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“Rugs Flow In Our Blood,” is the famous phrase used by the Mirzia brand founded by Rahul Leekha in Panipat. As it is basically a product-based platform that offers customers with handmade and environmentally friendly rugs. Covering India’s locations renowned for their artistic and historical legacy. Which are Mirzapur, Badohi, Panipat, Jaipur, and Meerut, their staff contributes to the team. On the other hand, their Mughal Art Collection draws inspiration from traditional Persian rugs of the 16th and 17th centuries. As their main aim is the Innovation and Design of on-trend products that are within the budget of their customers. With experience in designing and developing rugs for top labels and design firms in over 65 countries to come up with 8+ client personas that would fit most people in the world today.


The Mirzia website approached us and wanted us to design and build the entire website from the ground up. Designing the website comes first. Incorporate every element used for constructing a Shopify website, which includes the header, footer, photos, website flow, content, collections, email newsletter, headings, and subheadings. They want us to create a user-friendly website while adding product pages and collection pages because the website is based on products and items. 

Additionally, they ask for measurements of the website’s page speed and its capacity for traffic as well.

Building Scalable Solutions

Our Shopify expert team members worked closely with Mirzia. This is to ensure that the site not only served its audience but also achieved the strictest level of branding guidelines with the help of the Shopify ecommerce platform. They approached our Web design agency “controlF5”  to develop their whole Shopify website, organize their site, and create a new Shopify website. This will not only better reach their audience but also be easy to edit and maintain the SEO and Mobile Optimization to rank better on search engines. As we provide them with everything from headgear to footers, Product pages, shop by rooms, shop by size, collection pages, and create tab collections.

We make a tool for businesses to provide live chat help. Create an email newsletter with the help of “Mailchimp”. Their new website is not only beautiful to look at, but it performs at a great page speed level as well.

Tools We Used



Our talented team of Shopify experts is able to create a stunning design to be a user-friendly and easy-to-manage website. Developed an easily optimized website to attract a new audience while being easy to find the important products and items that are provided by Mirzia.

From a designer and development perspective, we’re careful about what we create and publish to. Our clients were so delighted that we had served them instant services, with a proper communication channel with WhatsApp group and email.  They are extremely helpful to grant our key Shopify team members access to the Editor (to make small changes and updates). Also, to Enhance the website speed up to 92%.

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