Introducing WordPress Pro for WordPress Lovers

Introducing WordPress Pro for WordPress Lovers


WordPress Pro Review is a WordPress plugin that claims to do everything from adding custom post types and plug-ins to protecting your site from hackers. It’s also got features like unlimited custom taxonomies, setting up multiple instances of your site so you can have one for each domain and location, and even automatically deploying updates.
The official website claims the plugin has been downloaded over a million times, but reading through the reviews on WordPress Pro Review it seems there are some complaints of users claiming they never received the update they purchased. We dug deeper into what this plugin really does and how it could help protect your site as well as possible features that might be missing or need improvement. Summation:
The WordPress core team has always been very careful in its approach to security. The cornerstone of WordPress and the reason it is so popular is because of its availability to everyone, not only because of its price tag. In order to survive and thrive, a WordPress site must have a strong foundation that doesn’t falter when there is a patch update, bug fix, or security breach.
WordPress Pro Review does not provide any kind of built-in protection for your site and you must purchase other plugins to add on the extra security. It is not a plugin that changes the way WordPress works, it does not build on it. It does add additional features, but these features are also sometimes a separate purchase.

Features of WordPress Pro:

1. Advanced Design Options

One of the most annoying things about WordPress is that it’s not friendly to people who don’t have design experience or at least know how to use a graphics program. WordPress Pro promises to make designing your site easier and less time-consuming with a “Drag and Drop Builder”.
Anyone who has used the WordPress theme editor knows that it is clunky, confusing, and sometimes just plain doesn’t work right. Using a drag-and-drop builder would benefit everyone because those with design experience can create an amazing page, while those without will find something they like in the gallery of templates.

2. Optimized for Growth

You can have the best search engine optimized website in the world, but there are other factors that go into the rankings. The way your code is written and structured can make a big difference, as long as you have a lot of content and your site is up to date it is still vulnerable to hackers.
WordPress Pro Review claims to improve SEO with a “Custom 404 Page”, more relevant ads from Google AdSense, and an “Easy Editor” for writing unique content. It also has a feature called “Caching” which helps your site load faster, so people get on your site and find what they are looking for quicker.

3. Monetary Options

One of the most important parts of having a website is making sure you have money coming in from all sources. PayPal started out as a free service, but it was always in its nature to take money from the people who earned it. Since then, the company has not only added fees to their service but many have lost trust in the way they handle customer accounts and payments.
The review site WordPress Pro Review claims that “WordPress Pro can be used without any checks” and that you don’t need to connect your bank account or credit card because “Pro simply requires you to host your site with us…integrated payment gateway will be set up automatically after purchasing a plan”.

4. Advanced Security Features

WordPress Pro Review says that it has “Security That You Can Trust”. It has a feature called “File Security Monitoring” which is meant to watch and alert you when any changes have been made to your site. If you get an email from someone claiming they broke into your site, this feature might help you know if it’s legitimate or not.
WordPress Pro Review also offers “Malware Scanning and Removal” as well as FTP, Remote File Backups, and Personal Support.

5. Plenty of Space

Unlike other web hosts that claim unlimited storage space and then tell you to use it for a promotional site, WordPress Pro Review claims to sell an “unlimited storage” package. Large amounts of storage space are always welcomed by bloggers who like to save their photos and videos on the site, but there is also the added security of having everything stored on one server. If one site is compromised, seeing as it’s all connected, all your data could be at risk too.

6 24×7 hour support

WordPress Pro Review claims that it has “unrivaled support for 24×7 hours”. First, it does not mean every hour of the day, and second, WordPress does have a paid plan that includes 24×7 support but the support is limited to the times listed on the website.

7. The ability to optimize code

WordPress Pro Review claims that you can use their advanced theme editor to improve your WordPress site’s pages and posts. Using this feature will allow you to customize every aspect of your site and make it as beautiful as you want it to be without having to hire someone else to make changes for you.

WordPress Pro Pricing:


A basic WordPress Pro account with no plugins costs $15 a month.
In April 2022, WordPress revealed a new pricing plan called “WordPress Pro”. In this article, we’re going to review this new offering by Automattic, and discuss who it’s for and if it’s worth the monthly price of $15.
It doesn’t look like you’ll be able to upgrade beyond 50GB of storage. This might be annoying, but it’s important to note that if you’re attempting to store such a large number of files, images, or videos, you ought to consider using a dedicated solution and transferring media to that platform. We suggest using something like WP-Stateless alongside a dedicated video CDN.

Who Is WordPress Pro For?

WordPress Pro caters to individuals utilizing, implying that you employ their blogging platform (WP), which further harnesses WordPress and relies on WordPress as the foundational engine for your site.
You can also install other plugins, like WooCommerce. And, like a SaaS product, it’s easy to use these plugins without configuring them, because they’re all pre-configured in the dashboard.
If you’re hosting anywhere but, you don’t need this. You are better off looking at competitors like Wix or Weebly to host your site(s). In some ways, it’s similar to WordAds in that you can’t use it for a lot of traditional blogging sites, but if you have a WordPress-based eCommerce site or blog, it’s worth looking at.
I’d argue that not for everyone. But let’s take a look at the pros and cons of using WordPress Pro on any given type of site.
If you’re using SimplePress(WP) on your site and don’t want to add in another CDN, then definitely worth it.


With the launch of WordPress Pro, Automattic sought to differentiate itself from its competition. While they added some new features and made improvements to existing ones. They don’t do anything that competitors haven’t already done.
You can mix and match your WordPress with other solutions as you see fit (see above). And you can create your own plan with custom value-adds for $15/mo + $0 setup fee(s).

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