How To Select Ecommerce Solution Providers?

How To Select Ecommerce Solution Providers?

The answer is clear: growth in online sales and their global impact on the economy and society.
Online shopping has grown exponentially in recent years, but there are so many eCommerce solutions existing out there that it can be hard to stay focused on what you need to do. To improve your chances of success with eCommerce, you need to find the right ecommerce solution. In this article, we will look at some of the important factors that can help you choose and apply an appropriate eCommerce solution for your business. And with the help of an eCommerce solution provider, you can get the needful.

What is e-commerce?

No matter how hard you try to define it, there are no universally accepted definitions for e-commerce. Several different authors have contributed to the definitions of this term including; Amazon, Rakuten, and Thomson Reuters are some of them.
Amazon defines it as: “Electronic commerce involves a wide range of activities that allow a person or organization to reach a virtual marketplace and buy, sell or exchange any kind of goods and services. E-commerce solution providers can appear in a variety of forms, including online shopping, electronic payments, electronic funds transfers, and the distribution of e-books.”
According to Forbes “E-Commerce Sales Grew 50% to $870 Billion During The Pandemic

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Factors to Look Upon While Selecting A Proper Ecommerce Solution

1. Convenience of the solution

This is one of the most important factors to consider while selecting an eCommerce solution. It should be easy to use, quick, and efficient and include features like customer support, plug-in modules, and blogs. And getting the right eCommerce solution provider will help you solve all your issues in terms of convenience.

2. Prices they are offering

Another important factor to consider is pricing plans for your eCommerce business as it will determine your life cycle cost and also help you determine the kind of packages you can use to save some money. The cost should be something you are ready to deal with as it should not be too much or too little for your business.

3. Flexibility and support from the team

It is a most common feature in most eCommerce solutions that allow their customers to customize their packages according to their needs. You can also customize your package according to your needs. And thus getting the right eCommerce solutions provider India will help to take load off from you.

4. Innovativeness and Responsiveness

This is one of the most important factors in eCommerce. Today, when you move forward with an eCommerce solution, you have to look for something that challenges the current market paradigm and offers you the latest innovation. Many eCommerce solutions have been developed from scratch by creative teams who are always ready to solve problems by developing new workflows and coming up with fresh ideas. You will always be able to find a solution from a creative team as they are creative enough to meet your every need.

5. Overlooking scalability/ flexibility issues

Scalability is another important factor in any top eCommerce solution provider. You should look for a solution that is flexible enough to meet the requirements of your business. You will have to look for a solution that can be adapted easily according to market trends and patterns.

6. Customer Support and management

Always look for eCommerce solutions that have customer support services as they are not expensive as you might think. It is worth paying a little extra money in order to get returned calls, emails, and rapid response times from the customer support team in your eCommerce solution provider. The responsiveness of the customer service team is something you should pay attention to while selecting an appropriate eCommerce solution.

7. Can integrate with IOS and Android Mobile Apps

One of the most important factors to consider while selecting an eCommerce solution is integration with other solutions. It should be integrated with such tools as web servers and shopping carts in order to allow users to shop online through their mobile phones. And getting eCommerce solution provider will help to ingrate with IOS and app development services too.

8. Checklist for Ecommerce Solutions Based on Customer Reviews

There are ways to find the right eCommerce solutions for your business just by checking out what customers have to say about them. You can do that by checking out rankings, reviews, and testimonials on well-known websites like Yahoo! and Google+.

9. Search Engine Optimization

Another important factor to consider while selecting an eCommerce solution is its search engine optimization (SEO) capabilities. You should look for a solution that lets you build up your own SEO strategy and develop your website for high rankings in search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo! etc. The best eCommerce solutions services will help you reach a wider customer base and help you generate more traffic on your website.

10. Ease of Use

The eCommerce solution should be simple to use and navigate through in order to meet the needs of customers with varying levels of experience in online shopping. You should look for a solution that has tools and features that can meet the needs of customers with varying levels of experience in online shopping.

11. Reliability/ Accountability

The eCommerce solutions company should be reliable and accountable as you will want your customers to feel safe in making transactions through them. You should look for an e-commerce solution that has been approved by Payment Card Industry (PCI) or other financial institutions as they have been responsible for managing the financial transactions made through their website via the best e-commerce solution providers. Also, you should search for an eCommerce solution that has efficient security and fraud prevention features so as to reduce the chances of thefts in your systems.

12. Customer service on point

You should also look for an eCommerce solutions provider in India that has customer relations as it will enable you to extend your reach in a way that customers can take your packages to the next level. You should search for an eCommerce solution that has customer support services.

13. Privacy and Security

The security of all the transactions made by customers in the eCommerce solutions should be secure through payment gateways and credit card processing systems. Different sites have different security features so you will have to find out what features are available in your preferred e-commerce solutions before finalizing the selection of one.

ecommerce solution providers

Here are the Top Ecommerce Service Platforms For You To Take A look


Shopify is one source platform for your eCommerce solution.It assists you in constructing your website online, enabling you to commence sales and work on establishing a brand name and image for your site. You can also enlist Shopify Experts to create your website, facilitating a seamless start to your eCommerce business while becoming a leading eCommerce solution provider.


WordPress E-commerce is a simple, clean and responsive eCommerce WordPress theme by catch themes. It is designed especially to work with a popular eCommerce plugin “Woocommerce”. It is based on responsive web design where each element has been carefully configured for perfect display on all devices and platforms. And you even Hire WordPress Developers who are diligent enough to do the work and make your WordPress website on the go for your customers to connect with you!


It is the e-commerce platform for the new era. BigCommerce helps with specializing a lot of tools that can help your website to be at the top. Their plan comes with all the out-of-the-box features you need to get started selling B2B or B2C.


Drupal, an open-source web content management service, offers robust management tools and sophisticated APIs suitable for multichannel publishing.It helps to keep a track of records of the constant changes happening in the eCommerce buzz around the world.


If you need an award-winning template then nothing can beat out SquareSpace. It helps your website to be aesthetic, and functional and helps you to build on a platform to get the most out of everything.


For all builders who are looking out for a shopping solution then this is the one for them. OpenCart is a free community with dedicated customer support with a robust backend that can help you out with all your needs.


This website design builder helps to create a site that is mainly focused on organization and aesthetics. On notions of making your site favorable for your line of business, Wix is a good option to design your site.


PrestaShop is an efficient and innovative e-commerce solution with all the features you need to create an online store and grow your business. You can customize your store according to how you want to make it look amazing


Ecwid makes it easy for centralized management. It helps with order and innovations, management to keep a track of all the inventory setups. and even a pricing module which is listed right here.


HubSpot helps you to cut down on your marketing and CRM costs by a stark 90%. With the help of this platform, marketing becomes easy and manageable and you can work on migration to onboarding services.

How To Approach An Ecommerce Solution for Your Business?

After you have finalized ideas, concepts, and policies for your business, it is now time to find an e-commerce solution that will help you make the most of these. You should find out the range of services provided by various eCommerce solutions and choose the one that meets your requirements the most. Search for companies that provide complete services including hosting, design, and everything else. you will require in developing your online store.

1. Domain Name

You should first look for a domain name for your online store.  to make sure that it is easy to type and memorable in order to get more traffic to your site. You can search for top-level domains like .com, .net, and .org, .in with extensions, like or

2. Hosting

If you are looking to create a brand website or a personal blog, inexpensive free services like Blogspot may work for you. If your site is going to be anything more than a simple blog, however, it will need greater bandwidth than most free hosting providers can offer and possibly more advanced database features. And the Shopify Store comes only for $29 per month. So you will want to look at finding a host offering the solution that meets your business goals at an affordable price point.

For smaller businesses just beginning, many web hosts will offer a free trial period (e.g. six months) but some, like Siteground, offer a 30-day free trial.

3. Online Shop

Your website will eventually be used to sell stuff and you need an online storefront that has the features you want, with eCommerce and payment security integrated so that customers feel safe about buying from your site. Your online store will also likely feature several different sales pages, with different offers tailored to different types of customers. For example, you may want to give a discount on bulk purchases. An online store should have the ability to integrate with shopping carts and payment gateways, whether it is provided by the online shop itself or not.

4. Blog and Forum

Your website can also be used for customer service in the form of a blog and forum (discussion board). This can serve as an alternative for customers who require more. personalized support than an email newsletter can provide.


Ecommerce solutions companies have become so attractive, especially to the small, medium, and even the large business owners. With this, many people who are looking for a solution for their e-commerce business are having trouble finding the best e-commerce solution. When selecting an e-commerce solution, individuals should contemplate the specific needs they have in mind.

While all of these elements hold vital importance for every website, they significantly contribute to the decision-making process.

Furthermore, it is essential to find a suitable e-commerce solution because it is one of the.  greatest tools which support the business process and helps you in making sales.

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