Why Use React for Web Development: 10 Reasons To Apply

Why Use React for Web Development: 10 Reasons To Apply

ReactJS has revolutionized web development by delivering a powerful JavaScript library for building user interfaces. You must be thinking, with so many JavaScript libraries out there, why should I use ReactJS for my next project?

The truth is that in today’s complicated data-driven landscape, you cannot simply use any library. As online programs get more dynamic, many solutions begin to strain and fail. You need something strong but adaptable.

However, its versatility and adaptability make it an excellent choice for developing a wide range of web applications and experiences. From single-page apps to complicated interfaces, ReactJS enables developers to create modern web applications. Frameworks and the front end are essential parts of web development. As technology advances, many new frameworks and libraries develop to achieve desired outcomes.

According to Statista, ReactJS is the second-most popular web framework among software engineers globally.

So, if you want to create a user-friendly website, ReactJS development is the ideal option. In this blog, we will talk about the top reasons why use React for web development. Before we go deeper, let’s understand what ReactJS is.

Understanding ReactJS: 

ReactJS is essentially a JavaScript library created and maintained by Facebook. ReactJS is an efficient, declarative, and extensible open-source JavaScript toolkit for developing simple, quick, and scalable frontends for online applications. According to Statista, 40.6% of developers worldwide will use ReactJS, the market’s second-best framework in 2023.

The primary concept behind ReactJS is virtual DOM. It is a React-created tree made up of JavaScript components that looks like a DOM tree. It uses the least amount of DOM manipulation to keep your ReactJS components up to date. It additionally serves as the basis for a wide range of applications, including online and mobile apps, complicated user interfaces, and advanced web applications.

React benefits for web development

Key Benefits of ReactJS for Front-end Development

ReactJS has numerous features. To understand why ReactJS differs from other front-end JavaScript development frameworks, consider the following main benefits.


React essentially allows developers to use separate pieces of their application on both the client and server sides, increasing the pace of the development process.

To put it simply, various developers can write discrete components, and any modifications made will not influence the application’s logic.


Compared to other frontend frameworks, ReactJS code is easier to maintain and more adaptable due to its modular design. Businesses benefit greatly from this flexibility because it saves them time and money.


ReactJS was developed with high performance in mind. The framework’s primary features include a virtual DOM program and server-side rendering, which enable complex projects to run extremely quickly.

10 Reasons Why ReactJS Can Be the Best Choice for Your Project

If you are still not sure whether to choose ReactJS for your project or not, these 10 reasons will help you to why use React for web development.

1. You can learn it quite easily

React is a framework that is much easier to work with than popular platforms such as Angular. Perhaps it is one of the main reasons for ReactJS’ sudden leap to success. Its direction allows businesses to launch initiatives in an easy and timely manner. The more intricate the technology or framework, the longer it will take the developers to commence the development program. And, as you are aware, everyone prefers to avoid difficult situations. Many entrepreneurs and huge organizations are seen selecting and leaning toward ReactJS because it is regarded as the easiest framework to study and master.

2. React is quite flexible

React is known for being extremely adaptable when compared to other frameworks. After purchasing it once, you can use it to create high-quality user interfaces across multiple platforms. React is a library rather than a framework, and as such, it is an excellent tool. React was created specifically for building web business applications. Any element in your online process, such as a grid, text, label, or button, can be used as a react component.

3. It has massive popularity and community

React is extremely popular, and to become better ReactJS developers but also globally. This technique has the added benefit of creating a strong network and ecosystem. As React’s popularity grew, so did its community, which now supports a wide range of users. React, together with technologies such as Gatsby, can be used to create static websites.

4. It fosters to building of rich user interfaces

The user experience of any mobile or online application is crucial to the program’s and website’s overall effectiveness. If the user interface is not fully effective, the website may be ruined and customers lost. On the other hand, effective user interface (UI) mobile applications would provoke the clients’ interest. It would also encourage them to return quickly. As a result, establishing a proper user interface for mobile apps might give over positive benefits.

5. It has numerous reusable components

React is quite popular due to several key aspects, including components. Another key consideration is that they can be reused. This means that an element can be defined once and utilized several times. There are several react component libraries available that can help you create an excellent user interface for your project. The utilization of reusable components is critical to expediting development and increasing efficiency. Because it will cost you money and time to build large-scale websites, using the same parts in different ways will provide you with a sense of relief and peacefulness.

6. You can create SEO friendly websites

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the most important aspect of any eCommerce marketplace, website, or mobile app. Search engine optimization is essential for demonstrating your strong online presence. According to Moz, an app’s Google ranking increases directly proportional to how quickly the website loads and renders. We are happy with React’s and next.js fast rendering when compared to other frameworks. React improves performance and reduces website load times, allowing businesses to rank higher on the Google Search Engine Listing Page.

benefits of React for web projects

7. It has JSX syntax for extended HTML

Thanks to ReactJS, you can use declarative HTML syntax directly in JavaScript code. Browsers employ HTML language to display the user interface. They accomplish this by creating DOM trees that may later be changed using JavaScript to give interactive UI. By combining HTML and ReactJS elements into the browser’s data structure, developers may create clean, maintainable code. We are a committed team of ReactJS developers who can assist you with implementing the same for your project. The Virtual DOM and JSX make ReactJS mobile apps faster and more effective. JSX allows you to use frameworks and libraries other than React UI Libraries.

8. The capability of Flux and Redux

React’s built-in Flux and Redux functionalities is driving growing demand in the web development industry. Facebook’s developers were among the first to push the Flux-based software architecture, which enhanced basic React elements with unidirectional data flow capabilities and enabled a much more efficient team of operations. As a result, produced operations are merged, and a central dispatcher improves storage. The views are then updated in accordance with shop modifications. At that time, all data remains in storage; no copies are created, allowing you to maintain effective model data synchronization throughout the program fast.

9. It avails an extensive toolset

Among other things, our specialists emphasize a strong toolkit and tech stacks to explain why we exclusively use ReactJS for web development. The Redux and React developer tools are easy to install and use, just like any other Chrome extension. With their help, you can effectively evaluate React-based structure pieces, including their associated props and states, check dispatch operations, and see state changes in the extension right away.

10. There are unique React Hooks

When React Hook was first released, it sparked a heated debate over whether it might replace Redux. However, Hooks, a new React.js 16.8 feature, allows JavaScript writers to extend function components with states and other capabilities. You will not have to struggle with any more difficult coursework using this. When considering why you should use ReactJS to create web applications, hooks make it simple to manage state logic between components, merge comparable functionality into a single component, and communicate data between components without the use of props or classes.

Popular Websites that utilize ReactJS


Facebook is currently the leading social networking platform on the globe. Facebook had 680 million members when ReactJS was created, but they were already looking for a long-term news feed solution. This involves making recommendations to each user based on their specific needs and automatically updating the most recent content. However, ReactJS now serves as the foundation for a number of other critical features. Facebook initially uses React for minor components such as the Like and Login choices. Furthermore, React is used to power the share, comments, articles, and video uploading functionality.


When Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012, the social media company had a one-page promotional website that listed the iOS version. Following Facebook’s acquisition of the company and the launching of a new Instagram mobile app for iOS and Google Play, the developers opted to design a suitable Instagram website with ReactJS. The majority of Instagram’s online mobile apps today, including the news feed, navigation, authentication, and commenting functions, use ReactJS. The comment section and status text block editor are extra features.


Netflix’s goal, when it was created more than two decades ago, was to deliver the best video content straight to people’s homes. Netflix is one of today’s most well-known and recognizable entertainment companies. Another highlight of Netflix is its amazing, simple, and cutting-edge user interface, which was built with ReactJS. Furthermore, this tech configuration works seamlessly on all devices, even if your internet connection isn’t the best.


Uber was mentioned in a study of the best React Native apps for 2020. More importantly, it should be noted that experience had a huge role in Uber’s decision to utilize React Native as their mobile development platform. In other words, because React Native is based on ReactJS development team was already familiar with it, so going that route made perfect sense. On the other side, the Uber mobile app development staff is a ReactJS powerhouse. Base Web, an open-source design framework built on ReactJS, provides pre-made components and capabilities. This strategy ensures that all of the team’s platforms, which are created using and around ReactJS, have the same feel and high-quality code.

New York Times

Since its founding in 1851, The New York Times has spent more than 150 years bringing us the most essential news stories from around the world. The New York Times website is one of the most well-known in the world. The New York Times development team used a chaotic software stack. A “unique codebase” was used in some areas, while PHP was used in others. It was a complete disaster. As a substitute, they replaced the infrastructure entirely with ReactJS for UI.


CNN is one of the best-known news agencies in the world. CNN is the world’s first 24-hour news network, and it reaches hundreds of millions of American families every day. However, CNN is a well-known internet information provider. CNN expertly combines ReactJS with other complementary technologies to produce the world’s best news articles, even though it is not the only technology in its stack. It’s not unexpected that they’ve included ReactJS in their tech stack.

Advantages of React in web development

Why Use React For Web Development: Conclusion

There are numerous solutions to the topic of why use ReactJS for frontend development. You must ensure that it effortlessly fits into your criteria. But, perhaps more importantly, ReactJS has the support of a significant development community that works relentlessly to improve the technology.

This concludes this blog. We hope you now understand why ReactJS is an excellent front-end framework.

ControlF5, a top ReactJS development company in India, provides cost-effective and robust web development services based on modern ReactJS methodologies.

So what are you still waiting for? Hire a ReactJS Developer to get started immediately!

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