Best Dropshipping Suppliers For Shopify Stores in 2024

best dropshipping suppliers for shopify stores in 2024

Are you looking for how to find the best dropshipping suppliers for shopify? Then this piece of content is especially for you…! Dropshipping is a wonderful way for future eCommerce entrepreneurs to scale their businesses. The appropriate dropshipping company can provide a low-risk eCommerce retail solution that yields large profits with no major investments.

The Internet has enabled one of the most cost-effective ways to establish a business which is “Dropshipping”. It is cost-effective because this company model requires no upfront expenditure to begin. I’m guessing this is why you decided to enter the realm of dropshipping, right?

Two of the most difficult decisions are what to look for in a dropshipping supplier for shopify and what are the top dropshipping Shopify apps for Shopify stores.  This is because choosing the wrong provider could damage your business and damage your reputation.

To make your job simpler, we’ve analyzed some of the greatest providers and platforms to consider. These shopify dropshipping suppliers may vary in price and location, but they are all worth making the effort.

With this in mind, let us get straight into it.

10 Best Dropshipping Suppliers Shopify 2024

We will go over each wholesale supplier’s product offerings, shipping locations, and associated business costs. This might be an excellent source for researching various wholesale providers and determining the benefits of global dropshipping for Shopify stores.

1.  Aliexpress

AliExpress is an international supplier directory that connects drop shippers with thousands of vendors. The majority of AliExpress suppliers are headquartered in China and acquire their items from the region.

Places and shipping details: AliExpress suppliers ship to 220 countries, including the United States. Standard shipping can take 15 to 45 business days to arrive. The anticipated arrival time for premium shipping options is seven to 15 business days.

AliExpress offers more than 100 million products in categories such as fashion, toys, consumer electronics, skin care, jewelry, furniture, and automotive components.

Suggested for: New and experienced ecommerce business who dropship with AliExpress. Use the platform to conduct market research and establish contacts with suppliers.

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2.  Wholesale2b

Wholesale 2B is a wide shopify dropshipping supplier platform that allows customers to choose from a variety of products and post them for sale on their websites. Once an order is received, Wholesale 2B handles the shipment straight away, ensuring that the goods are delivered to the consumer efficiently.


  • Wholesale 2B provides an innovative yet flexible price system with numerous plans to meet individual needs and preferences. They offer specific techniques for customers selling on platforms such as eBay or Amazon, as well as individuals who do not have a functional website. Users can also choose a DIY package if they choose to process orders straight from their Wholesale 2B account.

Key characteristics

  • Wide Product Selection: Availability to over 1.5 million products across multiple categories.
  • Different Plans: Various plans to meet diverse needs and selling channels.
  • Immediate Shipping: After a product is ordered, Wholesale 2B ships it directly to the buyer.
  • Real-time integration is available for Shopify, Magento, and BigCommerce.

Kinds of goods

Wholesale 2B provides a wide range of products in a variety of categories, including fashion, kitchenware, toys, jewelry business, and much more, to meet the varying needs and tastes of its customers.

Get your Wholesale 2B dropshipping shopify supplier app store .

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3.  CJDropshipping

It is the best dropshipping supplier shopify 2024 that offers not only a diverse product line but also unique services such as packaging, shipment tracking, product photography, and even print-on-demand. That is CJDropshipping for you. 

CJDropshipping, founded in 2000 and located in China, provides services to more than 200 countries globally. They provide thousands of high-quality products from which you may select items for your online business.

This dropshipping seller distinguishes itself with its remarkable value-added services. CJDropshipping follows a business-to-business (B2B) approach. This means they mostly collaborate with other companies, including both small online retailers and major eCommerce companies. So, whether you’re just looking for how to find the best dropshipping suppliers for shopify or to be in the game for a while, CJDropshipping can be a useful addition to your supply chain tactics.

CJDropshipping Features

  • Sourcing Product If you see a product on AliExpress or Alibaba, you can submit a sourcing request to CJ for free. If they are successful, you can include it in your store. CJ will handle the purchase from the source of the goods. 
  • Integration – CJ provides numerous integration options like:
  1. Shopify integration services
  2. WooCommerce integration services, 
  3. Lazada integration services, and 
  4. eBay integration services etc.
  • Categories of ProductAlthough CJ is not as large as AliExpress, it does feature over half a million products on its website. 

Visit this link to get your hands on the CJDropshipping Shopify store app.

best dropshipping app for shopify 2024

4.  AutoDS

AutoDS is a powerful dropshipping platform that will increase the productivity and success of your online store on Shopify. AutoDS accelerates the dropshipping process by providing a set of strong tools and automation features, allowing entrepreneurs to better manage their online operations.

  • Items: AutoDS has a varied product line that allows drop shippers to explore a variety of sectors, including electronics, fashion, and home furnishings. Easily identify and list products that are popular with your target demographic.
  • Sites and Shipping: AutoDS works with suppliers all over the world to provide a wide range of products to dropshipping for shopify stores. The platform controls shipment information transparently, assuring dependability for your consumers.
  • Positives: Automation, comprehensive dashboard, vast product range; find items that match your market segment and niche from a diverse range of products.
  • Best for: Entrepreneurs looking for a systematic and efficient Shopify dropshipping solution with affordable pricing. Ideal for companies seeking a diversified product line and efficient logistics.

shopify dropshippings automation

For access to the AutoDS Shopify store app.

5.  Doba

Doba is an honored shopify dropshipping company and an extensive dropshipping platform that makes working with suppliers easier. If you wish to obtain merchandise from various dropshipping providers, Doba could be an ideal match for your eCommerce website. Doba acts as an intermediary between different suppliers and retailers looking for dropshipping and wholesale products to offer in their online stores.


  • Doba gives a variety of programs to meet your needs, including a 14-day free trial.
  • The Start-up plan is 24.99$ per month; the Business plan is 49.99$ per month; and the Enterprise plan is 299.99$ per month.
  • As your company expands, consider upgrading to gain access to more advanced features.

Key characteristics

  • It has been the top shopify dropshipping supplier.
  • Doba facilitates dropshipping by managing supplier relationships for you.
  • Their extensive supplier database includes information on several manufacturers and dealers globally.
  • You can effortlessly explore and filter products by price and shipment time.
  • The mobile app manages procurement, orders, and inventory across many devices.

Kinds of goods

You may find an extensive selection of over two million products, all with appropriate profit margins. This means you have a large selection of products to pick from and may sell them for a good profit.

You can aslo visit Doba dropshipping shopify app store, for more information. 

shopify inventory management dropshippings

6.  CROV

CROV is a one-stop wholesale center connecting small and medium-sized businesses to the most trusted manufacturers overseas which is operated by Crov. It offers retailers a diverse choice of items from a carefully vetted list of US dropshipping wholesalers. CROV’s product request tool is unique in that it allows merchants to contact CROV’s professional sourcing staff for supplier recommendations.

Location and shipping possibilities: Shipping is offered to 42 countries. Costs vary depending on the source and shipping method, as mentioned in the directory. CROV has a US warehouse that ships domestic orders.

Product types: Select vendors offer over 35,000 products in more than 20 current categories.

Suggested for: eCommerce sellers looking to sell unique products on Shopify, Amazon, and eBay.

shopify order fulfillment dropshippings

7.  Megagoods

Megagoods is the place to go if you’re only interested in consumer electronics and video games. Based in Los Angeles, in the United States, this wholesale dropshipper only offers roughly 2,000 products but is hyper-focused on one niche, which makes up for the paucity of goods. The site’s utility is limited because it lacks comprehensive search functionality.

Megagoods offers a diverse range of consumer electronics, such as Bluetooth devices, audio equipment, televisions, kitchen appliances, office supplies, and more.

Recommended for businesses who specialize in electrical equipment and wish to ship within the United States. 

how to choose dropshipping app for shopify store

8.  Spocket

Spocket is a powerful tool and the best Shopify supplier for dropshipping entrepreneurs, providing products in high demand with fast shipping dropshipping suppliers shopify from a diverse selection of suppliers largely located in the US and Europe.


  • Spocket price provides a range of choices for pricing.
  • A free trial version is available.
  • Annual billing alternatives provide significant savings on costs.

Key characteristics

  • Spocket connects dropshipping enterprises with a large network of suppliers situated in the US and Europe.
  • Products from diverse niches are available for selection.
  • Spocket orders goods samples rapidly.
  • Tools for discovering successful dropshipping products.
  • Real-time product updates.
  • Order tracking gives customers peace of mind.
  • Simple one-click product imports for your website.
  • Automated order fulfillment.

Particular kinds of items

Spocket allows you to sell a wide range of commodities, including clothing, jewelry, beauty products, technology accessories, and pet supplies.

You can also look over its supplier shopify app store.

top 10 shopify dropshipping app for automation

9.  Printify

Printify is a printing-on-demand business. It is ideal for India dropshipping due to its modification options. You can design products that appeal to the Indian market, strengthening your conversion rate. 

Printify Features

  • Integration: You may combine the Printify system with Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix, and a variety of other platforms. 
  • Social: Printify allows you to sell on social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube.
  • Mock-ups: Each product you develop includes mock-up variants. These mock-ups show your product in use. 
  • Dropshipping: It means you don’t have to buy in quantity. All you have to do is put together the product. Purchase each at retail, and suppliers will ship the items to India. 

Printify Pros

  • The items feature a variety of mock-up possibilities.
  • Easy to incorporate.
  • More than 300 varieties of items. 
  • The design creator is simple to operate.
  • Have a free, premium, enterprise pricing system. 

For additional details, browse the Printify dropshipping Shopify app store.

free dropshipping app for shopify

10.  Zendrop 

Offering access to more than a million products, Zendrop is created by experienced drop shippers, automated fulfillment, fast shipping, and customized branding solutions. It stands out as a top Shopify dropshipping application. It enables entrepreneurs to develop successful dropshipping businesses by addressing the issues associated with Amazon dropshipping suppliers. Zendrop’s complete functions appeal to experienced drop shippers looking to transfer from platforms like Oberlo, Dsers, or CJ dropshipping.

Key characteristics

  • So many products you can sell here like Arts and crafts, Automotive, Bags and luggage, Business and office, Clothing and accessories, Electronics, Hardware, Health and beauty, Toys and games, and many more.
  • Bespoke Branding like promoting your brand through incorporating custom branding on your orders.
  • Sourcing various locations like the US, China, etc. 

Visit its shopify dropshipping aap store Here.

shopify dropshipping app for product sourcing

Factors For Choosing The Right Shopify Dropshipping Supplier

  • Product durability and selection: This is one of the most important aspects, as your buyers will demand excellent goods. Choose a supplier who offers a diverse range of goods that are relevant to your niche and match your quality requirements.
  • Shipping time as well as cost: Buyers expect to receive their products quickly, so select a supplier who provides short shipping timeframes and low shipping charges. You should also investigate the supplier’s shipping alternatives. For example, do they provide free shipping for orders over a particular amount?
  • Customer service: Quality customer service is critical for every business, but it is particularly crucial for dropshipping. Make sure you select a supplier who supplies responsive and helpful customer support. This is necessary in case there are any issues with the items or orders.
  • Pricing: Money is a key consideration. However, quality should not be sacrificed for cheap. It is also necessary to analyze the supplier’s other terms and conditions, such as payment terms and return policies.
  • Minimum order quantity: Some vendors have a minimum order quantity (MOQ), which is the fewest number of products you can order at once. If you’re just starting an ecommerce business, look for a supplier with a low or no minimum order quantity.
  • Return policy: Provide your customers with a clear and fair return policy. Make sure you select a supplier with a refund policy that you feel familiar with.
  • Scalability: If you intend to expand your dropshipping business in the future, you’ll have to select a supplier who can grow with you. Make sure you find a supplier with a substantial inventory and the ability to manage an extensive number of orders.

Bottom Line

To summarize, choosing the best Shopify dropshipping supplier is a significant choice for your b2b eCommerce trendy businesses. With so many alternatives, we looked into the best 10 Shopify dropshipping suppliers, who provide a variety of products at affordable prices, and dependable services. The one you select should be consistent with your expertise, quality standards, and client expectations. You can consider to hire shopify experts to improve your store’s performance and usefulness, we can also specialize in effectively transferring your eCommerce store to a new Shopify migration.

Also, you can Reach out directly to get started with your online ecommerce business today!

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