Top SEO Guidelines To Rank Your Shopify Store In Top Position: Find out easy ways to rank your Shopify store easily.

Top SEO Guidelines To Rank Your Shopify Store In Top Position

Looking to build a recipe for a powerful website that will get you more Organic traffic, and eventually sales, for your Shopify store?

Well, you might need more than a few ingredients to build a perfect dish. Don’t get worked up already, it’s a long journey ahead! If you need to hire Shopify expert, the ControlF5 guide will help you achieve the online visibility you desire. So, are you ready?

Let’s take a dip.

Introduction to Shopify and its SEO world!

Are you looking for a to help you with your store? Or do you want to hire a shopify agency that specializes in Shopify? Do you have a question about Shopify SEO? You’ve come to the right place!

It’s clearly a no-brainer that “ More Visitors equals more Traffic; and more traffic coequals more sales, which eventually leads to MORE PROFIT”

nline sellers frequently choose Shopify, one of the most popular e-commerce platforms, for launching their new online businesses. This Canadian e-business giant holds the distinction of being the primary recommended online platform. Despite its quick and easily graspable nature, there is still a need for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) work.

Shopify offers inbuilt SEO functionality and makes things quick and simple to set up. Still, even though Shopify is so versatile, there are some SEO fundamentals you can’t neglect if you want your online Shopify storefront to follow best practices and perform well in search results. The following SEO guide will walk you through all the essentials of keeping your Shopify store on track with Search Engine Optimization best practices or could even help with attaining as high up in SERPs as possible if one was just starting out!

Shopify Store

What to expect after signing up for Shopify?

  • Fully secure and integrates with Point–of–Sale system.
  • Awesome industry-leading Customer Support.
  • Access to the most modern technological options.
  • Up to date with W3C standards.
  • Usage of Web-based Content Management System for your online store.

The Shopify e-commerce platform provides a myriad of tools for easy backend administration. Shopify has a set of highly responsive custom solutions, allowing one to tailor the entire website to their particular needs.

You can hire Shopify developers in India or work with an expert Shopify agency. Let Controlf5 help you sort all the hassle.

Why You should trust Shopify E-Commerce over any other platform:

  • Highly adaptable; able to assemble quite a few of your distinct online commercial needs.
  • A customisable platform that comes with an ample lot of tools. Its robust tools make it easy to administer your online store.
  • Provides a solid foundation so you can run your business and less about online visibility.
  • Reliable and easy. Shopify helps decrease time spent on routine tasks so you can focus on improving productivity.
  • Aims at being User Friendly. Doesn’t require developers or coders to complicate the process.

Get a boost of 10x the amount of traffic on your site through these tried and tested tips and tricks to rank!

Making use of SEO is beneficial to enhancing your Shopify store’s ranking. Be it on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), users find it essential to be able to depend on various features for ensuring the sales and traffic are high. The keywords being used on your site also impact whether you have a chance at getting users from all over the world to visit your online store of choice.

Starting an online store through the Shopify’s e-commerce management system is a huge task and it’s not something that you can easily achieve overnight.

But the good thing is, ControlF5 got all that you are looking for! We are here to help you make sense of all the different aspects that go into running an online business and ensure that your brand gets promoted like never before. Since Shopify boasts some wonderful features as part of its advanced e-commerce content management system, one can easily implement SEO techniques for their own business if they know what these features are about.

Hire Shopify expert in India for your e-commerce store. We are here to help you make sense of all the different aspects that go into running an online business and ensure that your brand gets promoted like never before.

hire Shopify expert

Following is a list of “How to Craft and Implement a Solid SEO Strategy for Your Shopify Store”

  • Search engine optimized Meta descriptions.
  • Web Content Headline that converts.
  • Blog Feature that gets You Sales
  • Optimized Image File Names in Shopify.
  • SEO Backlinks for your Shopify Store.

Let’s dive in deep this time!

1. Boost your conversions with a perfect title tag and search engine optimized Meta Descriptions.

To rank on the search engine, Unique Page titles and search engine optimised meta descriptions are a must. These are critical elements of any website. From a blog post on varieties of Yoga mats available to a product page for different brands and colours of yoga mats, every page should have a unique and catchy title tag and its meta descriptions should incorporate Keywords.

This ‘one-of-a-kind meta description on a page aids the search engine in deciphering the content. The more easy it is for an engine to understand your page and learn about you, the higher your chances are to rank in search results.

Each Header and metadata should be prepared by following the best practices to ensure that your site is search engine friendly to the best of its capacity.

The title should have a word count of not more than 60 characters and for the meta description, the target count shouldn’t exceed 160 characters.

How to Edit Shopify Meta headings and descriptions?

Change your title and description in the Shopify store by going to;

Online store > Preferences.

Bonus tip- Avoid stuffing sentences with words like “an”, “a”, “the”, “or” , “but” , “as well as” and “if”.

2. Write Blog Posts to Increase Your Search Engine Traffic.

Shopify platform comes with an in built Blog feature, that helps you update users with new content. This is one of the excellent methods to grow your audience from scratch, increase numbers in organic traffic , gain more online visibility and generate more sales eventually .

Updating Your audience with daily , high quality content is highly advisable as;

Search engines automatically direct visitors to sites that receive regular updates. By offering insightful and helpful content, you can attract users and cultivate a habit of engaging with your website’s content. Search engines aim to assist people by driving traffic to websites that provide in-depth answers to their questions.

Now, are you stumped as to what to write and how to start with?

Well, Keyword Research is your answer. It is helpful while determining what individuals are looking for and searching, for and how frequently they do so. It will offer you a decent indication of what kind of queries people may have about the products you have listed on your website.

The best way to boost up the traffic is by answering the questions and giving them detailed information on how-to. And hence, the posts you create will be ranked by the search engine, which can be a good source to have traffic on your website.

3. Shopify Image Optimization – Never Rename Your Files Again!

Shopify allows you to use Optimised picture File names. As changing file names after final output in Shopify can be a tad more difficult than you can imagine. So, to avoid any complexities, Shopify provides a feature to optimise file names before uploading them to the platform.

Optimisation basically means, to make sure your Targeted Keyword appears in the original file name and it shouldn’t exceed the limit of characters.

To give an example, if you were to sell a grey toy elephant in your Shopify store, the ideal name for the file should be ‘grey-toy-elephant.jpg’ rather than anything incomprehensible like ‘IMG00245.jpg’

If you wish to alter the file name of an image already uploaded to the Shopify Store, you must delete the original image and replace it with a newly uploaded picture.Ensure that the new image’s file name contains your target keywords.

Apps like the Bulk Image Edit App, readily available on the Shopify App Store, can help expedite tasks if you have a large number of images to edit. If you require unlimited picture updates, regular charges may apply.

4. Write compelling Brand Story Headlines for your website that inspires clicks.

A common mistake that surfaces the most is Ignoring the potential of Headlines. Well, yes. People who use E-Commerce platforms like Shopify to design often fail to understand the importance of a good Title with targeted keywords.

Bold or Capitalized text won’t help you gain traction as much as a proper format of Headings will. Place the headline like a pro in a format of Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3, like a professional webmaster.

From an aesthetic standpoint , this might get a bit unappealing for you. But it gets more difficult for visually impaired people to grasp content on your website. And it makes it harder for search engines to comprehend your content and accurately index it.

Adding headings and subheadings is quite easy in Shopify. Simply choose a text you wish to highlight, from the formatting drop-down menu while Editing your web page or its product description.

To add a heading in the Shopify store. Select the required text and then use the formatting bar to select the heading type.

Search engines consider the most significant heading to be Heading 1 (H1), as they use it in conjunction with the page title to assess the ranking of a specific page. For that very reason, it’s always advisable to include and begin your primary subject from H1.

Pro tip: Adding related keywords in H2 and H3 can help your site to generate a good amount of visitors too!

5. Build High-Quality, SEO Backlinks for Your Shopify Store.

The secret to a good amount of traffic is almost out, but now do you want to know how can you pitch your product or services after a customer visits your website? Alongside a good content and technical SEO, quality backlinks are an integral part of the SEO Trinity.

A quick and easy approach to attracting quality and focused traffic is to build a profile for your store with a high conversion rate website like Yelp, Amazon, etc. In exchange, you will earn high-quality backlinks and visitors which will help your Shopify store grow.

hire Shopify expert

Now, It’s Time to outweigh your Competitors, ft. ControlF5 services!

In the realm of e-commerce, one cannot ignore the significant competition that exists. It can be a tad challenging to continuously keep an edge over your online opponents in terms of outranking them.

If you are looking to hire Shopify developer in India, Shopify Expert, a Shopify Agency for your e-commerce business, then ControlF5 is the right choice for you.

With ControlF5 services, you can rest assured that you will cover that additional mile to maximize your organic visibility, sales, and traffic.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I possibly improve the visibility of my Shopify store in search results?
    Apart from keeping the above-listed tips and tricks in mind, make sure you tick boxes on the following list too, to ensure a higher rank for your Shopify store;
    ⮚ Get your store registered with Google Search Console.
    ⮚ Unique and Keyword Targeted Product Description is a must
    ⮚ Depth and insightful content for users.
    ⮚ High functioning Backlinks leading to your site.
  • Is Shopify SEO-friendly ?
    A big YES!Shopify is constructed to adhere to optimal SEO practices while affording users the ability to easily access and modify all key SEO aspects. With no control granted over hosting or direct manipulation of page speed. Shopify assumes responsibility for this hosting arrangement by utilizing a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to ensure rapid loading of websites on the Shopify store.
  • What could be the possible cause of my Shopify store’s lack of ranking?
    To ensure that your store is listed on google or not, make sure to register your Shopify with Google Search Console.
    In addition to that, attempt to build high-quality links to your store from other high-ranking websites. This is a sure-shot way to improve traffic growth on your site. In the end, consider a fact that search engines can take a long time. (a few weeks, in some cases) to list new sites in search results.


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