Top 10 Indian Payment Gateways For Shopify Websites

Top 10 Indian Payment Gateways For Shopify Websites

It may be challenging to select a Payment Gateway for your eCommerce store if you are going to run a small business, a startup, or even a brand. The global DIY eCommerce hosting platform Shopify has witnessed enormous growth since its launch in 2004. Shopify has around 450,000 active merchants in more than 170 countries after more than 15 years in business. This app, which has over 2500 options in the Shopify app store with various Shopify themes, is used by almost 85% of them. Also, there are around 39,620 active Shopify stores in India.
In addition to marketing, merchandising, and inventory control, automatic payment is a successful strategy to boost productivity. A payment gateway connects the customer and the company through payment processing technology. These payment gateways for Shopify take electronic payments in a range of currencies, from domestic to foreign, from credit cards to cash on delivery, and so forth, when a customer purchases a product from your online store. Several of them also include tax calculation, address verification systems (AVS), refund processing, and transaction analytics.

For customers in different geographical locations, There are various Shopify development company India. Which mostly make use of payment getaways that are mostly used and recognized in your places of business. I’ll expose you to the top 10 payment gateways for Shopify in India in this article.

What Makes an Ideal Shopify Payment Gateway?

You must carefully consider all relevant factors before choosing a Shopify payment provider because it is a very significant choice. Be sure to include the following criteria on your list while seeking for a Shopify payment gateway solution.

1. Your Company Type: Decide on the conditions of sales and the currency you are ready to take payments in before picking the Shopify payment option.

2. Accepted Cards: Check that your Shopify payment provider accepts all the common card kinds in order to make it simple for your customers to make payments. MasterCard, VISA, and RuPay are a few of the more well-liked choices.

3. Target Market: When picking a Shopify payment option, be mindful of confirming that it is accepted in the region where your target market is located. For example, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and Iran do not offer PayPal services.

4. Security: Choose a Shopify payment option that provides a secure transaction experience with powerful fraud detection capabilities to keep both you and your customers safe.

5. User Shopping Experience: Speedy, secure, and seamless payments are essential to improving your consumers’ commercial and investment. Customer retention and repeat business are assured by a positive user experience on your platform.

Indian payment gateways for Shopify websites

Best Ten Payment Gateways For Shopify in India

1. PayPal

You can use PayPal to transact in more than 25 different currencies worldwide. Additionally, it offers convenient payment processing options that are pertinent to your region to assist you win over clients. Broad capabilities including customization options, cart connection, online invoices, and more are available thanks to the seamless interaction between Shopify and PayPal.

Key Elements of Paypal Payment Gateway are:

With 400+ million active users worldwide, the most reputable payment gateway brand can help you expand your audience.
PayPal provides capabilities that can scale as your company expands.
With its insightful information, this gateway also helps you develop an efficient payment plan for your company.
Even in cross-border trade, it keeps your online business transactions secure.


2. Razorpay

The finest option for a Shopify payment gateway is without a certain Razorpay. It offers the widest selection of domestic and international payment options; you can accept payments through more than 100 payment methods, including debit and credit cards, net banking, UPI, and others. In addition, you can accept payments in 90+ foreign currencies. Moreover, Razorpay offers quick, simple, and secure financial transactions for your clients. This means that, while making payments, your clients begin and conclude their process on the same page rather than being forwarded to other pages.

Key Elements of Razorpay Payment Gateway are:

It is an API-driven automation that needs zero manual intervention
Hold more than 100 modes of payments
Consists of real-time checking data dashboard facility
Effortless integration
Invoice payments
Integration with the website for payment
Give 24-hour support
Targets the saving facilities 2


3. CCAvenue

One of the most well-known payment gateway companies in South Asia, including India, is CCAvenue. This payment gateway platform is very simple, safe, and quick to use. More than 200 payment alternatives, holding up to 7 credit cards, 59+ net banking, 98+ debit cards, 15 bank EMI, etc., are available through this payment portal. Both the website and application integration are supported. The transaction page is completely responsive and offers a quick and easy checkout process.
For security reasons, the company developed FRISK (Fraud and Risk Identification System & Knowledge). This offers a protected environment for payments. The fact that there are no withdrawal fees with this payment gateway is its strongest feature.
Using CCAvenue, companies like Air Asia, Lakme India, Myntra, etc. have commercial success.
Key Elements of CCAvenue Payment Gateway are:

Service upto 24hours
Can find fraud systems or payment
Mobile payments
More than 190+ methods of payment
Website integration
International transaction
Allows multiple currency processing
Invoice generation
Recurring payments


4. PayU

PayU only needs a small amount of development work, a simple sign-up process, and a brief onboarding procedure before you can start using it. You can rapidly and effectively take payments with your Android, iOS, or Windows applications in minutes with a simple integration process.

Key Elements of PayU Payment Gateway are:

149+ payment ways
Customizable and no-code solutions for effortless integration
Single dashboard view for real-time payment tracking and surveillance
24×7 customer support
Highest direct integration with networks and banks
Most reasonable success rates
3DS 2.0 technology for the most elevated levels of security


5. Billdesk

One of India’s most reputable online payment brands is Billdesk by IndiaIdeas. The business, which specialised in managing recurring payments, was founded in 2000. Anyone can use this bill desk payments channel to acquire invoices or recurring payments from your clients.

Reputable companies including Indian Airlines, Airtel, Vodafone, India Today, Reader’s Digest, and others have confidence in the payment gateway. One of the best and largest bill payment ecosystems in the world has formed, and it is called Billdesk. Customers can pay bills including phone, energy, credit card, ISP, phones, insurance, gas, and more with their current bank accounts thanks to a payment gateway.

Guarantee the customer’s security of online payments Secure Sockets Layer (‘SSL’) technology to encrypt knowledge exchange facilitated by Billdesk.

Key Elements of the Billdesk payment gateway are:

Make payment easy and simple for everyone
Flexible integration options to deliver quick start, reliability, and scale.
Secure payment gateway providers
Supports recurring payments

Bill Desk

6. Cashfree

The most inexpensive payment processor in India is Cashfree. The key cause of its increasing popularity is that! This payment gateway provides a quick payment service as well as an immediate return option.

Since the company’s founding in 2015, more than 14,000 firms have taken advantage of its services. Credit/debit cards, net banking, and UPI are all supported by Cashfree. There is also the option to accept payments from abroad. The remedy for this payment channel is called “Cashgram.” It generates a web link that companies can share with users and use to take payment.

Customers of Cashfree include well-known companies like BigBasket, Dunzo, Xiaomi, HDFC ERGO, and others. It has the lowest transaction charge of any payment gateway in India, in my opinion.

Key Features of Cashfree payment gateways are:

Zero cost for setting up
Holds high security
The fee for transactions is quite low
Auto collection of payment
Invoice generation
Fraud checking
Easy to configure
Recurring billing structure
Website integration
Instant refund

Cash Free

7. Instamojo

Almost 1 million active clients in India use the successful Indian Payment Gateways For Shopify Websites, especially for startups like Instamojo. The popularity of this payment gateway can be attributed to how simple and easy to use it is. Instamojo also provides more than 100 payment options, such as. Additionally, it enables recurring billing so that businesses can receive payments every month, and also will make convenient payments to their vendors. It is also possible to integrate mobile devices and websites.

Key Features of Instamojo Payment Gateway are:

Electronic invoice payment
Website and application integration
Recurring payment
NEFT/RTGS are free of cost
Easy Onboarding process
Payment analytics
Online store
100+ payment modes
Live chat facility

Insta Mojo

8. Paytm

Digital payments are always associated with the name Paytm. Together with its well-liked consumer app, Paytm also offers a reliable business payment gateway. The same technology that powers some of India’s biggest brands and even the Paytm App is used to power the Paytm Payment Gateway. The gateway accepts transactions from all popular payment methods, including UPI, Paytm Wallet, domestic and foreign cards, net banking, and Paytm PostPaid.

This Indian payment gateway for Shopify website is created so that clients can comprehend all stripes of how to process payments with ease. This is the only payment gateway in India that accepts UPI payments with 0% transaction costs. Moreover, it is the only payment gateway with a T+1 settlement timetable.

Key Features of Paytm Payment Gateways for Shopify are:

The app got activated instantly
Very simple and easy integration
More than 100 payment origins
Industry-best success rates
India’s most widely-used checkout
Dedicated support


9. PayKun Payment Gateway

As a provider of payment gateway services, PayKun allows safe and secure exchanges between sellers and buyers. There are countless merchants who have joyfully fulfilled registration and are still thriving today this all thanks to PayKun.

Anyone—large or small—individual, trust, non-profit organization, online store, etc.—can easily sign up on PayKun and operate the payment gateway to accept payments online. In the PayKun checkout, clients will have a variety of payment alternatives.

Key Features of PayKun Payment Gateways for Shopify are:

There is no cost for setting up
No hidden charges: Annual maintenance zero
Low cost per Transaction
Domestic: Flat 1.76% taxes as applicable
There is no paperwork in there, its a fast and easy onboarding process.
Easy & free integration with your website/application for all major platform
Offers 120+ payment options with simple and lowest pricing.
Payment retry option
Net Banking

PayKun Payment Gateway

10. EBS

E-Billing Solutions (EBS), which was established in 2005, has its headquarters in Mumbai. The services provided by EBS are more in line with CCAvenue’s criteria. It is the top provider of safe online services worldwide and the first online payment service provider in India to meet PCI DSS 3.0 compliance criteria. EBS is just as trustworthy and offers more reasonable plans compared to the other payment gateway services. If none of the EBS basic plans seem to you, you can select from one of the custom plans.
Furthermore, it has been audited and certified by the ISO 27001-2013 standard for security and operational adherence.

Key Features of the EBS payment gateway are:

It offers over 100 payment options that comprise of 7 Credit Cards, 49+ Net Banking, 70+ Debit Cards, 14 ATM Cards, 8 Prepaid Instruments, and 7+ Bank EMI
It is a highly secure doorway
They don’t charge anything for the initial setup
It will charge Rs.1100 for annual maintenance (1st year waived off)
Support 12 primary foreign currencies
It support 8 various Indian languages (including English)
The payment gateway can be easily integrated. But if you want mobile app integration, then you need to request them.
It takes 24 hours for activating your account. Its UI is decent and delivers a variety of payment processing alternatives.


The Final Thought:

One of the most crucial components of an eCommerce website is the online payment gateway. Website owners and company owners needed a platform to enable online payment processing from clients in place of making purchases through their websites. Both website owners and customers benefit from the use of payment gateways for Shopify. By eliminating any pointless inconveniences, they make it possible for customers to pay quickly. When a customer pays using a payment gateway, the owner of the online store can take the money straight into their bank account or by requesting a check; this option varies from business to business.
If you are a startup, small business, or brand, choosing a Payment Gateway for your eCommerce websites may be challenging. And if you may found any of difficulties regarding shipping then you may take references from the Top 10 Best Shipping Companies and Partners in India over technical professionals then you may go for. I thus hope that this post will assist you in locating the best top ten Indian payment gateways for Shopify websites so that you may begin developing your company. If you are looking to set up a payment gateway, you can hire Shopify experts.

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