Our Team

The Team in Charge

Meet our incredible team members, a varied mix of bright individuals committed to driving innovation and collaborative achievement. Our team members are the foundation of our success, bringing diverse abilities to bear on attaining common objectives and driving innovation. We showcase a collaborative attitude that motivates us to new heights in our common aims.

Soul of the company:

Anurag Pandey - CEO

Anurag Pandey

Founder & CEO

Arun Pandey Ji

Dr. Arun Pandey



Chaman Varshney


Suhas Ratan

Suhas Ratan

Growth Catalyst and Mentor

In leadership roles


Ashish Sharma

Sr. Business Analyst

Aman Sharma - BDE

Aman sharma

senior business development manager


Lekhraj Rayak

technical head

Training and development


Shruti Bhagoriya

human resources manager

Creating excellence with our digital marketing team


Yasha Tomar

Content Writer

devendra img

Devendra Yadav

SEO Executive


Saloni Garg

Social Media Executive

Design elements in our team

website designer

Rohit mahajan

Senior Web Designer

Shubham Chouhan - Designer

Shubham Chouhan

Web Designer


Mayank Hardiya

Web Designer

Business development team

Bharti Nigam - BDE

Bharti Nigam

business development associate

tushar img

Tushar Bachle

business development associate


Rani Chouhan

business development associate

Talented Mobile app developers on our team

Vinay Patidar - Web Developer

vinay patidar

Mobile App developer


Shivam Kanathe

Flutter developer

Our website developer experts

Madhur Nayak - Web Developer

Madhur Nayak

PHP Developer

Pranjal Jaiswal - Web Developer

pranjal jaiswal

Web Developer

Sapna Rathor - Web Developer

sapna rathor

Web Developer

kanha Kushwah - Web Developer

kanha kushwah

Web Developer

Sumit Bula - Web Developer

Sumit Bula

Web Developer

Kartik Joshi - Web Developer

Kartik Joshi

Web Developer

yashpal singh image

Yashpal Singh Panwar

Shopify Developer

Vikrant Singh Darbar - Web Developer

Vikrant Chouhan

Web Developer


Devesh Kakde

Software QA Tester

Our knowledgeable MERN and React.js developers


Sapna Negi

React JS Developer


Hariom Patil

React JS Developer

Shishir kumawat

Shishir kumawat

React JS Developer

jayant image

Jayant Choudhary

React JS Developer

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