Starting Your First Shopify Store: A step-by-step article about creating a Shopify store from scratch.

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Starting your first Shopify Store? Have no idea where to start?

No matter what industry you’re in, starting a business is always an exciting task. The feeling of finally being your own boss and realizing your vision for the future is, to say the least, exhilarating. One of the first things on your list should be to create a Shopify store.

If you’re new to starting an online business or want some tips for getting started with building a business on Shopify, then this article is for you.

Controlf5’s Shopify expert will cover all the basics that are needed to start an e-commerce store and get your first few sales. These Shopify tricks will help you hire the best developers and consultants, give your business an edge over others, find products to sell online, and increase sales.

Are you ready to get started? Let’s dive right in!

Why use Shopify?

E-commerce shops need to provide a great customer experience, especially if you want to capture repeat customers and grow your business. Shopify has been instrumental in the success of many e-commerce companies for these very reasons.

Hire Shopify developer India for creating and managing your e-commerce website, hire Shopify expert for optimizing your e-commerce pages, or hire Shopify agency for keeping your e-commerce business alive.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why we should use Shopify.
Shopify is one of the most effective and customer-friendly e-commerce platforms available today.

Here are just a few of the great features that make Shopify one of the best e-commerce platforms:

  • Easy checkout system – You will receive a beautiful and intuitive checkout page. With Shopify, you can maximize your sales by simply answering a few simple questions about your product and shipping preferences.
  • Applying for themes is easy – Shopify themes are easy to apply and help you launch faster and easier.
  • Advanced Shipping Options – Shopify’s innovative shipping options will help you make your shipping process as simple and easy as possible.
  • Stunning interfaces – With Shopify, you can customize the look and feel of your website, including designs for your shop front, storefront, blog, or product pages.
  • Custom design and e-commerce – Shopify’s own custom design features include thousands of free, downloadable templates. You can also create an online store with your brand’s own e-commerce platform, or use WordPress and a third-party theme.
  • Easy to integrate partners – Shopify enables you to easily integrate third-party shopping carts and payment systems.
  • Cost-effective – Shopify offers unlimited hosting, which allows you to scale your business to new heights while keeping costs low.

Why you shouldn’t start a Shopify store before considering these things;

Before you hire a Shopify developer in India, here at ControlF5, we have some important considerations that you must be aware of if you want it to thrive over time.

1. You need a niche
If you’re not familiar with the term, a niche is something people in the business world use to describe something that only applies to a small group of people. This could mean an interest, profession, or any other aspect of life that only applies to a certain group of people.

You can consider this going against what society tells you about your business. However, when you narrow down your product to only one niche, it’s easier to build an audience that is highly interested in that niche.

For example, if you’re making a women’s clothing line, there are many people who are interested in buying women’s clothing. In fact, there are a LOT of people! But focusing on just one niche may take some time, but once you have the right audience built up in your niche market (women) , it can be quite beneficial in the long run.

2. When it comes to your website, make sure that it has a clean look

One of the biggest mistakes that rookie business owners make is to simply go for something flashy because they think it will help their website stand out. While this may be true, flashy does not mean professional. Remember how I mentioned focusing on one niche market in my previous point?
Well, you need to focus mainly on that niche market if you want them to send traffic and sales your way.

Getting started with Shopify

Step 1: Launch Your Shopify Store.
Step 2: . Find a Great Domain Name.
Step 3 : Set Up Shopify Payments.
Step 4: Choose and Customize your Theme.
Step 5: Start Marketing.

1. Creating and Launching your Shopify store;
The process of creating a store on Shopify is as easy as it gets. Steps are given below:

1) First you will need an e-mail ID, password and the right clicker to open up the internet. Click on your browser and type in ‘Shopify’ in the search bar and press enter. You will see a link that says ‘Start with Shopify’s followed by several other links. Click on ‘Start with Shopify.
2) You will see an invitation. Click on the link and fill in your Shopify details.
3) Now enter the name of the store you want to create, the e-mail ID (you can use your personal mail id), password and verification mail ID you have got from Shopify. this is so that they confirm your subscription to their service.
4) All successful registrations get an e-mail providing you with a link to download set-up tools and guides. Click on it and install the app.
5) The next thing is choosing your store’s theme. Shopify has a huge collection of themes from which you can choose as per your need and taste. There are free and paid themes available, but the superstore and the lite versions are free of cost so you can try them out. After selecting the theme, click on ‘My Store’ tab on the right-hand side of the screen.

2. Find a Great Domain Name.
Once you have decided on your business idea, your next step is to choose a business name. No matter what industry you are in and how large or small your business will be, choosing a name for your company should be done carefully. The name must connect with the idea of what service or product you are offering as well as build trust and credibility in the marketplace.
The business name you choose will be used across the different platforms. This is important because it is the name that will appear on various forms, on your letterhead, and in your online marketing and social media profiles.
There are various strategies you can use to name a business. Some are easy and cheap while others will require a lot more time and resources.
Here are some of the main strategies you can employ to choose the best suitable business name for your company:

1) Business name generator tools – The internet is full of business name generators that are designed to help with coming up with a catchy, yet relevant and easy-to-remember business name. It is also beneficial to choose a name that has already been used before, as it means there is already a history behind it and you can use this to your advantage.

2) Your industry or niche – Choosing business names within the same industry or niche will help you with building credibility in your market.

3) Similar names – Researching other similar businesses to yours will help you find out which name is being used and receive feedback from those businesses on their opinion on which name works best for them.

3. Set Up Shopify Payments.

With your merchant account, you’re ready to accept payments from customers. This can be handled in a number of ways, but we think Shopify Payments is the most efficient option

It’s best when setting up payment methods as soon as possible. The sooner you integrate them with your website, the better for your customers and for your business.

1. Get a merchant account
The first step in setting up Shopify Payments is to get a merchant account. This allows you to accept credit card payments from your customers, and thus to monetize your website or app.

Create an account with one of the following payment processors: Stripe, Braintree or PayPal.

2. Set Up Shopify Payments
With your merchant account, you’re ready to accept payments from customers. This can be handled in a number of ways, but we think Shopify Payments is the most efficient option.

3. Create a Shopify Payments account.
Log into the Control Panel and choose Payments from the left menu. Click the Add A Payment Method button in the top right corner of your screen, then choose Shopify Payments from the list of payment processing options. If you don’t see Shopify Payments, you need to upgrade your account to Starter or above level.

Fill out your contact information and click Next. Enter your unique site/app name and click Next. Select the products you’ll sell and click Create Payment Method.

Note: The Shopify app/site will be activated if you just created it or already have an existing app/site. If you’re trying to activate a site that you can’t access, then try logging into the Control Panel, then go to My Apps on the left menu, click Manage Apps and verify whether the app is live or not.

4. Choose and Customize your Theme.
Are you looking for ways to boost your online business and make your Shopify store stand out from the crowd? Look no further! Choosing and customising a theme for your shopify store is a great way to improve your customer engagement. Just follow these quick tips to get going!

First, find your perfect Shopify theme:

Themes are often used as part of an e-commerce website design. Many shops have Shopify themes they’ve used successfully before.

If you’ve decided on a theme, it’s time to start customising your store now!

To get started, you’ll need to download the template files from the Shopify theme provider. Shopify themes are often available in .zip format, so it’s best to unpack and browse through all the files.

Most Shopify themes such as are DELIGHT, SPORTO, FOLIO FUSION KEYBOARD are designed to be fully compatible with the various Shopify apps you can use to add extra functionality, such as social sharing buttons or newsletter signup. These themes are built to make your website faster and can save your time more than ever.
The next step is to decide on a look and feel for your website!!

5. Start Marketing.
You’ve set up your Shopify store. You’ve added products and even done some marketing. But now, you want to make sure your customers can find you after the initial release of your Shopify store. How do you get started?

Now that you have your Shopify store set up and have some products, a couple of things need to be done to make sure that people will find you on the internet for your new store. These are all of the things that need to be done:

Define Your Brand – Use these steps as a guide to help you figure out what your brand looks like. There are several different approaches you can take here once you’ve decided on the items above. Do one thing well. Do it well enough that you want to be known for it. Do not be afraid to invest in advertising and brand awareness.

Sell Something – This is the important part. You are selling something. You need a product or a service that people will buy from you and you need to tell them about it as soon as possible. If people have been on your site, they will remember what they saw there and they will come back if they have purchased something that is available there.

Get Reviews – This is important. Getting people to remember your site and come back to review it is necessary for SEO. In addition, getting reviews will help boost your conversion rate (arbitrary numbers that tell you how many people opened a particular page of your site, clicked a particular button and started an action) and can also be used to make people want to purchase from you

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