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shopify summer edition 2023

We’re in the middle of summer, and Shopify is releasing its semi-yearly edition upgrades, which means another significant Shopify update is on the way. The intention behind these Editions is to aid merchants, partners, and developers by supplying them with the necessary products. And resources to address consumer demand and adjust to the ever-changing e-commerce industry.

Shopify Editions is a digital experience that demonstrates how Shopify and Shopify Plus can help online small to large-scale businesses, Shopify partners, and site developers get started, scale, and flourish. Every six months, Shopify releases a new Shopify Edition. Which presents a thorough product story about the platform’s latest launches, upgrades, and enhancements.

Today, artificial intelligence is the most powerful accelerator for exponential progress in society. We’re on the angle of an exciting new era in commerce, with more opportunities than ever before for entrepreneurs, businesses, creators, merchants, and developers to think big and dream big.

Shopify Editions Summer 2023 includes approximately 100 improvements, many of which are large, implying whole new features and flows. We’ve compiled an overview and breakdown of the most important ones.

What new features and enhancements await Shopify users? How can Shopify merchants use these enhancements to grow their businesses? There’s plenty to discover, from Shopify’s strike into artificial intelligence to its supercharging of what is already the world’s greatest checkout. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of all the significant advances and breakthroughs. You should be aware of in one appropriate piece. Let’s get into the specifics to find out!

Here you go with some of the Product highlights – What’s New?

1. What is Sidekick, and do you need one?

Consider having a highly-skilled, incredibly intelligent, enthusiastic, and nonjudgmental counsel available to you at all times. Then here is the first and foremost update of an Shopify has taken place called sidekick.

You may now utilise common language to improve your store, complete time-consuming chores, and make better business decisions. Sidekick answers questions, solves problems, and helps you get more work done faster. From recommending the best apps for your business to assisting with marketing initiatives.

Shopify categorises Sidekick’s benefits across three categories:

  • Creativity. Assisting merchants in starting the creative process and boosting your writing.
  • Productivity and efficiency are important. Removing time-consuming administrative tasks and workflows while still delivering research.
  • Professional counsel. Sidekick is positioned by Shopify as a 24/7 accessibility that provides targeted, non-judgmental guidance to help brands advance.

Overall, it appears like Sidekick has a great deal of potential to help brands of all sizes improve their productivity and efficiency. In terms of leveling up with Sidekick’s advice, this appears to be a terrific method for smaller brands. This is to receive fresh ideas that they would not otherwise have access to.

However, for medium-to-large firms that require more complex and specific knowledge, Sidekick’s suggestions are more likely to be evaluated. Alongside continuous support provided by their selected E-Commerce Development agency.

2. Shopify Bundles of joy.

The Shopify Bundles app is now available in its entirety! Designed for merchants that wish to easily generate fixed bundles and multipacks in the Shopify admin (no coding or customisation necessary). Merchants can customize bundle product pages with photos, variations, and product options. They can update its inventory in real-time, thereby eliminating the possibility of overselling.


It provides superior product curation and discounts to your clients while increasing your average purchase value with product bundles!

Shopify Bundles enables you to build fixed bundles and multipacks directly from the Shopify admin. By which the customers can select variants connected with the products in your bundle. Shopify Bundles also contain real-time inventory updates, so you don’t have to worry about overpraising.

3. Shopify Marketplace Connect

By the update of Shopify you can quickly publish your products to marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, and Walmart using the Shopify Marketplace Connect app. Businesses can easily broaden their reach by linking their Shopify product catalogue with top marketplaces Inventory, orders, descriptions, customers, and pricing. Which are all synchronised automatically.

Custom pricing can also be set up for certain markets. Frequently, merchants wish to adjust the price or description of products sold on another marketplace, and this is now also available.

  • Add your Shopify catalogue to various markets, or connect existing listings.
  • Manage Shopify listings, orders, and inventory with real-time marketplace sync.
  • Fulfilment alternatives that are adaptable to support integrated channel strategies
  • Connections to compatible marketplace accounts are unlimited.
  • With built-in currency conversion, you may sell in all marketplace areas and categories.

4. The Mystique of Shopify Magic

Shopify Magic is artificial intelligence (AI) that is embedded directly into the Shopify eCommerce platform. The goal of Shopify is to provide solutions that reduce the time spent on manual processes, allowing you to get more done in less time and grow your business faster. But does it live up to the expectations?

Let’s take a look at what Shopify Magic can do for you and whether it’s the appropriate fit for your company.

  • Instant answers for FAQs. Quick responses to frequently asked questions. In the online shop chat, you can create, review, and publish AI-generated solutions to FAQs. For example, how frequently do you restock? Alternatively, where do you ship to? Customers will receive a list of questions when they click the chat button in your store, and they will simply choose which one applies to see the corresponding answer.It’s crucial to note that responses are based on your business policies and conversation history, so you should thoroughly review any generated content before publishing. Also, because Instant responses are considered bespoke content. They will not be automatically translated if the language of your theme changes. As there are various Shopify themes for your e-commerce website in it, Shopify Inbox now offers instant responses for all of them.
  • Email enhancement. You may create subject lines and email content that reflect the tone of your brand. Shopify Magic will also determine ideal send times based on data from retailers across the Shopify platform. Shopify Email is now available.
  • Make website text. You can now use AI to generate text in the Online Store editor, such as headers and footers, blog articles, and product descriptions. In eight languages and on mobile, you can set your tone of voice and pinpoint key talking topics. Working closely with your SEO team is essential for making the most of this functionality, as you’ll need to include important keywords to generate SEO-friendly material.
  • Smart replies for live chat. You can review, respond, and edit live chat inquiries with AI-generated responses. Coming soon, but you can sign up for early access.

5. Empowering Decision-Making: Uncover Insights with Built-In Analytics


Updated shopify featured has an amazing updation to customise your analytics with dashboard customisation and analytical enhancements from the ground up.

  • Configure your analytics overview dashboard to show only the metrics that are important to you. You can now rearrange the metrics cards, add or remove them, and save your customised layout.


  • Filter the division analysis report by first-order attributes such as sales channel and marketing channel. You can add specific customer factors, such as geography, to your group analysis to get a more comprehensive picture.

6. Shopify’s Subscription APIs: Build Apps That Integrate with Shopify Checkout (2023)

Shopify is continually pushing the boundaries of commerce by upgrading the platform to support new merchant business models with the help of Shopify Plus. The partner ecosystem is critical to this continual innovation. But until now, developing new ways of selling things on Shopify beyond a one-time transaction has been limited.

phizzy water img
This is where the Shopify Subscription APIs and the Product Subscription App Extension come into play. Allowing partners and developers to create subscription experiences directly within Shopify Checkout.

You can use these APIs and app extensions to:

Create immediately in Shopify Checkout.

On top of our fast and reliable checkout, create subscription apps that improve the subscription buying and administration experience.

Shopify is fully integrated.

Your app will stay compatible with platform features such as Shopify Payments, shipping, discounts, reporting, and more with subscription orders handled and managed via our latest APIs.

Consider growing merchant requirements.

Drive innovative business models that Shopify does not yet offer. While selling subscription products constitutes a recognized merchant requirement at present, our APIs are constructed to empower you to create novel methods of selling in the times ahead.

7. New Checkout Extensions


New APIs and updates enable Shopify partners to create unique checkout experiences with apps. Which includes customised delivery methods, delivery dates, and suggested addresses, all managed within the checkout editor.

Everything has been streamlined into a one-page experience. Checkout Extensibility works with one-page checkout and Shop Pay. New APIs have also been rolled out.

8. Custom landing pages powered by metaobjects

Shopify is adding lots of great new features to give merchants more options and flexibility with their stores. Every ecommerce store owner has unique requirements and Shopify is extending its metafields option to include metaobjects. Metaobjects provide you with a way to create resources that Shopify doesn’t offer out of the box.

Metaobjects help create structured data or information for your shop. These are custom “objects” that group reusable information capable of being displayed in the store.

For example, if you’re running a clothing shop, you may want to feature a story about the designer on each product page. The designer “object” comprises various fields such as name, bio, hometown, and image. All these fields form a cohesive group within a singular metaobject referred to as “Designer.”

This object can subsequently be reused across every product page, allowing Shopify to dynamically showcase the appropriate designer information.

9. Mobile Excellence: Enhancing Operations through Shopify’s Latest Updates

Shopify has updated the app to streamline operations through the mobile experience, facilitating the ease of starting, running, and scaling businesses directly from users’ phones. Furthermore, it provides you with the capability to carry the world’s most potent tools for developing, expanding, and overseeing your business, ensuring they’re always at your disposal no matter where you are.

Things you can easily do with the mobile are:

Shopify has updated the app to concentrate on streamlining operations through the mobile experience. Which makes it easier to start, run, and scale your business from your phone.

As it also allows you to carry the world’s most powerful tools for developing, growing, and managing your business with you wherever you go.

Things you can easily do with the mobile are:

  • Add new product media with ease. Use the consolidated media picker to activate your camera or upload media from your device.
  • Make products sellable by adding a price and configuring products. The improved options and variants flow makes it easy to set up your products.
  • A new account drawer lets you access a list of stores to add and switch between, along with tools for adding accounts or logging out.
  • Get easy access to key commerce functions, apps, and channels with the simplified bottom bar and reimagined overflow menu.

10. Reviews Unleashed: Multi-Channel Amplification Strategies for Customer Feedback


Shopify Product Reviews allows you to collect and share customer reviews on the product pages of your online store. Customers can rate and review products to help other people decide what to buy, and also provide valuable feedback to you.

With and Okendo, you can help shoppers buy with confidence by syndicating Shop reviews across key channels like as your online store, Facebook, and more. You may also syndicate reviews to Shop through these partners.

11. One-page checkout and higher flexibility


Shopify makes it even easier to optimize your checkout. On-page experience is now fully updated with native checkout. It contains fewer fields and fewer page loads, which makes it super-fast for customers to complete a purchase.

The introduction of a one-page checkout has notably alleviated friction for online shoppers, consequently enhancing their purchasing journey. As a result, customers are able to complete checkouts more swiftly and exhibit reduced instances of abandoning their shopping carts, in contrast to the conventional Shopify checkout process.

“With shipping automatically calculated right in front of you, one-page checkout is a game changer for reducing friction.”

If you are a Shopify Plus merchant then you can go further and use a new checkout drag-and-drop editor. By which you can control the components of the checkout experience, brand it set custom rules to it, and integrate additional functionality.

12. Expand with B2B : B2B updates and Improvements


In 2022, Shopify introduced their B2B offering, which initially provided significant value to merchants involved in B2B sales. Nevertheless, observers noted that it lacked certain essential features. It wasn’t until the Winter Editions that Shopify addressed these gaps and introduced much-needed improvements.

One of the new features of Shopify B2B is the ability to create unique quantity rules for products and variants.  Which allows merchants to set minimum and maximum order quantities for different customers. This feature could increase the Average Order Value and reduce shipping costs by selling in bulk, making it more cost-effective for merchants to serve their B2B customers.

Additionally, you can create B2B catalogs to customize the buying experience for your customers by including all products or only a specific subset of your products, setting different prices per catalog. Plus, the latest reordering feature simplifies the process, allowing customers to place repeat orders quickly. Finally, B2B invitation emails make it easier for merchants to invite their customers to join their wholesale program.

13. Elevate Your E-Commerce Game with The Updated Subscription App

This 2023 shopify updates has easily set up and manage all simple subscription offerings with the new, free Shopify Subscriptions app. For new customers creating an account on the free Shopify app, they will have the added flexibility to pause or skip orders, update payment and shipping details, and more.

For more advanced subscription needs, explore a wide range of purpose-built apps in the Shopify App Store.

14. Your Store, Your Way: Personalize Every Detail with Versatile Flex Sections

Shopify updation continues to provide merchants with more capabilities for controlling their frontends via the simple drag-and-drop method. The announced flex sections essentially upgrade sections, empowering merchants to modify alignment, incorporate elements, resize, and undertake various other actions.

This is because Flex sections make it easier than ever to create custom layouts for your online business. Shopify supported CSS Flexbox, allowing for more multi-directional responsive layouts and easy content alignment inside portions of your store.

With this version, you can now easily drag and drop, resize, group, and edit your store to make it truly yours.


In conclusion, presented here are a range of the most captivating and substantial upgrades emerging from the extensive array of Shopify Editions Winter 2023 releases. However, should you wish to delve further into the entirety of the improvements within Shopify Editions. You can explore more in-depth details right here. Plus, if you have any questions about any of the important upgrades we’ve listed above. Or any of the Editions updates, please contact our Shopify Experts Team. Which will get you to help with all the necessary features and updates.

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