How to Use Upsell: 10 Techniques to Boost Your Sales

how to use upsell 10 Techniques to boost your sales

Ah, the upsell—the salesperson’s best friend. When done correctly, it can also be very popular with clients. Many businesses use ads, emails, seasonal deals, and coupon codes to drive traffic and acquire new consumers. However, many ecommerce store owners overlook the need to raise the average order value. This is another excellent strategy to increase revenue. Getting a new customer is approximately five times more expensive than retaining an existing customer. That’s why focusing on upselling can significantly increase your income.
In today’s competitive company environment, finding new strategies to boost income and customer satisfaction is critical. Upselling is a contemporary yet effective practice.

Upselling is one of the most simple sales tactics for increasing revenue in your eCommerce business. If you don’t have upselling techniques in place, the business could miss out on a 10-30% boost in overall revenue.

The goal of upselling strategies is to increase revenue by compelling buyers to choose a more expensive version of the product. To encourage visitors to accept your offers, justify the price rise by emphasizing the advantages, such as higher-quality materials, additional features, extended warranty, and so on. Upselling strategies can appear difficult. That’s why you can also take the help of various Woocommerce Upsell plugins and Shopify upsell apps available in the market to make your thing easier.

This writing will teach you ten tried-and-true ecommerce upsell plugins and tactics for your eCommerce store. In summary, you’ll have everything you need to increase your AOV and improve your bottom line. ControlF5 offers you the top basic tactics for upselling on your eCommerce site right now, without making your customers feel taken advantage of.

Sounds good? Let’s start upselling!

What are Upselling Techniques?

eCommerce upsell plugin and its Upselling techniques are sales tactics that allow you to upsell consumers to a larger order value.

The goal of upselling is to get customers to spend more money and increase profits from each transaction. Upselling benefits you in many ways than just increasing money; for example, it allows you to provide a better customer experience.

Upselling is a sales tactic that allows firms to enhance revenue by offering clients a more expensive, higher-end version of a product. This sales approach raises the value of the original transaction, resulting in greater revenue for the organization. Storefronts and eCommerce sites employ upselling to provide a more expensive version of a product model. Upselling strategies include post-purchase upsells, product bundling, and free delivery thresholds.

For WooCommerce users, there are several upsell wordpress plugins available to streamline the implementation of upselling strategies. Consider some WooCommerce upsell plugins such as:

  1. Best Upsell for WooCommerce
  2. UpsellWP
  3. One Click Upsell Funnel
  4. Cross-selling & Product Bundles

Similarly, Shopify users can take advantage of shopify upsell apps specifically designed for the shopify platform. You can explore options like:

  1. SellUp ‑ Upsell & Add ons
  2. BOLD Upsell: Upsell Everywhere
  3. Upsell & Cross Sell — Selleasy

By incorporating these WooCommerce and Shopify upsell apps into your online store, you can effectively enhance your upselling strategies and drive increased revenue while providing customers with valuable upgrade options and complementary products. Upselling methods can take many shapes in the context of eCommerce.

upselling tips for higher sales

Top 10 Techniques to Boost Your Sales

Here are some time-tested and effective eCommerce upsell plugins and their strategies to explore today. It’s all about striking a balance between increasing revenue and offering a consistent customer experience from beginning to end.

1.  Offer customers multiple selections for both products and discounts

The first upselling strategy is also the most basic. When you’re upselling – offer a range of premium products and discounts.
Here’s how this strategy can help:

  • Put choice in the hands of customers: Customers can select the upsold product that best matches their needs or aspirations. Customers may also find new items that they were previously unaware of. This increases consumer satisfaction.
  • Cater to a variety of customer budgets: Not everyone who meets the requirements for the ideal customer profile (ICP) has the same budget at all times. This enables clients to spend only what they are capable of on any given day.
  • Increase cross-selling opportunities: When you offer a wide range of products, your chances of cross-selling related items grow. If a customer buys a high-end product, they are more inclined to purchase related accessories or extended warranties.
  • Increase the perceived value of upsold products: Offering a wide range of upsold products increases their perceived worth in the customer’s opinion. If the premium product addresses specific pain issues, customers are more likely to buy it.
  • Offer discounts or free shipping whenever possible: Customers are likely to purchase a premium product if it comes with free shipping or a discount. 95% of customers believe that free shipping motivates them to spend more on eCommerce websites whether it’s Shopify eCommerce website or WooCommerce eCommerce website.

2.  Don’t oversell too many options. Try to help instead

When you’re upselling your products, there’s a term called “too much choice.” When customers have too many options to choose from, it causes mental paralysis.

This has also been verified through studies. Academics conducted a popular poll to compare the conversion rates of two pop-up stores selling similar products. Customers had only six alternatives at one location, whereas almost 24 options were available at the second.

The researchers discovered that while more consumers visited the store with 24 selections, only 3% of them made a single purchase. The store with fewer alternatives had 30% of visitors make a purchase. That’s a significant variation in conversion rate.

Instead of aggressively selling your premium products and providing too many selections, limit the number of options available. Rather than pushing your items, try to help clients solve their pain areas.

3.  Assure that upsold products aren’t overly pricey

When you’re trying to persuade a consumer to upgrade to a premium product, your goal is to help them accomplish a rapid win.

This will not be achievable if the cost of your premium product exceeds your client’s budget. According to experts, clients are rarely willing to spend more than 25% of their original budget.

The success of this upselling method is based on buyers believing they will receive additional benefits for a reasonable price. Providing large discounts while attempting to cross-sell or upsell is an effective strategy for enticing buyers to buy more than one item.

4.  Use customization to boost the consumer experience

No consumer wants to feel like a number on your marketing dashboard. Personalized product recommendations can help you create stronger client relationships.

Here are some ways that personalization might benefit your upselling strategies.

  • Access to improved client segmentation. Before making personalized recommendations, you’ll gain access to improved segmentation data based on personal information and activity history.
  • Provide personalized recommendations. Using algorithms and machine learning, you will be able to recommend goods based on customer preferences and behavior. This increases the odds of conversion.
  • Send out tailored marketing messages. At each point of the buyer’s journey, you will be able to send relevant and tailored marketing communications.
  • Provide effective incentives. Based on a plethora of consumer data, you’ll be able to create unique incentives for each group of your target audience.

effective upselling methods

5.  Utilize strong language to point out the product’s worth and build urgency

The type of language you employ is almost as important as the thing you are upselling. However, you should never go overboard or appear aggressive or demanding when upselling. You will get more by just advising your customers.

Use only convincing wording on your upselling product page or landing page copy. Instead of mentioning “This phone has a larger memory storage,” you may say “Save over 1 million photos on your phone”. The value proposition is a crucial consideration here. For WooCommerce ecommerce website users, the Woocommerce Upsell plugin is a fantastic option, enabling you to showcase relevant products to customers at strategic points in their shopping experience.

Remember to clearly and effectively emphasize the benefits and value of the upsold products. You can also generate a sense of urgency by promoting limited-time specials or discounts.

6.  Create an easy-to-find comparative feature

If you’re serious about upselling your premium products, consider adding a comparison function to your ecommerce website.

Ideally, this sector should enable buyers to manually add several products and evaluate their features and costs. Alternatively, you can provide buyers with a comparison of the product they intend to purchase to the premium version, with no manual additions.

This will allow your customers to make an informed selection. They will know exactly how much they are spending for more features or an upgrade.

Instead of pushing an upsold product, try providing clients with enough knowledge to make an informed decision for themselves.

7.  Create a “related products” section on your checkout page

Another effective approach to increase upselling in your shopify eCommerce website is to include a ‘Related Products’ section on your checkout page.

Here is the reasoning behind this. If a prospect has reached the checkout page, they are likely to complete the transaction. As people decide to purchase these goods, you can make product recommendations that will improve and complement the original offering.

With the right tools in place, you can capitalize on shopify upsell app opportunities and drive increased revenue for your Shopify store while providing valuable recommendations to your customers. Here are some of the best shopify apps for “related products”:

strategies for upselling success

8.  Make use of social proof

Displaying social proof can greatly boost your chances of making a transaction. This entails demonstrating to potential buyers that others have purchased the product or service and are satisfied with it. You can include client reviews or testimonials on your website.

Social proof and user-generated content (UGC) are effective techniques for building confidence with new prospects. It demonstrates to new customers that your organization is reliable. Use social proof, such as customer testimonials, reviews, or case studies, to boost confidence and trustworthiness. When customers receive favorable feedback from others who have chosen the upsell option, they are more likely to be confident in their decision.

9.  Upsell products at every stage of the client journey and on various sites

You do not have to limit your upselling efforts to the checkout page. Ideally, your upselling approach should cover all stages of the customer’s journey. Furthermore, you can highlight several connected products on different sections of your website.

Marketers usually make upselling suggestions on product pages, checkout pages, and the add-to-cart page. You can also include bundled products on your homepage.

Here’s how you can use each stage of the buyer’s journey to upsell. Remember that it depends on how you chart the buyer’s journey, and this is a broad schema.

  • Pre-purchase stage: At this point, your best bet is to display clients tailored or retargeted advertising that includes product recommendations based on their history and previous behavior.
  • Consideration stage (product page and cart page): At this point, you can provide suggestions for compatible items and services. Offer time-sensitive discounts or free shipping on the cart page to enhance conversions.
  • Decision stage (checkout page): Cross-selling can be extremely beneficial at this stage. Continue to provide unique suggestions for goods for upsells.
  • Post-purchase stage (follow-up emails or calls): In the post-purchase stage, you can offer consumers the opportunity to add new products to their existing orders for free. Follow up with all of your customers at this point. Only make suggestions if you are satisfied.

10.  Be fair and never let clients feel ‘tricked’

When it comes to upselling strategies, remember to be ethical in all your interactions.

You’ve provided product recommendations. You’ve provided all of the information a prospect needs to make an informed purchasing decision.

Remain open about all of the benefits. However, never oversell your product or promise benefits that cannot be delivered. Remember that if a few customers feel ripped off or taken advantage of, it will have a bad impact on your brand’s reputation.

Top Techniques to Boost Your Sales: Final Takeaways

In the dynamic business world, boosting revenue is critical for long-term growth and success. Upselling is an effective way to achieve your company goal and boost your company’s profits. You may master upselling by knowing your consumers’ demands, giving value-added benefits, personalizing recommendations, and leveraging social proof.
Follow the tips above and avoid common blunders to maximize your earnings and chances of making a sale. However, you must treat your consumers with respect and helpfulness.

If there’s one thing you should take away from this post, it’s this:
Upsell approaches are effective ways to help clients make smarter decisions faster. Product upselling is about more than just website profit; it’s also about pleased and loyal consumers who will return to your business time and again. Nothing beats a loyal customer who continues to buy from you and tells others about your fantastic deals.

To summarize, by following the techniques outlined in this article, you may increase sales, improve customer happiness, and drive revenue growth through upselling and cross-selling. Embrace the power of these strategies, customize your strategy, and watch your business grow.

If you want to improve your closing rates and increase sales in more ways than one, contact us now and get started today..!

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