IT Staff Augmentation Services

A properly sized team is essential to any project’s success, and as projects mature and move into new stages, it may become necessary to enlist fresh talent. Our IT staff augmentation services give your team the agility, business sense, and flexibility they need to scale swiftly and finish development on schedule.
We, your Elongated Staff collaborate with your local team, participate in daily meetings, and report to your managers, giving your business a distinct competitive advantage.
We offer IT staff augmentation services for all kinds of web projects. No matter how straightforward or intricate: from system management to full-scale creation of desktop, mobile, or online applications.
Our clients can quickly and cost-effectively grow the size and productivity of their internal development teams by utilizing ControlF5’s elongated IT staff services. The best way to quickly assemble a team of Top Notch Tech Professionals who seamlessly integrate with your current workflow is to work with one of our committed software engineers. We are exceptionally qualified, creative, experienced, and strategically located in UK, USA and INDIA.
Utilize our IT staff augmentation services to have access to qualified IT specialists, such as qualified business analysts, software developers, Scrum Masters, and QA specialists. Without exceeding your budget, ControlF5 can assist you in scaling up on demand with the proper pool of qualified people.

IT staff augmentation services

For your unique project demands, we have experts from a range of IT professionals.

frontend developer

Frontend Developers


Backend Developers

Our Staff Augmentation Services Offering

Our IT staff augmentation services are designed to provide your specialized business with the flexibility it needs, providing customized solutions to meet your unique requirements. With a focus on scalability and expertise, we ensure that you have access to a skilled workforce capable of seamlessly integrating into your web development or mobile apps projects.

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Flexible and agile team

Based on the precise talent requirements, we will promptly and swiftly deploy a temporary workforce for your pressing assignments.

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On-Board Assistance

The onboarding process for new hires will be handled by our skilled HR team, who will also assist with the transfer.

management service

Recruitment Management Services

For your company, we will handle all facets of HR Management, including on-demand hiring, profiling, selection, onboarding, and more.

A Committed On-Demand Team

We give our clients the tools they need to find talented, qualified, and experienced on-demand workers to complete the job on time.

Contracts and OKRs

We help our clients develop and put NDAs, OKRs (Objectives and Key Results), and work contracts for the chosen staff into effect.

IT Staff Augmentation Services

We offer flexible, specialised IT staff augmentation services that are createdspecifically to meet the needs of your specialised business.

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Full Time


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Part Time


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How it Works

We offer flexible, specialised IT staff augmentation services that are created specifically to meet the needs of your specialised business.

We Understand

The first thing we do is to get hold of your business requirements and understand your need. After doing so, we can take into account what your business might need, and for that, it will be easier for us to work on beholding your interest as our priority.

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Pre Action

We understand in taking the course of action ahead and moving with efficiency. One of the main things that we do is to take ahead of any operation and enhance its efficiency to manage the work and the resources which are given to us.

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Our dedicated team is completely optimized and bases its support on our customers. We have different verticals through which we can provide our rounded assistance and help our team to flourish and our customer base to get their needs catered from us.

Why go for ControlF5 for your development requirements?

Elite talent

Every available expert is included in the project. Our priority is providing you with the best staff possible. We build products just for you that are of the highest calibre in their respective fields, including software that we design. There is nothing like in the vicinity. Our finest developers created the technology specifically for it, and it is end-to-end secure. Additionally, we only employ the best, so the final product’s unique quality is undeniable.

Priority Method

Numerous customers have complained to us about the lack of dedicated project support and the lack of emphasis given to their work by the company they worked with’s developers. We have eliminated that in our working mode. We do not assign numerous projects at once to our developers and engineers. The team you collaborate with will only pay attention to the tasks at hand. We assemble specialist teams that work solely in the pursuit of your project’s goals. They have no other responsibilities. All the businesses we have worked with have highly praised us for this strategy.

Stringent Recruitment

Both you and we have no idea when an opportunity will come up. As a result, the hiring process is continually in motion. We want to build the best team for you and recruit the top personnel. Our skilled team is always searching for new talent and moving around. This strategy has managed to keep us dynamic within our system while also keeping us current. We have never been behind the times technologically, and we don’t intend to start now. The true trust that we offer is supported by a strong foundation.


We make sure that efficient oversight is upheld when we join your team and come over to work with you. We follow the correct channels of communication and don’t take any liberties while reporting to your managers. We take all necessary steps from our end to ensure that your organization’s democracy is not compromised. To ensure that our team members work well with your team and that there is no resentment between them, we also take part in all of your everyday activities.


We don’t merely look for outstanding test results when assembling our workforce.When someone approaches us to join our team, we seek for speciality. We only extend an invitation to join our internal team if we are confident in their talent and ability. Our hiring processes are made to identify the brightest minds. Each applicant must pass a battery of exams created expressly for the position they hope to fill. Additionally, we have high standards, so if they cut, we know we have the appropriate candidates.

The following benefits you get with ControlF5’s IT Staff Augmentation Services:

Awards and certification

This award and certificate are presented in celebration of our extraordinary achievements for excellent commitment and great contributions. Every day, we attempt to do our best in terms of performance, originality, and mobile development knowledge.

We are the Best IT staff augmentation services in India according to Clutch and The Manifest.

Would you like to Hire IT Staff Developers in India for your Business?

Let Us Create Your On Web App That Adds Value To Your Business

Witness the excellence of our various projects

We offer transformative products that empower your company’s growth and evolution, leveraging our expertise in both domain knowledge and technology. Discover what our clients are saying about our IT Staff Augmentation Services.

Bola Rohith Kamath

By engaging with ControlF5, the average order value increased by three times. Conversion rates improved, and cart abandonment rates decreased. The team promptly addressed all requests and completed tasks on time. They collaborated efficiently through virtual meetings and email updates.

Francesco DeCamilli

I had the pleasure of collaborating with Chhavi on a recent project, and I am thoroughly impressed with their outstanding talent and professionalism. Right from the start, she demonstrated a deep understanding of the project requirements and quickly grasped our objectives. Their communication skills were exceptional; they actively listened to our needs, provided valuable insights, and kept us informed throughout the entire process.

Chloe Thompson

We initially adopted ControlF5 for our main e-commerce business and it went so well that our international partners also adopted it for their e-commerce business. ControlF5 has dramatically improved our ability and speed to bring new features and functionality to our business. The ControlF5 API system is fantastic and constantly improving. ControlF5 is great.

Adam Jones

The client was thrilled with their new and improved website, describing it as very attractive. ControlF5 always made themselves available — whenever the client needed help with anything, the team was ready to lend a helping hand. The vendor was also open to unique ideas and responsive website.

Blend Ease

I cannot express enough appreciation to the experts who helped solve the problems on my website. Their expertise and dedication had a significant impact on the performance and functionality of my site. They not only addressed the technical issues, but did so with patience and understanding of my specific needs. Thanks to their efforts, my website now runs smoothly and efficiently. I am incredibly grateful for their excellent service and highly recommend their expertise to anyone who needs help optimizing their online presence.
shopify experts in india

Justin Rowe

A collaborative and sociable work environment with a growth mindset. Excellent training experience, I got to learn many things. Supportive and motivating staff.

Afaq Ahmed


ControlF5 did an excellent job on our WordPress website project. She demonstrated great patience throughout the process, despite our multiple website design change requests. Working with her was a pleasure, and we highly recommend her to anyone in need of a skilled WordPress developer.



What truly sets this web designer apart is their dedication to customer satisfaction. They went above and beyond to make sure I was happy with the final product, making revisions and adjustments as needed until I was completely satisfied. Their commitment to delivering a high-quality website that met my specific needs was evident throughout the entire project.
Thank you Aman and thank you ControlF5 Team…
shopify experts in india

Anais Sedgwick


I have known ControlF5 since almost a decade. This website design company is very professional and as good as they come. It provides best Web designing services and highly recomnended for those who value their time and money.


Steve Biddick

I had an exceptional experience working with Chhavi on Upwork. She collaborated with her colleague, Mayank, combining their respective skills in HTML/CSS coding and design to deliver a truly outstanding result.

Experience the strength of our dedicated team catering to IT Staff Augmentation needs.

Look over our Dedicated Remote Developers to custized your specific requirements, ensuring seamless user experiences and maximum

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