ControlF5’s Remote Bench Sales Recruiters are all you need!

ControlF5’s Remote Bench Sales Recruiters are all you need!

A Bench Sales Recruiter is a sales recruiting tool that gives sales managers and CEOs access to a pool of pre-screened, pre-vetted, pre-interviewed sales talent, based on their specific criteria. Their only job is to find top sales talent for their clients’ open positions. Their mission is to drive the highest quality of candidates through the pipeline, meeting all of their client’s specific requirements.

Sales Talent is the Holy Grail for all companies. The successful ones have mastered it and the not-so-successful ones are desperately trying to find it. A sales manager’s career comes to a screeching halt if their sales team is not performing. If you are a sales manager, your career depends on your sales team!

Sales Recruiters

Whereas a remote bench sales recruiter is one of the most innovative ways to source sales talent today. All sales managers know that a solid bench of sales talent is the “lifeblood” of their business. Yet, they are so busy with their core responsibilities that they just don’t have time to actively seek out and recruit top talent. Therefore, a bench recruiter is a valuable resource for any company. A bench recruiter can be outsourced to work as your extension to your company. They can be charged with sourcing, vetting and recruiting new sales talent for your business.

A remote bench sales recruiter is one of the most innovative ways to source for sales talent today. A bench sales recruiter is a sales executive who works remotely and is willing to be contacted by your company should there be a need for their services.
This blog will look at the benefits of hiring a remote bench sales recruiter and how they can help your team.

What is a Bench Sales Recruiter?

A bench sales recruiter is a sales executive who works remotely. And is willing to be contacted by your company should there be a need for their services.
They will assist you with your recruiting needs by proactively sourcing candidates and putting them on their “bench”. Available to be contacted whenever you have a need, which can be based on position, region or client type.
Being on the bench also means that they are available as a resource if your company ever hires again. When you do not need their services they are still there for your company should you ever require them in the future.

Bench Sales Recruiters

What are the tasks of a remote Bench Sales Recruiter?

The tasks of a bench sales recruiter differ from company to company. Some companies will give them search criteria in which they can start searching for candidates that fit the criteria of their hiring manager.
The recruiter would then identify qualified candidates and submit them for consideration. This can be done through phone calls and emails or by using social media sites. Such as LinkedIn or job boards such as Monster, CareerBuilder, SimplyHired etc.

The remote bench sales recruiter would then contact the hiring manager to inform them of the availability of candidates. The hiring manager may then decide to bring in other decision-makers to conduct interviews with the candidates submitted by the sales recruiter.

A bench sales recruiter can be a great asset to your company, saving you time and money. They can put in the legwork for you and find the candidates that fit your policies, criteria and culture.
There’s no need for you to spend valuable time on the phone soliciting candidates or posting ads online. Instead, your time can be spent finding out more about each candidate before deciding which ones to interview, rather than sifting through hundreds of resumes from websites like Monster or LinkedIn.

Tasks of a Remote Bench Sales Recruiter

The advantages of hiring a Remote Bench Sales Recruiter?

The benefits of using a bench sales recruiter are more than worth the effort, even if you have no current need for one. It’s an innovative way to source sales talent today.

  • Geared towards acquiring a highly specialized sales executive, a bench sales recruiter concentrates exclusively on the requisites of their specific client. This approach eradicates the necessity and cost associated with recruiting and training a new salesperson.
  • A remote bench sales recruiter has the experience and expertise in your industry that they can get you qualified sales executives quickly with little effort on your part.
  • In most cases, an expert bench sales recruiter will act as an intermediary between you and their client’s existing recruiting team, who may be ready to start placing candidates for your company as soon as possible.
  • Bench sales recruiters provide you with the ability to quickly find the right sales talent. Whether you’re looking for someone who works in your immediate office or who is willing to relocate.
  • The bench sales recruiter can also be used by companies to find remote sales talent. Ensuring that all candidates are working from home and not in an office.
  • As we have said before, recruiting is time-consuming and requires a lot of work, yet most companies do not have the time to devote to it, as they have more important responsibilities in place.
  • The ability to proactively search and source qualified candidates will give your business a competitive edge. This is against other businesses that don’t use bench sales recruiters.
  • Bench sales recruiters are a win-win for all involved. They get to work from home, pursue their career path at their own pace, and set their hours. While the hiring managers can focus on running their business by removing the time-consuming task of recruiting themselves!
Remote Bench Sales Recruiter

With sales being such a competitive industry. Every edge that you can gain over your competition can make the difference between success and failure.

A Remote bench sales recruiter can fill that gap by sourcing qualified candidates while your company is focusing on running its business. This will save your company time spent on recruiting activities like sourcing ads and posting jobs online, reviewing applications, and conducting interviews with potential candidates.

Bench sales recruiters allow you to recruit all year round, regardless of whether you have open positions or not.

ControlF5’s bench sales recruiters are here to help you; Learn how!

Optional pluralism:

Whenever job seeker needs assistance locating available positions in a given area, they usually go to a bench salesperson. The recruiter can get in touch with potential customers in the area by working with major suppliers. If a candidate placed in Chicago by a staffing agency must return to Jersey at the end of his contract to be closer to his family. The prime vendor network in Jersey would allow the bench sales department to replace him in Jersey.

If a job seeker is keen on relocating and a staffing agency predominantly specializes in direct recruitment. They would need to submit an application to an alternative company. Therefore, staffing firms benefit from this arrangement since they can retain a candidate over numerous projects.  And expand the number of candidates who work on their W2.

Remote Bench Sales Recruiter

However, many businesses provide applicants they have already acquired from their client company. By representing them as their own, these Desi businesses mislead primary suppliers. When a client is willing to pay a high rate for a certain job requirement. The Sub Vendor can take a sizable cut while still compensating the candidate’s company on an hourly basis. After a hustle and bustle with the candidate to work directly with them of-course. One easy defense is to verify the candidate’s immediate employer and not blindly believe the supplying company.

Advantages of hiring a Remote Bench Sales Recruiter from ControlF5.

1. Prepare your business for the future;

2. Ensure that you are moving forward in the right direction & not going backward;

3. Give yourself a competitive edge over your competitors;

4. Improve and grow your business by using bench sales recruiters;

5. Save time, money, and hassle of recruiting, instead focus on running your business!

The key to our bench sales recruiter system is the online application platform that we have created specifically to assist recruiters. With all the processes and paperwork needed to source candidates for you.

Here’s the quick process to reach us;

1st: Fill in the application form below with all relevant details about your recruiting needs and preferences e.g. Territories, skills, industry sector e.g. fashion, retail, real estate, etc

2nd: Have your application approved and you are ready to go

3rd: Our remote bench sales recruiter will then contact you within 1 working day to present you with a list of candidates who fit your criteria and can meet your needs

4th: Your remote bench sales recruiter from Controlf5 will then sift through the list of candidates presented to him/her by your company and find out more about all of them.

Remote Bench Sales Recruiter

ControlF5’s remote bench sales recruiters are ready and waiting to assist you. We can provide you with quality candidates from the comfort of your home or office. Without overheads, thereby delivering savings for your company.

ControlF5’s remote and expert bench sales recruiters have many years of experience in providing both permanent and temporary contract sales staff. This is for clients across all industry sectors around the globe. We access their network of highly qualified sales professionals daily to source candidates for our clients.

Quick Bench Sales Recruiter FAQ:

  • What is a bench sales recruiter?

A bench sales recruiter is a person who focuses on sourcing and submitting candidates to companies that are not actively recruiting. A “Bench Marketer” or “Bench Sales Recruiter” represents a Sales, Account, or Recruiting professional within a staffing firm. Their role involves promoting the firm’s pool of available consultants who are not presently engaged in projects.

  • How do I find an appropriate person to be my bench sales recruiter?

You may want to consider these factors: experience, skills, best personality fit, price point and more.

  • What will the remote bench sales recruiter charge me?

The cost of hiring a sales candidate will vary widely depending on the company you choose as well as their experience level.

  • In what way do they function?

Bench salespeople are employed by Tier 2 staffing companies to expedite the process of placing consultants on billable projects. These individuals are responsible for posting consultants’ resumes on job boards and local freelancer marketplaces. Applying to jobs posted on job boards, cold calling Tier 1 staffing agencies, sending “hot lists of consultants” to potential customers, submitting proposals, and so on.

If a candidate is selected, the company and the bench marketer would enter into a Corp-Corp contract, akin to a subcontracting agreement. The consultant’s payroll remains under the purview of the ‘bench marketing’ firm. While the consultant becomes an employee of the ultimate customer via a Tier 1 staffing firm.

Remote Bench Sales Recruiter

It is only possible to do this from India since the profit the bench staffing firm gets from placing the bench consultant needs to be more than the cost of the bench sales recruiter.

A competent bench recruiter in India, for instance, can earn $1,000 every month. It would cost the organization about $7 per hour if this happened. For the staffing business to turn a profit, the bench recruiter must place at least one contractor at a rate that allows for a profit of $10 per hour, or $1,680 per month. It’s a lucrative business if the contractor stays for more than a month and the recruiter finds at least one new job for them each month.

Our remote bench sales recruiters at ControlF5 maintain contact with over 400 thousand job seekers every year. To ensure that you encounter only the most qualified individuals, we also uphold an extensive network of passive candidates.

Our professional recruiters are here to help you spend less time reviewing applications and more time expanding your company.

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