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A quick look at LogiQuad

LogiQuad, a reputable company with 14 years of experience in DevOps, Infrastructure Management, and development, provides outstanding IT services. End-to-end automation, scalable platforms for a strong digital footprint, integrated operational tools, and a digital strategy driven by industry experts are among them. LogiQuad provides an extensive selection of solutions to businesses from large or small businesses globally.

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LogiQuad Requirements:

  1. LogiQuad approached ControlF5 with an appeal to create their entire 19-page website from scratch. We were tasked to create a whole wordpress website design and build the website, including creating perfect graphics and layouts for each page.
  2. They offer to integrate all of the necessary WordPress elements when developing the website. This includes building the header and footer, picking appropriate images, arranging the overall flow of the website, developing engaging content, and putting up individual pages with the appropriate headings and subheadings.
  3. They’ve asked us to make a website that’s easy for users to navigate, and it should include all the important pages and service-related sections. The website is designed to cover everything from consulting to app development services in a streamlined manner.
  4. They want to reduce the duration of time it takes to open new pages. Include filters in several categories and want us to handle the speed optimization and evaluate the website’s page speed. Integrate a free messaging app to track and communicate with site visitors. Also, make minor modifications as needed, such as color, wording, and other elements.
  5. They also want us to think about technical concerns like the website’s performance, and scalability and want us to secure the website from hacking.


Our Solutions to LogiQuad:

Now that ControlF5 is a top WordPress web development consulting company in India, Pune. Our wordpress web developer experts have begun to create a new update to their wordpress website.

  1. Firstly we converted the Drupal to wordpress migrations, as they have provided the website in the Drupal platform, which was facing issues like speed optimization, adding content, and many more. With the help of our dedicated WordPress web developers, we have converted the whole website into a wordpress website.
  2. Then we started the designing part, as we designed the whole WordPress website design with the help of our best UI/UX designers. And then send it to the client to finalize the design and move forward, Once the client has approved the design then we begin to start developing on that.
  3. With the help of our website designer, the whole website has been designed with Pixel-Perfect and UI/UX Figma software.
  4. Added all the relevant content on the website. Which was already provided by the client.
  5. We also suggest they to create a 404 error page. This is because an effective 404 page will recognize the mistake and guide them back to relevant pages of the site. (if they have some).
  6. We manage broken links on the website. Done the responsive of this wordpress website.
  7. As they wanted to move faster so we made flexible designs and native features. And our greater wordpress expert team can make changes quickly, efficiently, and completely autonomously.

Design Guidelines

The Logiquad branding team has already provided us with the logo of the website. We set all the brand guidelines such as typeface, colors, etc

The typeface has just 3 weights, regular, semi-bold, and bold. And used Comfortaa and Poppins fonts We used only the regular, and light weights on the entire website.

design guidelines for wordpress website

Tools We Used

Home Page Construction

Our goal was to create a homepage that is not only visually appealing but also easily understandable, educational, and interesting. As a result, the features we included were precisely crafted to guarantee that visitors understand the website’s objective and understandable to the audience about what a website is all about.

  • The fact that homepage is the most important part of establishing credibility and trust and giving clients a reason to choose us over others. As a result, we built a sleek and engaging homepage that matches the content of the entire “Logiquad” website, with minimum details of what the website is all about.

service section wordpress website image

  • You can discover the power of your WordPress website with the help of Logiquad – where innovation meets reliability. We have described all of the services and why you should “pick us” points on the main page so that readers can quickly understand what the LogiQuad website is all about and why you should choose them for your WordPress website.



  • In the last section of the home page, we have given FAQ “which users can frequently ask about their queries”. And another section for submitting your details is “just to put up your information for hiring their services” we created this form with the help of contact-form-7.

Positive outcomes:

We used the strength of their vision to turn their idea into a tangible reality by developing a WordPress website from the bottom. As a Dedicated WordPress Developer team, we specifically focused our efforts on fitting the Logiquad team’s needs and driving the website’s progress. The keys to success are securely placed with our ControlF5 solutions, which feature carefully designed and straightforward navigation, ensuring users can easily explore while interacting with the website. We have not only met but even exceeded expectations in the domain of digital empowerment. Thanks to our ControlF5 wordpress web developer team, this website achieved a score in Google page insights of 90+ on desktop.

Page speed optimization desktop

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Anurag Pandey, a Founder & CEO with an experience of 17+ years in the same field. He is mostly Ambitious and Aims to learn and share information about Web Design, Mobile App Development, React JS, Angular JS, and SEO.

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