How to Choose the Best Ecommerce Platform For Your Business?

how to choose the best ecommerce platform for business

Ecommerce is growing at an unprecedented rate with online sales continuing to increase. Business owners from all across the globe are trying to find the perfect ecommerce platform that will help them grow their sales and sustain themselves in the competitive market.

But as there are thousands of platforms out there, it can be difficult for you to determine which platform is actually right for your business.

Just like choosing a blog software or a website builder, ecommerce platforms have different features and functions that provide benefits to different types of businesses. In order to make sure you’re choosing the best ecommerce platform for your business, it is important to understand what they all do and what each feature has to offer so you can choose wisely.

Why is an e-commerce platform so important in today’s world?

E-commerce is becoming more than just an online platform for purchasing products as it is also a way for companies to generate revenue and expand their business. According to a report from HubSpot, 47% of businesses that use e-commerce platforms currently intend to do more product sales in the next 6 months, with 52% of all e-commerce platforms used by businesses today having the capability of selling multiple products at the same time. This is why having a platform that can provide all the tools needed to increase sales and manage inventory is so important.

How to choose the best e-commerce platform for your business?

When choosing an ecommerce platform, you have to consider the following:

1. Need for a custom website

Most of the E-Commerce platforms can be used to sell anything from clothes and shoes to musical instruments and home décor. If you want your store to be customized and able to hold a number of product types, then it is important for you to choose an e-commerce platform that allows customization. For example, Shopify has a wide range of templates that can be used in order to design a unique site. Using to hire Shopify experts India as your ecommerce platform will allow you to create websites or stores that can easily hold many different product types as well as have products added or sold by third party suppliers right within the platform.

2. Needs for a payment processor

When selling products online, it is important to have a payment processor that will allow you to process credit card payments in a safe and secure manner. The right ecommerce platform should also provide you with a large number of payment gateways so you can choose the platform that is most convenient for your business. For example, when choosing hire Shopify experts India as your ecommerce platform, you will be able to use Stripe as your payment processor while Bigcommerce allows you to use PayPal payments.

3. Needs for inventory management

In order to make sure all items are available in your store, it is important for you to choose the right ecommerce platform that lets you add products quickly and easily through its feature of product management. For example, Shopify lets you add and manage products easily by uploading a product photo, adding a quick description, and offering the option to add a product to a category or adding one as a new product.

4. Needs for customer support

When selling online, it is important to make sure you have the right resources in place to ensure all questions are answered quickly and efficiently. When choosing an ecommerce platform, it is important for you to find one that has a large number of employees or representatives available to assist you when needed. For example, Bigcommerce has a dedicated team of support staff available around the clock but Shopify only provides support by chat or email. Both these platforms offer email, phone, and live chat customer service and will be able to provide support if any issues arise when using their e-commerce platform.

5. The number of products and categories you can offer

The number of products that you can offer on your website is usually limited by the ecommerce platform that you have chosen. For example, when choosing Shopify as your E-Commerce platform, you will be able to allow your customers to search for items through Pinterest or Instagram.

6. Support for third party suppliers

When selling online, it is important for you to make sure the ecommerce platform that you choose will support third party suppliers. When choosing Shopify as your E-Commerce platform, it integrates with a massive network of third party suppliers so you are able to choose from a huge number of drop shipping suppliers in order to sell products from different parts of the world.

7. Support for online marketing and sales

If you want to increase the likelihood of attracting new customers to your website by using the right ecommerce platforms and choosing the right systems, then it is important for you to choose a platform that has all the tools needed to help drive visibility, increased traffic and generate sales. You can hire a Shopify agency for your E-Commerce platform, it integrates with a variety of tools like Google analytics, Facebook advertising, Moz and Social Trends to help you market your site and sell more.

Advantages of choosing an e-commerce platform for your business:

When choosing an e-commerce platform for your business, there are a number of advantages you can expect to receive from choosing the right platform.

1. Affordability

Most of the e-commerce platforms that are used today are quite affordable, allowing you to focus your time and energy on growing your business. Some of these platforms may also offer free versions that allow you to have features limited in order to have them accessible on a trial basis before upgrading. For example, you can hire Shopify experts India and get offers a free plan plus two additional plans depending on how many items you want to sell online and what types of suppliers you want to work with.

2. Small business marketing

The ecommerce platforms that have been chosen provide you with a large number of free services that can help boost your online visibility and increase the number of potential customers that may be interested in visiting your website. For example, Shopify allows you to choose which search engines should be used in order to help drive visibility, boost traffic and increase sales.

60% of businesses consider search engine optimization (SEO) as one of their most important success factors – this is why choosing the right platform is important to maximize the marketing tools available and to continuously increase visibility while ensuring the safety of personal information when using the platform.

3. E-commerce sites or online store

When choosing an e-commerce platform, it is important to make sure you can easily promote and sell products while having no issue with designing a site or online store. If you choose Shopify as your platform, it will come equipped with a blank template and it is up to you to decide how the site should look.

4. Coding and payment functions

When choosing an e-commerce platform for your business, it is important for you to make sure the e-commerce software that you choose will allow you to have access to a large number of coding functions such as JavaScript, jQuery and CSS in order for you to add new features or update the website without assistance from third party developers. This will be beneficial when you want to add new products or functions without having to pay anyone. When you hire Shopify agency , it allows you to have access to a large number of coding functions through their in-house app store where you can use the source code in order to customize the look of your ecommerce site.

5. Business performance

The e-commerce platforms that are used by businesses today are usually designed with the aim of ensuring high levels of performance for the company and its employees, which means that these platforms are usually easy to use and allow for the integration of advanced features. When choosing Shopify as your platform, it comes equipped with features and options that will ensure high levels of performance while also allowing you to integrate a large number of advanced features in order to see the impact on your business.

A number of free apps are available for ecommerce platforms such as Shopify and Bigcommerce, which may be used in order to improve and enhance the overall performance for both businesses and the customers. For example, Bigcommerce allows you to have access to a range of free apps that can help drive sales, increase customer loyalty and reduce bounce rates.

Ecommerce Platform

The design of your e-commerce site or online store is an important factor when it comes to attracting customers as well as boosting sales.


There are a number of e-commerce platforms that can be used in order to run an online business, but when deciding which platform to choose you should always consider the features offered and the benefits that you will receive. For example, Shopify is a popular e-commerce solution that comes equipped with a large number of services and tools that allow you to boost marketing and visibility while also allowing for low rates per sale (depending on the type of products being sold). You can even hire Shopify agency to help you do the work easily and efficiently and build your website in just a few days.

When choosing an E-Commerce platform for your business, it is important for you to understand how easy it will be for you to create online representations of your brand in order to attract new customers without having any issue with selling the items.

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