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In 2022, Pragya Jain, a resident of Bangalore, starts the Artychoke voyage with a paintbrush, a palette, and a variety of colors. The website is essentially self-made. Handmade, decorated with creative artwork, and full of fascinating tales. While providing you with various style-statement furniture, dining, décor accessories, wearable art, trays, and other items, Artychoke draws you into the realm of beauty and art. ARTychoke is a diverse collection of entertaining goods and home accents made for you from original artwork by artists.


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The Needs: 

In short, the artychoke team had a pretty straightforward set of needs:

  1. Add all products description options
  2. Add quantity design
  3. Enhance their website flow and page speed, 
  4. Web and desktop prototyping — just mobile was not enough
  5. To design UI/UX images, and logo 
  6. Create Sub categories on the main menu
  7. Product migrates Magento to Shopify
  8. Customized theme section

 Website After Using Shopify

Our talented team of Shopify experts built and updated content according to their products with their prices using Shopify and its powerful capabilities. They also uploaded headings and subheadings, created amazing images and logos with the help of UI/UX, and all the pertinent images according to the products and requirements taking the help of Figma, and added all the information writing for product pages, the content of the Shipping Policy, Return Policy, Privacy Policy, and Terms of Service. Create a live chat option for consumers, update all product pages, and update color and text, we have also created a 404 error page and edited all small changes in photos to color schemes.

Fortunately, the website’s main menu now includes all of the subcategories, and the corresponding product text and prices have been changed. Product migration from Magento to Shopify with theme customization. Searching for a page’s security and speed will yield no results.  We have improved their website’s reputation and made it mobile-friendly, resulting in a 15% increase in traffic. 

Tools We Used

Positive Consequence

A big goal for the Artychoke after coming to our team was update was to really highlight their new design language in order to make the content more engaging for visitors. They were impressed by our UX, and UI Figma designs and our instant responses with the communication platforms like Upwork, email, and Freelancer.

Artychoke did that by leveraging shopify tools and animations to emphasize key ideas and to make the user experience more playful and enhance the website flow, With a proper page speed of 92%.

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Anurag Pandey an Founder & CEO with an experience of 17+ years in the same field. He is mostly Ambitious and Aims to learn and share information about Web Design, Mobile App Development, React JS, Angular JS, and SEO.

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