ControlF5’s VIP Shopify Secrets to Double your Sales

ControlF5’s VIP Shopify Secrets to Double your Sales

Are you looking to start a business that can bring consistent income month after month? Selling online is one of the finest methods to achieve this. An online store brings in customers from around the world and allows them to buy your products with convenience. The Shopify platform is one of the most well-known eCommerce solutions on the market, and as such, is a great place for beginners. Or do you already have an online business but need help with Shopify? Hire our Shopify experts to take your store to the next level.

In this blog post, we’re going to offer some tips and tricks on how you can maximize your sales on Shopify

Quick Introduction of the platform; Shopify.

Shopify is a platform that allows you to set up an online store in minutes. What’s great about Shopify is it takes the edge off of setting up things like payment settings and shipping and does all of that for you! When you start selling online, one of the bigger hurdles you can run into is plugging in your payment settings or having to take on the responsibility of fulfilling orders.

Once you get over the initial setup, setting up taxes and shipping rates can be very tedious. With Shopify, they’ll handle all of this for you and make sure that it’s done right so that your customers are satisfied.

Shopify Experts

Why do you need to focus on turning visitors into customers?

If you’re a business owner and one of your concerns is growing your online storefront. This article provides great insight into the four most popular ways Shopify helps store owners achieve these goals.

With more than 500 million Shopify apps in use. It’s tough to remember everything that comes with opening up a shop on the platform. It’s not always easy to determine exactly what you need as an entrepreneur. Also which tool might be best for your specific needs.

There are usually four options to consider when you’re onboarding:

Turning visitors into customers, eCommerce analytics, Managing your inventory, and, Marketing tools.

While there are plenty of options out there to choose from. Here’s why you need to mainly focus on turning visitors into customers on the Shopify platform.

✅ Turning Visitors into Customers

Your online visitors can become customers only if you get them to continue with their buying journey on your site. Getting new customers is a puzzle, and turning visitors into customers is one of the critical pieces of it.

Effective content marketing plays a major role in this equation. According to research conducted by Content Marketing Institute, marketers who use content related to their products saw an increase in conversion rates by nearly 23 percent. For example, you can write a listicle of sample product uses for your niche or create a tutorial about how to use your product or service.

Hire Shopify Developers

You should also stay on top of your social media channels to hone in on the right message that resonates with your customers. Encourage them to ask questions and engage with you on your content. This helps you better understand their pain points and gain a better sense of how you can serve them. Aim for timely, relevant content that attracts potential customers to read and share.

If done well, a combination of content marketing and social media can be the driving force behind turning visitors into customers.

How do Pop-ups help you drive sales on your site?

A pop-up is a short, instructional window that appears on the screen of any web browser when you’re shopping online. It can be used for a short time and shows you how to use the website or product. Businesses use pop-ups for advertising and stay top of mind with customers by reminding them about their products or services as a special offer. They’re also sometimes used in social media marketing campaigns to increase brand awareness and engagement. It’s important to note that a pop-up can improve conversions.

However, it depends entirely on the design and the level at which you present your content. There are two ways to create popups in Shopify. One is by using a plugin and the other is via coding. Choosing the right one depends on your business requirements and skillset.

Shopify offers an easy option (plugin) for creating pop-ups in their new version of themes, called Polaris theme. This way is automatically embedded into each page of your store. So technically all you have to do is set up the settings and choose how you want it to appear.

The other way to implement pop-ups is by coding. This is ideal for websites that already have a custom theme or are looking for more complex customization. Coding them yourself can be much easier to achieve the desired outcome.

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This way, you can ensure the best design, features and performance. It’ll also ensure that your pop-ups are mobile-friendly and user-friendly to your customers and visitors.

There are many free apps available for Shopify which you can use to manage pop-ups including SumoMe, PushCrew, Optimonk and LeadFox. There is also AppSumo PopupMaker App that makes it super easy for you to create eye-catching pop-ups in minutes without any coding required.

How to sell more to your customers via your Shopify store?

In this blog, we will explore two extremely powerful strategies to make an overwhelming amount of sales on Shopify.

  • Sale Events – If you have a specific product that is about to run out, you can do a ‘sale event’. This is simply where you discount the product by 25% or 50% and offer free shipping for a period of time.
  • Incentives – One of the best ways of incentivizing customers to buy is with discounts and coupons. This can be done through social media posts, advertisements in newsletters, or even right in the product description. If you are using Shopify to market your products, then you can simply use the Shopify app to create this type of loyalty program. Also, you can offer discounts automatically based on customer behavior – such as orders, emails or social media interactions.
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What is the quickest way to make more sales on Shopify?

Here is the tested list of some of the best tips and tricks that will help you increase sales quickly on your Shopify store.

  • Optimising Your Sales Page – To make sure that your products are visible to potential buyers, you need to optimise your website’s visibility. You can do this by optimising your title tag and meta-tags in the Shopify admin panel. And creating professional image thumbnails for each product display. And in Shopify app as well as giving it a unique product title.
  • Testimonials – Creating positive testimonials will help you show customers what other people have experienced with your product. It will also help them see that you are not just another online store that sells counterfeits.
  • Community Manager – You can try outsourcing your community management. This will make sure that you are using the services of someone who has extensive knowledge about Shopify and the customers’ needs. A community manager in your team will help you to manage your social media and email campaigns. To optimise the content for search engines, measure their performance, and learn how to improve conversion rates.
  • SEO – If you have a basic understanding of what SEO is all about, then this is an area where you can make some quick improvements. To make sure that your product display is visible to potential buyers, you need to optimise your website’s visibility. You can do this by optimising your title tag and meta-tags in the Shopify admin panel, creating professional image thumbnails for each product display.And in Shopify app as well as giving it a unique product title.
  • Location – Always try to sell your products near the location or radius of the person who is purchasing them. If you are selling products online only and are not local, then make sure that you offer free shipping services as an incentive for people to purchase from your online store.
  • Making Order Fulfillment and Shipping Easier – Make sure that you have all your customer service information, customer service contact phone numbers, and email addresses. Return policy information and a customer care chat window on the website to make ordering easier for your customers.
  • Store Name – Make sure that your store name is not too long, yet has enough keywords to attract customers. A catchy store name that has fewer words than others but is more interesting will get more attention from buyers.
  • Coupons – If you are running a special promotion or sale, then include coupons that will help attract customers. Which will initially help to increase your sales quickly on Shopify.
  • Pricing – If you are selling a product that costs more than $50. Then include a $10/sale bonus that will allow you to sell 5 products at once and make more sales to get the bonus.
  • Social Media – You can use social media, especially Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to promote your Shopify store. The aim of promoting on social media is the same as any other marketing effort. The target audience for this is free and potential buyers of your products who are active on social networks.
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How ControlF5’s Shopify developers will help you make more sales?

ControlF5, one of the leading e-commerce development firms in India, are expert and knows how to drive sales for your business. Our Shopify experts in eCommerce and Shopify development will help you solve your toughest business problems. We’ll do the heavy lifting so you can focus on what matters most, ie. Growing Your Business.

Here are a few of the ways our Shopify Experts can help you make more sales on Shopify:

1. Custom Shopify Development:


For Your Specific Application. We’ll create an app that matches the look and feel of your eCommerce website. Better yet, we’ll design the app to solve specific tasks, like accepting payments or providing data to your ERP system. You can create an app that doesn’t exist anywhere else or use our pre-built apps for customisation.

2. Add A Mobile App To Your Shopify Store:

It’s easier than ever to showcase your store on mobile devices—especially if you use a native app instead of a mobile-optimised website. By using a native app, you have increased control over the design and features of your mobile app.

3. User-Friendly Data Visualisation:

It might not be apparent to customers, but data visualisation is very important to merchants on Shopify. If they don’t know where they stand, they can’t take action to improve their business. We can help you create graphs that make sense and encourage actionable insights.

4. Shopify Store Optimization:

We’ll help you meet Amazon and other eCommerce platforms’ requirements to create a high-quality storefront. If you have discounts or incentives, we’ll help you adjust your product settings to stay in compliance with the concerns of your competitors.

5. Complete Solution Integration:

Shopify offers many features and services, but it sometimes can get confusing to know what you need and how much it costs when you start a project. Our team will work with you to create an integration that meets all of your needs without adding any extra cost to your project.

6. Professional Shopify Consulting:

Our Shopify developers know Shopify inside-out. They can help you plan and implement a seamless online eCommerce store.

7. Create Your Brand With A Custom Shopify Store:

We’ll help you build a brand that shares your values and is unique to your business without the risks of rolling out an entirely new website. This approach helps you avoid the common pitfalls of starting over with a new website. Like obtaining the proper domain name or ensuring that your design looks correct across all devices.

Shopify Developers

8. Dynamic Website Experiences:

Shopify offers a range of dynamic website experiences, including cart abandonment notifications and drag-and-drop product configuration. These are all critical elements of a successful online store. Our Shopify developers can help you implement these features to ensure that your customers have a positive conversion experience every time they interact with your website.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is essential for all eCommerce sites, particularly if you want to be on the first page of search results for any keywords or phrases related to your products, services or brand. We’ll help you optimise your paid search campaigns so that you rank higher in search results and generate new customers from organic searches as well.

10. eCommerce Website Design:

We’ll design a beautiful eCommerce website that matches your brand. But you can use the same Shopify theme to build the site and all of its features in just a few hours.

11. Shopify Store Analytics:

With store analytics, you can find out where customers are coming from, which products they’re buying and how long it takes them to make a purchase. Our Shopify developers will help you implement Google Analytics and other popular analytics tools. Just like Kissmetrics to measure how well your site is converting visitors into customers.

12. Customer Data Collection:

Shopify stores are more than just websites—they also act as customer data points for your marketing program. Hire ControlF5’s developers to create and launch successful marketing campaigns for you.

The earlier you start planning for success with Shopify, the better you will be able to leverage the platform and other apps. Contact our Shopify experts to know more!

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