


  • MERN is an acronym from MongoDB, ExpressJS and AngularJS. It was written by Nicolas, a 3-year experienced mobile and web developer. He wrote his blog in MERN because it can be difficult to find training material for it on the internet. This framework uses Python to create the API backend and uses JavaScript for frontend programming. However, Python and JavaScript can’t run at the same time on one computer, so you have to use different computers.

(Recommendation for MERN: use Django and follow the tutorial below.
I’d like to add a tip, in the same way as I did in the previous paragraph: Do not try to build your website when you finish the tutorial. This framework has a very small community.

The only way to find support is through Google or ControlF5’s blog site. Keep that in mind when choosing this framework!)

  • Flutter is a new cross-platform mobile app development framework which uses Dart for programming. It was developed by Google and became open-source on GitHub in 2015.
  • Flutter is a mobile app development framework that uses a Dart language for programming. Google developed it and open-sourced it on GitHub in 2015. Many sites use it, including Google Docs, Gmail, and Youtube.
Web and Mobile App Development

Factors while picking a web or mobile app development front-end framework?

  • Performance – React is by far the fastest framework, with benchmarks that say it’s up to 2x faster than AngularJS 1x.


  • Mobile-friendliness – The difference between a native app and a web browser can be stark: Websites often have trouble adapting to small screens, while native apps work seamlessly. MERN gives you the best of both worlds (and it’s pretty easy to learn).


  • Developer experience – The concept seems simple at first — but as you dig deeper into frameworks like AngularJS or React. You realize there are hundreds of decisions to make about how things should behave.


  • Mobile-friendly framework – Mobile-friendly UI gives your application an edge over other web-based apps and helps you stand out from the crowd.


  • Design Customization – React Native allows to customize the entire UI using CSS Framework. As it has flex in place, which according to Facebook is a “flexbox for native apps”. But there is no flex yet in place for MERN, which means you need a hack to achieve a custom design with MERN. Flutter is the only mobile framework that supports Material Design with ease out of the box.
  • Community – React Native boasts of a larger community size and better documentation & support.


  • Developer experience – The concept seems simple at first — but as you dig deeper into frameworks like AngularJS or React. You realize there are hundreds of decisions to make about how things should behave. React has a much more “flexible/optional” philosophy compared to AngularJS.


  • Philosophy/architecture. React is based on the principle of ‘one HTML tag per component’. Comparing this to AngularJS, which organizes numerous components into a hierarchy of “components”, displaying only one at a time on the screen.


  • Low barrier to entry – A big drawback of MERN (and MEAN) is that it requires you to set up routing for your website using lodash. This knocks down a large proportion of small-business owners and casual web and mobile app developers. Who don’t have years (or months!) of experience in web development but are open to trying new things and being agile.


  • Web or Native App? – React Native lets you build mobile apps using only JavaScript, letting you share up to 90% of code between iOS and Android apps. It’s also increasingly easy to use with React on the web.


  • Templating language – You have multiple options such as HTML5, XML, Handlebars, etc.
    Use case and existing knowledge? For example, if you are developing a blog in react native, the best framework for it is different from developing a CRM system or machine learning app in react native.
Web and Mobile App Development

ControlF5:an expert web and mobile app development company!

As ControlF5 is the best in the industry, there is no question that when your business needs are high, you can rely on us to deliver. We will guide your business through a wide range of first-class development services like coding, testing, design and more.

You can trust ControlF5’s ReactJS and MERN stack web and mobile app developers with your projects. As we deliver higher quality and faster results at a lower cost in comparison to other mobile and web app development companies in the USA, UK, and India.

With years of experience, ControlF5’s web and mobile app developers have gained expertise in developing reusable and reliable front-end frameworks. Using a single code base for the backend and front end with ES6 is a great way to achieve both scalability and ease of maintenance. It has allowed us to provide better customer service, quicker fixes, bug fixes and new features on demand. By using a single codebase you will also be able to use the same language syntax throughout your app.

That makes it easier to understand the flow throughout your entire application. You can make updates across your application in one place, which is especially important for long-term business.

Web and Mobile App Development

FaQs that got you covered

What’s the Best Framework?

It’s difficult to say which framework is “best.” Both frameworks are going for two different solutions to the same problem. We’re not here to judge which one is superior, but based on our experience with each. We believe that a combination of MERN and ReactJS would be the best choice for most clients, for most of projects..

When Should You Use MERN?

As mentioned earlier, if you’re constructing an MVP or facing time constraints while aiming to swiftly launch an app. Opting for a conventional solution like MERN is likely advisable. This is because of its faster performance, decreased testing time, and increased reliability in a short timeline. But if you have a little more time, there are some benefits to using React-Redux over MERN. If you’ve already built an application with React-Redux and want to continue working with this codebase, it might be simpler to continue using React-Redux.

When Should You Use ReactJS?

Let’s say you’re working on a project that doesn’t fall into any of the categories where MERN would be appropriate. Maybe the timeline is flexible and the budget unrestricted. Now what?

If your app requires a more specialized interface, like a mobile app with high-definition graphics, you’ll want to go with React-Redux. This is because MERN has limited framework and rendering capabilities. Conversely, ReactJS offers the advantage of being completely customizable. You can adjust the framework to meet your unique needs, which means that the interface is perfect for your project alone. Furthermore, you achieve complete autonomy in terms of styling and presenting content across the application. As this is achieved natively through JavaScript (and HTML).


If you’re looking to create a more advanced app that handles many related page requests, then you’ll want to consider ReactJS over MERN. With ReactJS, you can build extremely versatile apps. One example would be our DropTag app for example where we implemented a number of features such as:

Why you should select ReactJS and MERN stack, web and mobile app developers, from ControlF5?

When you work with ControlF5, you can be confident that they will deliver a high-quality application that meets your needs. After all, they are the best in the industry and use the same frameworks to deliver quality code that works effectively and efficiently. Their team of ReactJS Developers comprises accomplished and experienced professionals who will aid you in crafting well-designed custom web applications.

Why ControlF5’s MERN and ReactJS mobile and web developers are best in the field?

The number one reason to choose ControlF5’s MERN and ReactJS developer is our utilisation of these technologies. More specifically, we have a framework that makes the most out of the strengths of both frameworks. That’s right; our web and mobile app development methodology makes use of each technologies. Which each benefits to ensure you get the best possible result with an unbeatable timeline.

For example, we control both frameworks by using their respective tools for what they’re best at, MERN for its speed and ReactJS for its flexibility. This method also eliminates any potential inconsistencies between being on different platforms or web browsers. Which are common with react vs flutter developers.

With ControlF5 at the helm, we can control both platforms to ensure that your app works as smoothly as possible.

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