MERN Stack Development Tips & Tricks Every Developer Should Know- ft. ControlF5’s Expert Developers!

MERN Stack Development Tips & Tricks Every Developer Should Know- ft. ControlF5’s Expert Developers!

When it comes to web development MERN stack is one of the most trending technologies. It has taken the web development industry by storm. The stack is made up of four different technologies and if you want to become a better MERN stack developer, you should know certain tricks and tips associated with them.

This blog will look at some of the most important tips and tricks associated with MERN stack developers.

What is the MERN stack?

The MERN stack is a combination of four different web development technologies. These include React, MangoDB, Node.js and Express which are combined to form the MERN stack. These technologies are a must for any MERN stack developer as they are essential to creating an efficient project. They are commonly used by developers because they are classes of the widespread language JavaScript. And they have made it simpler for developers to create complex projects and they make the whole process easier.

MERN Stack developers

Benefits of using MERN stack

Before getting into some tips, let’s take a look at some of the most important benefits associated with MERN stack developers.

1. As a MERN stack developer you will get to work on the front-end and back-end development. This means that you will be able to work on both sides of the development process which makes your career well-rounded as compared to someone who just works on one side of things.

2. You also get to use all four different technologies in your projects. This can help you broaden your knowledge and it can make you more versatile when it comes to different projects.

3. As a MERN stack developer you will be able to use different tools associated with front-end and back-end development like Node.js, React, MangoDB and Express. These are some of the most important tools that you need to work with.

4 You will also be able to work on different frameworks which is another thing that you need to know about as a MERN stack developer.

5. MERN stack is also very easy to learn and it can help you master all the important concepts in technology.

5. You will be able to scale with the help of technologies like Node.js, Express and React which are very efficient when it comes to scaling your software development projects.

6. You will also get to work on all the different layers associated with a project, this allows you to work with different components of a system and that’s something that no other developer can do for you as compared to other developers who just work on one specific area of the stack

How to deploy MERN stack?

MERN stack is the combination of 4 different technologies and this is what makes it very efficient and straightforward. To deploy the MERN stack you will need a web application server, web framework, code editor and an automated build tool.

1- Deploy MERN stack with CircleCI- This is one of the most efficient ways to deploy your MERN stack projects.

2- Deploy MERN Stack with Heroku- Heroku is one of the best options for deploying any project, however, it can be a bit costly for smaller projects. For bigger projects, Heroku makes deploying very easy as compared to other deployment methods.

3-Deploy MERN stack on your server- The deployment of your MERN stack project requires a VPS(Virtual private server) or dedicated server. However, this is the only feasible option for those who plan to host their projects.

4- Deploy MERN stack with AWS

5- Deploy MERN stack with Azure App Service-

6- Deploy MERN stack with Google Cloud Platform

7- Deploy MERN stack with Linode

8- Deploy MERN stack on DigitalOcean

9- Deploy MERN Stack with the help of Heroku’s CLI tool

Deploy MERN Stack

What are the tools to use with MERN stack?

MERN stack is one of the most commonly used web development stacks. It is ideally made up of four different technologies, these include Node.js, Express, React and MangoDB.

These five core technologies are used to create efficient and scalable software development projects. MERN stack developers need to have a good understanding of the use of these four technologies to create efficient applications;

1- Node.js

Node.js, an open-source runtime environment, facilitates the execution of runtime JavaScript code beyond the confines of the browser. Additionally, Node.js empowers you to employ JavaScript on the server side by functioning on servers. It can also find utility in cloud applications, thanks to node cloud platforms such as Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, AWS, and IBM Bluemix.

2- Express js

Express, a web framework built on Node.js, empowers you to craft efficient applications using fewer lines of code in comparison to other frameworks. Like Ruby on Rails and Django, both frequently employed for building intricate applications. Express finds its ideal application in crafting APIs and web applications due to its simplicity and straightforward deployment choices.

3- MongoDB

MongoDB, a NoSQL database, serves the purpose of data storage. The database employs JSON-like documents with schemas. This form of database is currently popular, with numerous companies employing it to store their data. It grants them the ability to store data in JSON format, which can be seamlessly transformed into another format, making it readable by various other programs or servers.

4- Redux

Redux is a predictable state container for modern JavaScript apps. A state container is used to manage the data for applications and keep track of changes in it.

5- React

React is a view library that allows developers to create reusable UI components. React makes it easier for developers to create complex applications as compared to other framework. Like jQuery which just makes it easier for you to work on simple tasks.

MERN stack developers

MERN stack Development Tips & Tricks

1. Use TypeScript 2.0 when you are working on your React-Native project

If you are a MERN Stack developer, then you know that TypeScript 2 is already a part of the MERN stack and it is here for good reason, so why not use it?
You can omit many features if you don’t want to use them and everything runs fast. But if you use all of those features because they will be there anyway, especially HTML and JSX. Then the reason behind the hardware is to make your app quicker to load. (MERN stack developers would say faster) This means more time left for more users rather than more time wasted on making your app run faster.

2. Avoid using a build script that is solely called manually and lacks automation entirely.

Using some build tools can speed up your development process and make your team more productive. Yet, it’s important to keep the utilization of these build tools in check. As allowing them to run too frequently on your machine might result in the system slowing down due to the execution of numerous build scripts. Which can adversely affect your PC’s performance. To keep this in check so that you don’t waste time on repetitive tasks, it is important to only call the build scripts when something has changed in a file.

3. Make use of npm scripts to speed up your development process

While there exist a lot of tasks and tools that can help you in your development process there are some developers who will often prefer writing their scripts for every task.
While this is fine, writing a script for each task can become time-consuming especially if you are working on a large codebase. Because of this, it is better to stick with the already existing npm scripts and call those from inside your packages whenever needed. Also, if you have automated scripts they will run faster than manually written ones.

4. When using React Router 4, use the browser history object to create a routing history

When you are developing your application, it is important to make sure that the routing of your application should be as smooth as possible while using React Router.
To do this use the history object of the browser history object and set it once somewhere in your top-level route. This will make sure that all of your routes work well and that you don’t have any issues with the back button functionality.

5. Use PostCSS for styling React Native apps

How much time you spend on styling your app depends on how good the coding style you are using is.
This means that if you are working with CSS, you can find the reason behind it being so long because of having many stylesheets. Make use of postcss to shave off this time and make it shorter. While using postcss some things are useful to keep in mind, like variables and functions, as well as nesting capabilities.

Full Stack MERN Developers

How ControlF5’s remote Full-Stack MERN Stack developers are the best choice for your project?

ControlF5’s Full-Stack MERN Stack developers use open-source technologies in every application they build while delivering impeccable quality by following industry best practices. Unit testing on every build with CI/CD infrastructure in place to deliver high-quality code quickly and efficiently to production when needed.

Here are some of our key capabilities across the MERN technology stack:

1. ControlF5’s remote MERN stack Developers build scalable, production-ready Node.js applications using Express framework and session management using Express Session middleware.

2. Our Full-stack MERN stack Developers have expertise in building high-quality APIs using Express, Hapi and Koa frameworks with MongoDB as the data store. We can use full-stack C# .NET (ASP.NET Core) to build a RESTful API with EntityFramework6 and MS SQL Server or MongoDB as the data store. We can connect to MySQL, PostgreSQL or Azure SQL Database from your Node application via ORM frameworks. Such as Sequelize for Node development or ActiveRecord for ASP.NET Core.

3. We can integrate AWS with Node.js and MongoDB, which simplifies the API exchange between the application and data layer.
Using service names as well as API keys, we can easily auto-configure AWS services. And applications connected to your MongoDB database on CloudFoundry or other PaaS platforms.
Our Full-stack remote MERN stack Developers can also write extensions. Such as EBS volumes to allow you to use them in your application such as virtual private servers (VPS). In addition to this, we have expertise in the use of S3 for storing files in a backend system with multiple access methods (consultative or read-only).

4. We can use AngularJS, the most popular framework for creating single-page applications (SPA) and mobile apps.

5. We can use Web API 2 to build REST APIs using C# .NET Core framework or Java-based Play Framework with MongoDB as the data store. We can also connect to AWS or Azure SQL Database from your ASP.NET website via ORM frameworks. Such as Sequelize for Node development or ActiveRecord for C# .NET Core application development.

6. We can use the best-of-breed development tools such as Visual Studio Code for JavaScript with Angular, React, or Vue frameworks. And TypeScript language for building SPA, mobile apps and API for full-stack development. We use Git, TeamCity GitHub Enterprise CI/CD tools, MongoDB Stitch or Mongoose to build a RESTful API from your Node.js model.

MERN Stack Developers

How ControlF5’s remote MERN Stack Developers will be the best fit for your company?

One of the biggest challenges facing many companies is finding a developer. Who has both skills and experience in today’s constantly evolving software industry. With over 6,400 computer science degrees granted each year, it can be difficult to find someone with both technical skills and experience to fill that role. That’s where ControlF5 comes in.

Our remote Mern Stack Developers provide clients with a highly-skilled team of developers who are experts in JavaScript, Node.js, MongoDB and AngularJS. Our Full-stack Mern Developers then create a full-stack development platform (based on MERN) in our own data center to be able to deliver new projects quickly. And continuously develop existing projects with the minimum turnaround time for new features or bug fixes/updates. MERN combines the power of MongoDB with the flexibility of Node.js and VueJS.

This will not only guarantee the timely delivery of your project but also furnish your business with a fully scalable platform. Enabling the addition or extension of new features without the need for re-platforming. The fact that our remote MERN stack Developers have a team working on it 24/7. And under constant supervision means that whenever you need help, we’re just a phone call away.

Most importantly, because ControlF5’s Full-Stack MERN stack Developers are always open to suggestions from clients. And continuously trying to improve our code base. There will always be someone on hand who can help you in case of an issue.

Contact us now to get started!

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