Top 10 Shopify themes for your e-commerce website

Top 10 Shopify themes for your e-commerce website

Online shopping is popular with both customers and merchants. It offers more possibilities for consumers. Instead of being pushed by the store’s operating hours, consumers can shop whenever it is convenient for them. Additionally, they can uncover goods that might not be offered at a nearby store. A business owner can reach more clients by using an e-commerce platform. There is some best Shopify agency that assists you in building a store that not only looks great but also works well in assisting you in increasing the number of visitors who become customers and achieving your business objectives.

It’s challenging to choose the best Shopify eCommerce store theme because there are thousands of them accessible. Additionally, conducting your own research takes time. We did all the effort to make things easier for you. We’ve produced a list of the top Shopify themes by category in this article. We considered the article’s layout, available templates, design, and all its features.

You won’t come across any out-of-date, unavailable templates because every theme on the list has just been updated for 2023. Let’s provide you with a fantastic Shopify experts theme for your online store right away. Due to the increased popularity of mobile commerce, we’ll demonstrate each theme’s appearance for visitors using desktop and mobile devices as well as highlight its most salient characteristics.

Choosing A Good Shopify Theme Is Critical To The Success Of Your Store:

You want to be distinctive while putting up a Shopify site for dropshipping. From home sites to product pages, Shopify themes offer extensive customization. With different Layouts, components, colors, and more are all changeable. Here are some of the top Shopify templates for you can choose from:

1. Gecko


You want to be unique while putting up a Shopify site for dropshipping. From home sites to product pages, Gecko offers extensive customization. Layouts, components, colors, and more are all changeable.

It’s a great topic for developing a unique, recognizable, and expert brand presence.

One of the greatest Shopify themes for eCommerce is Gecko, which has so many amazing features that you may create any type of eCommerce website you want.

Gecko offers many useful components for a strong eCommerce store that can meet your ideal requirements from design to goals, and it has a gorgeous modern design with a minimalist feel.

The Gecko Shopify theme is very appealing and powerful. Gecko has features like a simplistic, modern aesthetic that works with a variety of products. offers a ton of sales capabilities as well as responsive design, allowing you to boost conversions on well-liked mobile devices.

You’ll spend less on third-party plugins and apps by using this theme.

Theme highlights:

  • Enhanced for performance and speed
  • Extremely flexible pages and parts
  • Adaptive design
  • Packed with features that promote sales



When it comes to free Shopify themes, Dawn is the real champion. It is clutter-free, simple to use, and has all the essential functionality required to start your Shopify store.

Dawn emphasizes visual storytelling and lets you display excellent photos. The theme is extremely simple to set up and adaptable for customization.

Dawn stands for a JavaScript-only, HTML-first approach to theme building. It serves as a model for creating Shopify themes because it is the first source-available theme with performance, flexibility, and Online Store 2.0 capabilities built-in.

If you have any query related to understanding 2.0 thought then here you would be more clear to know about its advantages and disadvantages shopify 2.0 os.

Theme highlights:

  • Completely free
  • Focus on visual storytelling
  • Minimalist to the core
  • Mobile-optimized

3. Ella


ELLA is an all-in-one Shopify template with a variety of layouts and styles that enables you to build various structures and fits any particular needs for various types of businesses.

Generally speaking, is a multipurpose Shopify theme that is professional and well-functioning, with a concentration on themes for fashion stores. This theme provides templates for blogs, collection pages, categories, and products.

Up to $1000 can be saved on additional programs by using Ella’s several built-in theme capabilities. This theme offers a mobile-first design and quick loading times because mobile shopping is huge right now.

Grab Ella right away to rapidly build a modern and expert e-commerce website store.

Theme highlights:

  • Mobile-first design
  • Maximum customizability
  • Regularly updated
  • Fast loading speeds

4. Kalles


You can develop, update, and rearrange sections on any page of your website using the full toolkit it provides. The more than fifteen demonstrations that makeup Kalles each have a number of exceptional features and striking designs.

With our one-click install, you can quickly add your content and publish after importing the demo. You will always have access to the most recent tools to enhance your store because the theme is frequently updated with the newest features.

Despite the fact that the majority of contemporary Shopify themes are fully responsive, the Kalles responsive Shopify theme goes a step further and provides a mobile-focused design for all of its layouts. 

The theme is flexible and appropriate for any available eCommerce market.

Kalles Theme highlights:

  • Mobile-first design
  • Fit for any eCommerce store
  • Complete website building toolkit

  5. ICON


The Iconic Shopify Theme is a terrific choice if you want to give your Shopify store a new, contemporary design.

This theme will make your products stand out from the competitor’s thanks to its stylish flat design. With the use of metadata, merchants may highlight related products, encourage upsells, and raise the average order value with the Shopify theme Icon.

It also includes built-in Online Store 2.0 filtering with color swatches for better product exposure. Customers can have large collections separated into more manageable sections.

An icon is one of the most well-known Shopify themes ever because of its slick style, a strong selection of Collections and product choices, and parallax scrolling galleries that offer a high-end online store for a low one-time cost.

ICON Theme highlights:

  • Dropshippers
  • Designed specifically for drop shippers
  • High-volume stores
  • Designed for stores that process a large number of transactions in a given period
  • Quick setup
  • Theme setup steps are minimal to allow for a quick launch

6. Motion


Although the motion appears to be a very simple Shopify theme, it offers numerous customization possibilities and excellent design elements, such as animation.

Motion is a great Shopify theme expert if you’re trying to sell art online. Because it is intended for visual storytelling, it pushes you to use graphics to develop your brand story. Motion is naturally adjusted for all screen sizes.

made with brand and product storytelling in mind. You can use animation and video to set things in motion with this sleek premium Shopify theme.

This Shopify video theme is mobile-optimized and lightweight, with amazing performance across all devices. It is also packed with motion capabilities.

Motion Theme highlights:

  • Smooth animation feature
  • Flexible customization
  • Great for selling art online
  • Mobile optimized
  • Designed for visual storytelling

  7. Empire


Tech-related Shopify themes should include a clean, clutter-free product display, plenty of room for product descriptions, and user ratings. 

All of those qualities are available with Empire’s preset, Industrial. Other features include a countdown timer, a simple navigation menu, a product comparison, and more.

Empire Theme highlights:

  • Neat product display
  • Product Comparison
  • User reviews
  • Convenient product filtering

 8. Porto


Shopify Theme is a robust bundle that includes everything you need for your Shopify store and is more than just a Shopify theme. It includes all the capabilities and tools needed to build incredibly quick responsive websites with fantastic UI and UX.

 Also, you can build your own cutting-edge Shopify store using one of the 20+ specialized examples, layouts, or styles available. You can save a lot of money by using the premium Porto Shopify theme. 

You may take complete control of your entire website by using your own Content Management System, which allows you to change the navigation, site content, photographs, commodities, collections, and much more. 

Porto – Premium Shopify Theme is an excellent choice for your store!

Porto Theme Highlights:

  • Had amazing tools to generate websites from UX and UI design. 
  • The theme boasts cover over 20 demons and layouts with every different niche. 
  • It will give you amazing modern art themes from the Shopify store. 



Avone is a distinct type of theme. It has every reason to be exceptional. The demo can be easily installed with a single click and is ready to use in less than two minutes. 

The idea was to create something that provides all of the characteristics you would need to create your wonderful internet store without requiring any additional modifications. The theme is a Multipurpose Shopify Theme that is ideal for any online store. 

This theme was built with great thought and attention, making it pleasurable to use.

Avone Theme Highlights:

  • With the release of Shopify’s Online Store 2.0, it is an upgraded and powerful theme.
  • Avone offers more than 28 gorgeous homepage designs and 1000 different theme options.
  • It is a favorite of seasoned merchants and industry with Shopify experts in India.
  • The theme is fully SEO Optimized 



When used appropriately, parallax scrolling can improve the user experience and even help you better achieve certain of your website marketing KPIs, but it’s not a method for everyone. 

Before making any significant UI modifications for this, test the effect on a smaller scale and collect feedback from people to see if they find it distracting or irritating depending on your target audience. Above all, be sure that it helps, not hinders, your messaging and conversion goals. 

According to web design conventional wisdom, your website should be designed to minimize the user’s need to scroll and to preserve the most important information “

However, a lot has changed recently, and if you stop to think about it, scrolling has become part of our culture. 

Parallax Theme Highlights: 

  • Dropshippers
  • Designed specifically for drop shippers
  • High-volume stores
  • Designed for stores that process a large number of transactions in a given period
  • Physical stores
  • Designed for stores that do in-person selling

What makes a Shopify theme great?

The features of Shopify themes differ, with some appearing to be an all-inclusive premium solution for your eCommerce store and others having fewer capabilities. But what are the essential characteristics that should be obvious while selecting a Shopify theme? Below are the four points that will make a Shopify theme a great workplace for all. 

  • Responsive design: 

Although the majority of well-known Shopify themes claim to be mobile device-optimized, you should always inspect how the theme appears on various displays and determine whether it matches your expectations.

  • Flexible customization options:

A fantastic theme should be extremely adaptable without requiring any coding knowledge. Be on the lookout for a theme with built-in builders that let you change, add, or delete sections, elements, navigation menus, and other website elements.

  • Sales features:

Every business owner wants to see their company expand, and promotional and upselling tools can significantly help with that. Look for a theme that provides features that will increase sales, such as product discount labels, newsletter popups, promotional banners, and more.

  • Clear checkout process: 

You don’t want your clients to become downcast and decide not to purchase anything as a result of struggling to understand the purchasing process. Pick a theme that makes it as plain and obvious as you can.

  • Speed optimization: 

If your online business is speedy, a consumer with a slow phone and a bad mobile connection can still have a good purchase experience. A slower store may be less accessible and user-friendly.

The Final Thought: 

We sincerely hope that we eased a small bit of your search for the top Shopify theme. The list is lengthy, so let’s go over our ultimate winner to refresh your memory. You can check more themes at the Shopify theme marketplace with various powerful options, and quick loading times which are the great reasons for being on top. A theme this big, though, might not be for everyone. Depending on the goods or services you’re selling, the other themes on this list are also excellent options. Examine each of these hot themes to see if it meets your company’s needs and its line of goods. Some of them are better suitable for specific markets (like fashion or technology), while others are more appropriate for the bigger domain as well. 

And keep in mind that there are other marketing techniques you can do to boost your domain’s conversion rates in addition to using an attractive or practical theme.

Make sure to pick a Shopify theme that perfectly fits your store rather than one that just “looks good”.

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