Hire Dedicated Remote Developers

ControlF5’s professionally groomed skilled remote dedicated development team innovates on your idea. Our team is ready to build you a scalable application that will assist your business increase its revenue exponentially with a minimal workload for you.

We help in revamping your website to give it an amazing presence online. We build user-friendly web & mobile apps to facilitate the smooth functioning of your business. We help in branding and marketing your idea online through our digital marketing agency in India. We help you register, manage and maintain all your social media accounts and profiles to make them super-active.

hire dedicated remote developers

Business Models For Hiring Dedicated Remote Developers

With outstanding web development experts, you can take care of your business and its astounding heights with our list of dedicated developers.
remote development teams for hire

Hidden Brains Managed Team

With more than 10+ years of experience in web development, our team has mastered the art of building websites and mobile apps. We are customizing, rewriting, and redesigning all kinds of projects. Our team is fully equipped to handle any type of project – from small scale to the most complex requirements.
hire dedicated remote programmers

Client Managed Team

We can also take care of your project on a “Managed Team” basis. We will assign one of our team members to manage your project, while you focus on your current business projects. We are also dedicated to ensuring that all our clients are satisfied. Our dedicated remote and managed teams have been certified for world-class work ethics by Work Culture and core ethics.

Hybrid Model

We also have a hybrid model for each project. This means that in case you do not want all the responsibilities in your hands, but still want to work with us, we will assign one of our team members to manage your project and you will have the responsibility of hiring and managing them.

Remote Developers For Hire On Effective Engagement Models

Full Time Hiring

Full Time Hiring

Part Time Hiring

Part Time Hiring

Part Time Hiring

On Demand Hiring

Project Trackers

Daily Report, Basecamp,Slack,Jira

Daily Report, Basecamp

Daily Report, Basecamp

View Hire

160 Hour / month

80 Hour / month

On Demand

Hiring Period

1 Month

1 Month

40 Hours


Agile / Scrum

Agile / Scrum

Agile / Scrum


Phone, Chat, E-mail

Phone, Chat, E-mail

Phone, Chat, E-mail

Hire Dedicated Remote Developers In 5 Simple Steps

Streamline the hiring process for remote dedicated developers by first establishing your project needs and writing a detailed job description that emphasizes the necessary skills and competence. Use these five simple strategies to streamline your recruitment efforts and efficiently attract suitable candidates.

Step 01

Drop an Enquiry

You can drop an inquiry regarding your work and deportation of services. At ControlF5, we take the client’s management really clearly and this is the reason why they are our primary asset to the business.

Step 02

Consult With Our Expert

First, you need to consult with our team about your requirements. Then we will do some research work regarding our extensive base of specialized software that is compatible with your business and its projected features.

Step 03

Select Engagement Model

Depending on your requirements and the business model, we will select the engagement model for you – “Managed Team”, “Hybrid Model”, ” Managed Team”.

Step 04

Sign off and Begin Work

Once we have selected the engagement model and its scope, then you can hire our dedicated remote developers for your project. Then we will set up a schedule for our developers to start working on your project.

Step 05

Scale Your Team

Once you start working with our remote dedicated developers, we will scale your team as per your growing requirements.

Why Choose Our Dedicated Developers?

Choose ControlF5’s specialized developers for unrivaled experience and unshakable commitment, assuring the seamless integration of top-tier abilities into your projects for optimal results. Because of our team’s dedication and specific knowledge, we are the right solution for your development requirements.


Handpicked Team of Specialists

At ControlF5, we have a team of experts who are experts in the field. Our team has the knowledge and experience that can help you in finding viable solutions to all your problems. We are professionals who value excellence and ethics above all else. We don’t just work for money but equally, give importance to our clients and their satisfaction.


Self-driven Developers

Our dedicated remote developers are self-driven and go ahead with their work without disturbing you with any of your work-related issues. We understand that the client-developer relationship is like a marriage, so they do not disturb the client while they are working. They are completely committed to the project and will develop your project in complete dedication to make it an awesome product by achieving optimum goals.


Your Requirements Centered

Our dedicated team works on customer requirement-oriented projects, at all times. We understand that no two tasks are the same and so we give our customers all possible technical support to execute each and every task with perfection in every step of the work.


Seamless Communication

We provide a seamless communication channel to our customers, which helps them to understand our way of working. We communicate with our clients through various channels, so that the overall client satisfaction is more than effective. In today’s world, where technology has taken over the lives of people and businesses alike, it is important to have a team of dedicated software developers who care deeply about what they do.


Superior Work Quality

Our goal is to give you the best work quality. We do not compromise on our quality, as we have a stringent process in place for the same. Our developers are expert enough to deliver quality work with all required features, within the stipulated timeline. With our team of dedicated developers, we will get you the best products at your doorstep.


Team for Every Budget

If you are planning to hire dedicated remote developers for your business or software development project, then please contact us: or chat with us. The budget that we present for your required set of works is according to your standards and your personal management that helps manage the workflow.

Providing Support To Diverse Industries

Our user-driven support spans multiple industries, providing personalized assistance to meet each user’s unique needs. We ensure a responsive and helpful atmosphere with a commitment to excellence, boosting the user experience across diverse sectors.

Noteworthy Successes

Our exceptional achievements on renowned platforms such as Clutch, The Manifest, and Upwork underscore our commitment to delivering outstanding services and garnering positive client feedback. These accolades affirm our proficiency and reliability in providing industry-leading solutions through our dedicated remote developers in India.

Have specific requirements? Hire one of our dedicated remote developers on demand.

Let Us Create Your Web App That Adds Value To Your Business.

Witness the Excellence of Our Various Projects

We offer transformative products that empower your company’s growth and evolution, leveraging our expertise in both domain knowledge and technology. Explore our recent projects that have garnered customer satisfaction.

Michael Pricharda

ControlF5’s work met all expectations; the client admired the website’s functionality and design. The team delivered on time and was efficient, hardworking, and communicative through emails and messages. Moreover, they stood out for their professionalism and great service.

Sohail Anwar

ControlF5 successfully built the website, which had a great conversion rate. The team delivered everything on time and communicated well with the client. Moreover, their services were cost-effective, and their resources worked quickly. Overall, the partnership was truly successful.

Ravimohan Mishra

ControlF5’s developers delivered top-quality websites with excellent performance, no bugs, and an enhanced UX, demonstrating their commitment to excellence. The team was timely, proactive, and responsive, and their problem-solving skills were impressive. Moreover, their proficiency was outstanding.

Abhishek Bhatnagar

Controlf5.in is very good web site designing in Indore. It is provide excellent solutions for SEO,web site Design and web hosting solution.so I am totaly satisfy frm this company for web solutions.


I highly recommend ControlF5 for all your design requirements. Extremely high quality of design, responsiveness, and communication. They jumped on a call with me on several occasions to understand my requirements and make the necessary changes to my design.”

Dema Ali

ControlF5 was an excellent development partner, incorporating all of the client’s requests and ideas under tight schedules. Throughout the engagement, they had an effective workflow. The client was pleased with the attractive web design, and they plan to work with the vendor again in the future.

Raj Goreja

ControlF5 met all of the client’s requirements, and the site was designed effectively. The service provider supplied strong project management and was responsive to the client’s questions and requests. The ControlF5 team acted as a true partner throughout the engagement.

Tanvi Khandelwal

The client was thrilled with their new and improved website, describing it as very attractive. ControlF5 always made themselves available — whenever the client needed help with anything, the team was ready to lend a helping hand. The vendor was also open to unique ideas and responsive.

Steve Walker

“They always followed through until the job was completed to our satisfaction.”

Bola Rohith Kamath

“Their responsiveness to any number of requests we had was impressive.”

Frequently Asked Questions

It actually depends on the project which is being taken care of. Dedicated developers charge especially on a project basis or on a completion basis.
Determine what you are looking for and you can contact us for hiring a remote software developer. We check out your requirement and associate the right person with the job.
You will find many software development companies offering dedicated hiring services through their website landing pages over the internet. Companies that offer such services are often very serious about their work and can also offer custom-tailored solutions for startups and businesses.
  • The dedicated team model is economically viable
  • The team’s sole priority is for your business
  • You get access to a broader pool of skills. It’s a no-brainer that relying on a traditional in-house team means you.
  • You can significantly cut down on your time-to-market.
ControlF5 has the best dedicated developers who will not only ensure that your work is done on time but also help you to get the best feed that makes sure that your site ranks higher and better than before.
We have a variety of dedicated remote developers such as WordPress Developers, Shopify Developers, eCommerce Experts, React JS Developers, Node JS Developers, MERN Stack Developers, Full Stack Dedicated Developers.

Check out our other web app services to find the right fit for your needs

You can also use our other web app services to discover the perfect fit for your specific needs and requirements

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