Hydrogen – Shopify’s Headless Commerce Framework

Hydrogen – Shopify’s Headless Commerce Framework

Shopify Hydrogen Builder is a headless web framework for the Shopify API and offers a complete, scalable, and customizable eCommerce solution. Each store crafted with Hydrogen is entirely customized and can be adjusted to match your brand’s requirements, encompassing everything from the storefront and product pages to checkout and customer management.You control every aspect of your store from design to content in a few clicks or taps. Hydrogen is integrated with Shopify, making it easy to sell products and have automated order fulfillment. The free starter plan features a fully functional storefront and basic features, so you can start selling immediately.

This framework is excellent and cannot be distilled. A great commerce platform is a trilemma that can carefully balance competing needs of delivering a great customer experience and storefront capabilities. This is what the Hydrogen builder does. Keep this in mind while reading the following article:

Where can I get the starter plan?

You need to be a Shopify store owner to get this Starter plan, and you can only have one at a time. If you are not a Shopify store owner yet, follow my guide step by step.

If you are not a Shopify store owner yet, consider any of these solutions. Also, feel free to share your experiences with other communities who may have different experiences with Hydrogen thanks to the hundreds of thousands of active users who have tested Hydrogen within their own shops. Another great tool for testing is Shopify’s Github repository. It has extensive test cases for every feature possible.

How does it work?

Hydrogen is a web framework (aka a Shopify app) that allows you to create your own website with the features of Shopify, but completely customized to your brand. The Starter plan comes with a fully functioning storefront and basic content management features such as page editing, authoring, and custom CSS. If you want these built into your site, upgrade to Professional. The Professional plan also offers automatic shipping from your storefront and order fulfillment.

Hydrogen is purpose-built to power dynamic commerce

Hydrogen was constructed from scratch and depends on the Shopify API, enabling it to utilize other Shopify products like analytics and inventory management. Naturally, this implies that you’re confined to utilizing what you discover in the Shopify App Store. So, if you want to include a feature not provided by the Hydrogen framework, you’ll need to integrate it yourself.

One of the other best features of the Hydrogen framework is that it helps you to find out the optimal balance between performance and capabilities, moving closer to the merchant’s business objectives. It provides a key insight into what you have learned from all the merchants on this quest and this is at the core where commerce needs to be dynamic and subtle. Also helps you to connect back-office operations to the front of the house with the use of AB testing. Dyanmic presents  personalization for each of the customers and a shared foundation which is fast server-side rendering powered by fast storefront data access.

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It’s easy to get started.

Building your own storefront is easier than ever with the Hydrogen platform, thanks to its simple and scalable design. You can start with a complete theme and content solution, or just get the theme and build upon it by adding your own content when you’re ready.

If you’re uncertain about where to commence, opt for one of these quick and straightforward methods to begin: Familiarize yourself with initiating the Hydrogen journey.

Accelerated Commercial Development

No one understands the needs of eCommerce merchants better than Shopify. After all, Shopify has developed and sold more than 500,000 storefronts for our 75,000 merchants. Hydrogen gives you access to this same expertise and experience by providing:

  • content management features such as page editing, authoring, and custom CSS
  • a complete theming solution
  • an easy-to-use content editor that works on any device and allows you to add product photos directly from your mobile phone or tablet
  • You can also quickly spin up a site with the first three themes: Foundation Responsive, Apparel, and Vintage. Each theme offers a layout with a focus on user experience.

Opinionated and yet flexible:

The Hydrogen Builder offers a plethora of customization options to help you make your storefront design not just consistent, but practically your own. In fact, every custom element in the builder can be replaced by a standard Shopify theme element.

One of the cool things about themes is that they are almost like templates and this helps with the customizations by allowing you to tweak them at will until you find the right design for your store. Despite this they are not templates, hydrogens themes do not require any coding and do not need any special database features or expertise to design and create.

Built-in hosting on Oxygen:

The hosted version of Oxygen is fully integrated with the Shopify Hydrogen Builder, allowing you to commence designing and editing immediately. This eliminates the need to wait for the site to be constructed or for someone else to build it on your behalf.


The Shopify Hydrogen Builder gives you all the options you need to create a unique look and feel, while still giving your administration features such as customer management and checkout, with built-in support for third-party billing services such as PayPal, Stripe, and Braintree. The Hydrogen Builder also gives you the ability to choose from a number of template layouts.

These layouts are constructed using Shopify templates, enabling you to alter the appearance of your site with just a few clicks.

If you want to quickly create your own layout, you can do that too.


Hydrogen themes are multilingual and are available in 21 languages at launch, so people from around the world can easily find what they need. Because Hydrogen is based on Shopify’s theme interface and admin features, it has access to all other Shopify products such as sales reports, analytics, and inventory management tools. More importantly, Hydrogen also offers all of these features as add-ons to your site and you can easily integrate them with other apps that you already use.


Constructing Hydrogen involves utilizing Shopify’s theme interface and administrative features, enabling it to gain an advantage from all Shopify products. If you want your store to have a specific feature, like Google Analytics integration or Apple Pay integration, just add the app! If you want to create your own custom theme from scratch, you can do that too. And if you customize a theme or build your own one from scratch, it will also be available for sale in the Shopify Theme Store.

Good for management:

You need your website to perform well. And, the more content you create and manage, the more difficult that is going to be. Instead of trying to add everything that you need manually in your theme, you can use Hydrogen’s built-in page templates to start right away and then customize as needed.

Hydrogen’s Designer enables anyone, whether experienced developers or not, to easily construct a site by harnessing Shopify’s comprehensive features and tools. It also grants them access to the same customizations available in other apps sold on the Shopify App Store.

Page Templates:

After choosing a theme, it’s time to construct your page layout with page templates. Just click the “Add a Page” button to create a new page. And then drag and drop your page elements into place. Once you have everything the way you want it, you can tweak the look using a variety of custom options.

As of Hydrogen launch, Shopify Theme Store has a total of 50 themes for sale with prices varying from $79 to $399.

The future of integration is dynamic with Hydrogen Builder:

With Shopify Hydrogen Builder, you can add just about any platform you want to your site. This means that if yShopifyou want to sell a product on your site, you can use the features of Amazon. If you want to sell on eBay or another marketplace, add it. And if you’d like a special integration with QuickBooks or Paypal, do that too!

You can get fast render with the streaming service side and rendering, efficient and component-level updates and state transitions. And setting up a performant loading and the bundling strategy for all the assets which are hard. Whether you’re opening a storefront for the first time, using it for a new merchant.

Or crafting a customer experience that millions will access.

You can employ this incredible service to quickly focus on delivering merchant value.

Shopify Hydrogen Builder is the Building Blocks For Commerce

Combining the power of cloud-based shopping with enterprise-grade tools, we are bringing commerce to a new level. Shopify gives you the ability to create a complete eCommerce store that is flexible and fully customizable, but also powerful and fast. Hydrogen Builder gives eCommerce merchants all of that power in an easy-to-use package. Without putting you back hours to customize your site.

The Shopify Hydrogen Builder is based on the ongoing Shopify theme system. Which empowers developers to rapidly incorporate features and modifications into their site without the necessity of learning HTML or other programming languages.

This aspect is possibly the most crucial element of the Hydrogen builder as it signifies its easy integration into any e-commerce platform.

Hydrogen Builder gives you all of Shopify’s storefront features and apps at a fraction of their retail price. Adding Shopify’s entire logiс system and several other premium apps provided by Shopify in their app store will cost up to $39,000. With HydrogenBuilder, you get all of these features and more – at a fraction of the cost.

With a wide range of plugins available through the plugin repository you can easily add things like Google Analytics, Pinterest boards, Feedly feeds. And Wix web templates to your site.

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