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We at ControlF5 help you with an informative WordPress website to have a strong online presence as swiftly as you want. We help your businesses with interactive solutions that need to kickstart their website soon to rapidly start getting interactions from your customers.
Our team of dedicated WordPress developers has worked on several projects with several companies and brands. Our current goal is to help your WordPress website get started and going.

Hire WordPress Developers India

Experience professional website design with our dedicated WordPress developer

With our WordPress Website Design Services, you can completely transform your online presence. Our devoted WordPress developer team will assist you in creating visually attractive and responsive websites customized for your unique business needs. You can hire WordPress developers in India to perform an outstanding WordPress Website Design solution that guarantees that your online presence not only meets but beats your expectations.


WordPress Theme Design

We provide themes for your WordPress to help it appear appealing. We provide customized themes in a wide range of styles, colors, and designs. All of our WordPress templates are made with both quality and performance in mind. You will enjoy browsing our selection to find the perfect theme for your WordPress-powered website or blog!


WordPress Store Development​

We provide a full and inspiring WordPress Store with themes for your store, as well as in-depth customization options for your store’s design and features. We also provide lots of custom features that can be easily applied to your store to make it stand out from the crowd. In our WordPress store, you can find a compelling list of choices that will help your site to rank.


WordPress Woocommerce Themes​

WordPress developers play an important role in crafting responsive website designs and integrating e-commerce functionalities using platforms like WooCommerce. It’s easy to use, flexible, and affordable. People love it! WooCommerce is the most common way of setting up an e-commerce shop with a WordPress website, and it’s simple to install and manage. We love creating beautiful WordPress WooCommerce Themes design for our clients, as well as regular WordPress themes that have their own eCommerce features built in.


WordPress Migration Services

Sometimes your website design needs an upgrade or you want to get rid of a clunky old site for a cleaner new one. We offer a WordPress Migration Service where our dedicated wordpress developer will help set up and migrate your old website to a new hosting website design. You can even use the service to upgrade your current WordPress installation with new features and plugins. This is an affordable way of getting any business online while maintaining its existing brand in the process.


WordPress Maintenance Service

WordPress is a powerful platform, which is why it’s also very popular. However, as it’s so in demand, many hackers are dedicated to finding new exploits for WordPress and websites using it. This can leave your site vulnerable and at risk of hackers stealing your data or redirecting your visitors to malicious sites. We offer the best WordPress Maintenance Service to ensure that your website stays safe from any malicious activity.


WordPress Elementor Experts

WordPress is a new way to manage your website and we are happy to offer expert WordPress Support services. In addition, our team can help you with Figma UI designs on a WordPress theme. We can convert Figma into a WordPress website using any WordPress builder, such as Elementor, Oxygen, and more. We’re here to assist you in optimizing your WordPress experience for your website improvements to grow your results. If you’re considering developing a new website design, please let us know. Our web developer is eager and suggest an excellent solution customized to your needs.

Our Expert WordPress Developers Excel with Leading Page Builders

Our WordPress developers are skilled at collaborating with the greatest WordPress page builders, resulting in a smooth and highly adaptable website development experience. From creating appealing layouts to optimizing user interfaces, our team makes use of the most up-to-date tools and capabilities available in page builders like Visual, Divi, Oxygen, and other famous builders.

Few best WordPress Plugins that we mostly use.

We carefully select and create the finest WordPress plugins with the expertise of our expert WordPress developers to boost your website's design and development, ensuring excellent functionality and a seamless user experience. In our commitment to security, we use only trusted plugins and ensure they are regularly updated. This proactive approach not only highlights the performance of your website but also supports it against potential security threats, safeguarding your WordPress site from any potential risks posed by hackers.

Yoast SEO Plugin

All-in-one SEO Plugin


All-in-One Migration

Contact form 7

Gravity form

Woocommerce for e-commerce

WP membership

Really Simple SSL

WpRocket for speed optimization

Hire WordPress Developers Process

We follow the steps outlined below when working on a new website design or redesigning an old website. Following these processes allows us to give you excellent web development services. Our WordPress Developer creates website architectures using technically sound knowledge of key abilities and computer languages.

Define to us your requirements and expectations

Explore our developers and their skills via the screening process

Select developers, plans, and services you require

Allocate tasks to the developer and get started

Are you getting good wordpress speed optmization?
Speed optimization is the measure of how fast your WordPress site is. Properly configured WordPress sites will be fast enough to handle all the incoming traffic and therefore will provide a great user experience. Creating a well optimized site helps retain more users, increase your search rankings and most importantly, save you money.
You can use these websites subsequently for testing the speed, checking out the PageSpeed Insights, GTmetrix and even the pingdom tools.
Our aim is to help your site load faster and be more efficient in means of timing. We are able to make your site fly but it takes some knowledge and experience to achieve this. We act as a consultant and assess your site’s SEO and performance, as well as build your site further.
Hire WordPress Developers
Hire a WordPress Development Agency​

ControlF5 helps you to build your website design from scratch and make sure that you are getting the most of it. It is actually so easy to create website design in wordpress cms where you can edit your website anytime. Hire WordPress Developers are one of the most important website design tools that help you to optimize your wordpress website. If you are looking forward to increasing the number of customers on your website, then you can outsource work to Hire WordPress Developers.

Hire WordPress developers in india which will help you to build an landing pages for your visitors which makes the visitors feel that they have their own exclusive visit to your site. It will help you to get more leads and sales from this landing pages.

Why Choose ControlF5 For WordPress Development?

ControlF5 is a Top WordPress development company in India. We provide world-class web design and development solutions for all types of industries. We are the most reviewed website design company for WordPress development. Our dedicated WordPress developer provides high-quality, mobile responsive, secure, fast-loading, SEO-friendly websites.


Years of experience around the team

Hire WordPress Developers from us will benefit you in many ways, as they hold several years of expertise in all of the industry.


Keep your business idea confidential

Your business idea is safe with us. We sign an NDA that keeps all the information confidential regarding your business operations


Around the clock

Around-the-clock deliverance with seamless and smooth assistance from our management.


Ensure smooth project delivery

Hire Dedicated WordPress Developers who are working tirelessly to prioritize client’s website projects.


Flexible pricing

Full-time and dedicated WordPress Developers with a flexible pricing model. These pricing models will help you to keep under the budget.


We know the trends

Hire WordPress Developers​ to know what’s the trend in the market. We move according to the trends to keep your website up to date.

WordPress Development for all Industries

ControlF5 provides WordPress development solutions for large and small-scale industries all over the world. We create WordPress website designs so companies and individuals can showcase their work and information.









Hire Shopify Experts


Hire Shopify Experts


Goals successfully reached

Explore the positive testimonials regarding our WordPress development services. We take pride in featuring our top-notch reviews on WordPress website design services, verified by reputable platforms such as Upwork, The Manifest, and Clutch. These reviews reflect our commitment to delivering excellence and client satisfaction in every project we undertake.

Our Latest WordPress Projects

Check out our most recent Responsive WordPress development designs, which display our creative imagination and attention to detail. Our WordPress Developers have worked hard to create visually attractive and original designs that are likely to catch your eye.

Hire a WordPress Development Agency​ For Build Your Website Design

For Build Your Website Design

WordPress Speed Optimization

Would you like to Hire WordPress Developers in India for your WordPress Website Design?

You can discuss your Website Design, with our WordPress Developers for Customized Solutions.

Our Work in Their Words:
Real Stories, Real Results

ControlF5 is top website design company in india of experienced web designers is well-versed in the latest website design trends and web techniques, and we utilize cutting-edge tools and web technologies to create stunning website designs that are both functional and visually appealing.


Very happy with the work, it’s completed in a timely manner , The team kept me posted through the milestones, I would re-hire this team again !

Luis Saldana

From beginning to end ControlF5 helped us complete this project with a great attitude. Very Helpful and they even went the extra mile when asked. You wont find a better team on Upwork

Amit Makkar

Controlf5.in is very good web site designing in Indore. It is provide excellent solutions for SEO,web site Design and web hosting solution.so I am totaly satisfy frm this company for web solutions.

Steve Biddick

All three projects have been delivered on time and with excellent quality, thanks to ControlF5’s excellent communication and flexibility. The team is fun and a pleasure to work with, and they are committed to delivering work up to high standards. Moreover, they’re open to feedback.

Blend Ease

I cannot express enough appreciation to the experts who helped solve the problems on my website. Their expertise and dedication had a significant impact on the performance and functionality of my site. They not only addressed the technical issues, but did so with patience and understanding of my specific needs. Thanks to their efforts, my website now runs smoothly and efficiently. I am incredibly grateful for their excellent service and highly recommend their expertise to anyone who needs help optimizing their online presence.

Justin Rowe

A collaborative and sociable work environment with a growth mindset. Excellent training experience, I got to learn many things. Supportive and motivating staff.

Diego Aray

“Working with Anurag and Control F5 was excellent! They always provided attention to detail and were patient enough to answer all my questions. Very recommended!”

Mannoj Mohan

ControlF5 delivered detailed Figma designs of the client’s web pages and logo, demonstrating quality work and excellent turnaround time. The team was highly adaptive to requirements and worked professionally to meet them. They communicated via virtual meetings, emails, and messages.

Anais Sedgwick


I have known ControlF5 since almost a decade. This website design company is very professional and as good as they come. It provides best Web designing services and highly recomnended for those who value their time and money.


Siddharth Choudhary

ControlF5 has successfully completed the MVP, marking the project’s success to date. The team has never missed a deadline, demonstrating resiliency and responsiveness. Moreover, their teamwork is outstanding, leveraging virtual meetings, in-person meetings, emails, and messages to collaborate.

Frequently Asked Questions

In our team of ControlF5, we have done around 3000+ projects on Upwork, 300+ on Freelancer and Clutch – B2B Ratings & Reviews to help numerous clients reach their desired goals to get started on their website. Our main aim is to help your site be published so that it can get going and running. Our dedicated team puts their 100% effort to help your site rank faster and run efficiently.

  • Our WordPress developers share several years’ of knowledge from the industry that can help your site to perform well.
  • Your business idea is safe with us. We sign an NDA that keeps all the information confidential regarding your business operations.
  • Around the clock deliverance with seamless and smooth assistance from our management.
  • Dedicated project managers who are working tirelessly to prioritize client’s project.
  • Full time and dedicated WordPress Developers with a flexible pricing model. These pricing models will help you to keep under the budget.
Let us walk you through the cost that you might be needing for creating a WordPress site. It depends on the type of website you have and the type of website you are willing to build. Once the type is settled, you can then tell us and the total cost will be determined after understanding if it’s only the website you want or other services such as maintenance and promotional activities.

For a WordPress website, Elementor Builder and Oxygen Builder are the best options.

The time required to build a custom website on WordPress is from weeks to months. Depending on the type of services we are enlisting, the time period is settled. One web design blog can estimately take upto 4 days. On the other hand, if the site is purely related to ecommerce management then the time period can be around 12-14 days.
Yes, you can use WordPress to build an eCommerce site. We help you to build your eCommerce site in a managed deadline. We even manage the WooCommerce plugin for eCommerce that can help create and manage websites for any business willing to have a website in sight. This WooCommerce plugin is flexible and you can retain full ownership of your store’s content and data forever. Our team has a dedicated number of members working most of their time, and targeting the right audience for your site to help you reach your desired goals. We provide WordPress building and maintenance services to help you be on the hook. If you are looking to hire a Shopify expert for your online eCommerce solutions. Please check our Shopify services
To help to manage your cost better than anyone else. Hiring for your WordPress development can help you be on your budget. Rather than providing out for a fixed cost, it can only be enlisted for certain services after which you will have to provide extra for later.
There are tons of reasons for which you can use WordPress. It even works and helps for your content management that create, manage, and modify content on a website without the need for specialized technical knowledge. In simpler words we can say that a content management system is a tool that helps you to build a website without the requirement of all the codes and we help you out with the same by working over it. Starting from managing your ecommerce website to starting something new on the internet, WordPress helps you to build a user base which is SEO Friendly and caters to the needs of your audience so that you can reach out to them quicker and smarter. It helps your website to shine through.
Using WordPress as a headless CMS allows you to create the front-end of your web application. It is by using any web technology and managing all the content using the popular WordPress CMS channel. You might come across the situation where you need to add a blog feature with the help of an existing app. It can even be required for React or Angular.
Both developers and business owners can use WordPress and React.js at any time, from anywhere. You can combine these two and use them. React.js is a free and open source JavaScript library that is used for making interfaces.Furthermore, it can even be used to build both web and mobile applications. You can find all the build elements and codes in its library that is directly managed for application. With the flexibility feature of WordPress, you can easily use React.Js to create WordPress websites. React.js plays a vital role in this by using virtual DOM, which makes it run faster in the browser. When these two platforms are combined, you can create orderly web applications with a preferred option for all developers.
We are your end-to-end WordPress website development partner and provide complete quality analysis, continuous support, and maintenance services, for 5 weeks days during and after the development.

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Creating a digital presence from WordPress Website Design to Development: LogiQuad

LogiQuad, a reputable company with 14 years of experience in DevOps, Infrastructure Management, and development, provides outstanding IT services. End-to-end automation, scalable platforms for a strong digital footprint, integrated operational tools, and a digital strategy driven by industry experts are among them.

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