Leading Shopify Agency in Indore India

Leading Shopify Agency in Indore India

This venture which started with a journey of only 3 people has now been formed into something magnificent with a team of 25 employees. We are targeting to make a team of 50 employees by the end of 2024. We started in the year of 2020 and we are slowly reaching our heights to reach wonderful offers and feedback from our clients with a lot more projects in our hands.

Founded by three genius brains named, Mr. Yogesh Hirau (Co-Founder/ Lead developer at eWebWorld), Mr. Kaushal Mohar(Co-Founder/Lead Developer at EWebWorld), and Mr Rahul Chandrawanshi (Co-founder & CMO at EWebWorld), they have formed this brand which currently resides in Indore as the main office.

Our target is to provide web design solutions to our clients. The web designing scenario is changing day by day, and more advanced designing techniques are being adopted by the company. This will help us to provide the best design to our clients.

What is amazing about us is that we have an offshore team. And we can also work remotely with a high-speed internet connection.

The motive of starting such an off-grid startup was mainly to avoid spending too much time commuting long distances. In the recent past, we had a lot of experience in off-grid working, but really there was not any proper platform for it. In order to solve this problem and make web development easy for everyone, we thought of doing something like this.

What technology do we use for our organization?

We follow within the paths of Mean Stack. For development, we use Angular 6, and for web designing HTML5. We use PHP7-based MVC architecture for web development.

Other technologies such as WordPress to Shopify Experts is used by the team to handle an array of clients. WordPress is very easy to use and has an intuitive interface. Adding new pages, blog posts, images, etc is really easy and apart from that, Shopify Experts are meant for those professionals who are looking for an idealized solution tlowards connecting with their clients better and a much smarter service altogether.

How do we serve our clients?

We are a team of 25 employees, who work remotely from all over the world. Our clients hire us for their web design solutions both small and large. And we deliver the best services to them at an affordable cost.

We are helping to provide a refreshing web experience. We are having more than 100 clients in a year. Our web designing services are aimed at the end users. The client themselves can provide their requirements and our team helps to build those user experiences.

Our team is one of the major reasons for our success. We provide timely services to our clients and work consistently for them. Our clients find us through customer references or through Google searches about web developers. They trust us and hire us for their long-term projects too. Now we have a good reputation in the market and provide an unforgettable experience to our clients, who become our permanent customers. We appreciate their support in every possible manner by serving them better than any of their expectations.

We are hoping for bigger returns in the future

Our team has been working really hard for a year and a half. We are very much happy to serve our clients with high-quality work. Our team is the major reason of our success. We are hoping for bigger returns in the future by providing our clients with an elegant web design experience at an affordable cost.

Thank you for reading and your positive feedback is appreciated.

Contact Us-

Website:- https://controlf5.in
Email id:- contact@controlf5.in

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