Top 7 Places to Find and Hire the Best Remote/Freelance Developers for Your Web Development Projects in 2023

Top 7 Places to Find and Hire the Best Remote Developers

Software development is a fast-growing industry. And software & web development projects are getting more complex. Software development demands the highest level of professionalism and the best talent. This is where the importance of remote developers has grown. Today, remote developers have become the key to unlocking the full potential of web development projects.

As remote programming becomes a more popular business model and freelancing is booming, the demand for remote developers will increase. It is becoming an indispensable skill for the modern workforce.

The demand for freelance web developers has increased by 50% in 2017 according to Upwork. In 2023 that number is expected to grow by 2% per year. Faced with this demand and the high cost of hiring skilled developers, many small businesses are learning they need to take matters into their own hands. That is where these sites come in. Companies have access to a new breed of freelance developers who can offer them the skills, experience, and expertise they need to successfully execute their web development projects.

Remote Developers

In this post, we’ll do a deep dive into the top 7 places you can find remote developers for your business in 2023

1- Freelancer;

A well-known website in the freelancing industry is

The homepage of the site lists the most popular skills and categories of freelancers. Employers can browse through these and apply for jobs within their niche. Similarly, freelancers can also browse through all of the active projects and apply to those that they are interested in working on. Projects are generally further broken down into categories such as design, content writing and software development. The employer works with a selected freelancer to produce the job they want while paying them only when they are satisfied with their work.

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🔶 Pros of Freelancer

Ability to pay freelancers only upon completion of the job.
Flexible payment options. You can choose between various modes such as prepaid, monthly payments or ongoing projects. This, again, is unusual in many other outsourcing sites.
Mobile app
Safe payments. Freelancer’s security system ensures the safety of your funds while they are being stored in the company’s account. All payments are made through a third-party bank and it doesn’t pass through the freelancers’ accounts first.

🔷 Cons of Freelancer

High fees. Freelancer charges 10% commission for each job which is pretty high compared to other sites.


2- AngelList:

AngelList is an online directory of startup companies and resources, as well as a platform that allows startups to “run their entire operations online”. Companies can post jobs directly on AngelList and search both resumes and candidate profiles-site. Candidates can likewise post themselves, but also continually monitor jobs available on the site via email. A login is needed to apply for jobs or post profiles, but freelancers do not pay a fee to use the site. The fee-free nature of AngelList is one of its biggest selling points for both employers and freelancers alike. Unlike many other freelance job sites, then, AngelList is truly free to use.

🔶 Pros of AngelList

Free to use for everybody.

Free to post a profile and apply for jobs.

An excellent employer rating system that shows the quality of real people who have hired freelancers.

🔷 Cons of AngelList

Limited categories to choose from.

3- Upwork:

Upwork is another well-known site that offers jobs to freelancers, but it has also been expanding into other sectors as well. It allows employers and freelancers alike to find and work with one another in a variety of different fields. From web development and graphic design to writing and accounting services, Upwork aims to be your one-stop shop for all types of online outsourcing needs. Freelancers can browse through job offers, apply for the ones that interest them, set their prices and manage their profile right on the site itself. They can also use the Upwork site to track their payments and/or manage their taxes. Employers, likewise, can search for freelancers by skillset and then connect with them to discuss the work that needs to be done.

Upwork recently launched Project Catalog, a curated selection of preconfigured projects that consumers can browse and buy for a fixed fee in just a few clicks, and has been released. The update is a part of Upwork’s continuing expansion and is meant to facilitate immediate collaboration between corporations and freelancers on the Upwork platform.

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🔶 Pros of Upwork

User-friendly interface.

Variety of categories available. You can choose from nearly any kind of field or skill set you’d want for your project. Whatever your needs may be, you’re likely to find someone who fulfills them on Upwork.

No fees are required to post a profile or post a project on Upwork.

🔷 Cons of Upwork

The most difficult site to use for employers. Employers have to spend quite a bit of time learning the interface and how it works, which is not very easy when you are hiring someone professionally for a particular job. Furthermore, freelancers tend to be harder to reach when compared to other sites that allow employers’ and freelancers’ profiles to be accessible through email as well. This makes it harder for employers to meet potential freelancers who look good on paper but also might be subpar in real life.

The quality of their website’s user interface is low. At first sight, the site appears to be of relatively recent vintage. But as soon as you start looking around and searching for projects, you’ll notice the archaic user interface. Obtaining a verification badge, preserving your search history, and narrowing search results all appear to be straightforward. The functionality seems adequate at first, but after some exploring and reading their “help” pages, you realise it’s not that great.
That’s not a significant drawback, but it’s something that could use some tweaking.


4- Toptal:

Toptal allows employers to search for top freelance talent with 2,000 different skills. These skills are broken down by category and work type. Employers can search specifically for developers, designers, UI experts or business-focused digital professionals. Employers and employees alike can be on the site starting at $25 per month. The company offers ongoing payment plans as well as monthly payments so that freelancers have a steady flow of income when they work with an employer. A third-party payment system is used and money does not get transferred to freelancers until their employers find their work up to par.

🔶 Pros of Toptal

New and innovative platform.

25-hour workweek. Toptal offers to pay every month, but if you prefer to pay hourly, it’s possible as well. You can also choose to pay your freelancers as a bonus for completed projects so that they are incentivized to produce a good product.

Personable interface and easy navigation. It’s easy to use and has a personal touch that many other sites lack. This means that it’s easier to feel more comfortable with selecting someone who works on the site rather than just seeing a resume or portfolio online.

🔷 Cons of Toptal

Possibly difficult to find someone who fits your needs for a particular project. You may have to go through several freelancers before you find one who’s truly a good fit for the job that you need to be done.

Limited categories. Toptal has only 2,000 categories whereas other sites have 10,000 or more in this category. This means that your choices are limited and it will be harder to find the person that you want for your specific project. If a skill is not in the Toptal database, it will be impossible to find somebody with that skill on their profile unless they are already working with someone else on the site.

5- 99Designs:

99Designs’ mission is to “empower designers and help businesses grow.” Their goal is to “help designers find work in the blink of an eye,” whether the designer is a freelancer or an employee of a business. 99Designs boasts that they have helped over 4 million users not only find job opportunities but also to showcase their skills and increase their careers. When employers are looking for freelancers on this site, they can choose from thousands of different categories which include almost every kind of creative industry imaginable.

🔶 Pros of 99Designs

Easy-to-use interface and user-friendly system.

Great job opportunities for designers. You can find freelancers with unique skill sets that you wouldn’t be able to find elsewhere.

Free to post a project and apply for jobs.

🔷 Cons of 99Designs

Complaints about the poor use of the site. Designers are not always paid what they were supposed to, even when their work surpasses the minimum requirements set by the employer. This is frustrating for both sides, as it means that you may end up paying more than you thought you would and/or not getting what you wanted as a result.

99 Designs

6- PeoplePerHour;

PeoplePerHour is a reliable and reputable freelancing platform where you can find both remote outsourcers and in-person employees. If you’re interested in putting your abilities to work in one of the numerous areas on the site, you can utilise it to find contractors and make some additional money on the side. When it comes to freelancing in the UK, PeoplePerHour claims to be the “longest-running business.” In 2007, it was founded to unite independent workers with companies. Since its inception, PeoplePerHour has seen over 1.1 million job postings for freelancers in over 89 countries, paying out over $100 million to these individuals.

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🔶 Pros of PeoplePerHour;

There is a vast community of companies and customers waiting to be tapped.
A lot of work may result, both in the immediate area and on a global scale.
As a freelancer, you set your own fees, and clients pay those costs regardless of inflation or cost of living.
Since the purchasers are required to place money in an escrow account, it’s a bit safer than freelancing on your own.
There is no human intervention required in the invoicing process.
As a self-employed person, you are free to set your own schedule.
There is the option to create accounts for both buying and selling.

🔷 Cons of PeoplePerHour

There is less stability in one’s employment situation, and one’s workload may increase or decrease at any given time.
There is less room for manoeuvre on individual projects if you aim for competitive pricing, as several people may be prepared to do the same task for a lower wage.
Currently, platform fees are quite hefty.
Freelancers do not receive any benefits.
In the event of technical difficulties or payment issues, customer help is subpar.

7- Fiverr:

Fiverr is a community marketplace of individuals and businesses who offer services or products for $5 or less. Many of the services on this site are considered “gigs,” which simply means that they are one-time only jobs and are not required to be repeated. These jobs can range from logo design to teaching people how to play the piano or even doing data entry. The company has 4 million users, 1 million of which are active at any given time.

🔶 Pros of Fiverr

Easy-to-use interface and user-friendly system.

Great job opportunities for those who have any skill level within the area that you need to be done to reach your product goals.

You can pay for a project as you go, which is ideal for freelancers who need quick funding to get their project off the ground.

🔷 Cons of Fiverr

Complaints about freelancers not receiving what they were promised. If you’re going to use this app to find work, be sure to do your research and read reviews from other users before starting a job on this site to ensure that your expectations are met with your final product. You may find that you aren’t getting what you expected or paying more than you should have had, so you must be aware of these things beforehand.

It’s more difficult to find someone with a specific skill than it is with other apps. Because Fiverr has over 1 million freelancers registered on the site, there are simply not enough people working in a very specific area of expertise. If you need a logo designed, for example, you may have to go through several freelancers before you find someone who truly fits your needs and style.


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