A Journey
Through Time

Marking a remarkable milestone, we proudly celebrate ControlF5’s exceptional journey of 11+ years, brimming with monumental achievements and groundbreaking innovations. ControlF5 has consistently pushed boundaries, setting new standards in the industry and leaving an indelible mark on the technological landscape.

Chasing Memories:
Annual Getaway with #ControlF5

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us”

"Our Canvas of Happiness, Office Holi 2024 Highlights"

Holi at the company is more than just a festival, it’s a colorful celebration of community and joy. Every year, we gather to celebrate this colorful occasion with a variety of unique games, wonderful cuisine, and more. The atmosphere is exciting as colleagues from various backgrounds come together, pouring colors of happiness in every corner. Everyone can find something to enjoy, from classic favorites like water balloon fights and rangoli competitions to modern twists like tech-enabled treasure hunts. Mouthwatering dishes and cool drinks round out the festivities, promoting togetherness and memories that last a lifetime. Holi at our company represents the spirit of balance and diversity that defines our culture.

Diwali Delights in the Workplace 2023

As the burning diyas gave us a warm glow, our office transformed into vibrant shades of colors for Diwali. The irresistible aroma of amazing snacks filled the air, adding to the festive delight. Laughter echoed through the office as colleagues engaged in spirited games, Colleagues exchanged festive greetings, enveloping the workplace in an air of joy and companionship. The sweet fragrance of traditional sweets travels through the corridors, enhancing the festive spirit. Rangoli decoration enhances the entrance, a visual feast symbolizing prosperity and good fortune. Diwali at the office was not just a celebration of lights but a shared moment of unity, laughter, and shared blessings.

Cricketing Fellowship: Memories of an Epic Office Team Match 2023

The cricket pitch was transformed into a canvas on which the vibrant strokes of teamwork painted an unforgettable match with your coworkers. It is a specific effort that focuses on the fitness and physical well-being of employees. These cricket games are intended to lead the ControlF5 team to greater health and well-being by using fitness as a common goal. We included some enjoyable activities and games like Cricket, Football, and others to help you create some great moments and have fun like a kid.

Annual Office Trip - Nakhrali Dhani Resort 2023

Nakhrali Dhani Resort mixes Rajasthani and Malawian cultures, tempting visitors with inexhaustible charm and richness. It is located on the shores of a rural lake around 10 kilometers from Indore, M.P. The ControlF5 team visited Nakhrali Dhani for our official tour with a lot of excitement. We had a fantastic day there and participated in numerous exciting events.

Merry & Bright: Celebrating Christmas in Style is True Delight 2022

Christmas and the New Year season is the perfect occasion for that rare get-together with office colleagues. ControlF5 held an office Party, Games activity, Secret Santa, Tree Decoration, Dancing, and many more on this occasion. All Team members participated and celebrate Christmas a lot with different. In this joyful season, We wish for you pleasant days and happy smiles! With the love that this office gives, Jesus has entered into our lives at Christmas and every day.

Ganesh Chaturthi Delight 2022

As we celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi, embrace the spirit of new beginnings and the victory of good over evil. May Lord Ganesh’s blessings motivate us to work together in harmony, beat obstacles, and enjoy a fruitful voyage. Employees are a crucial element of every business, and we pray to Lord Ganesh to bless each and every one of our employees and their families.

If you want to be a part of this incredible team, please join us right away!

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