Bhimonee Decor Builts in with Shopify to empower clients after the launch


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What Website Holds?

Bhimonee Decor is a brand owned by Modern Gift Centre in Bangalore by MR. Rishab Bhimoneem. It is one of the leading Modern Gift Centre Manufacturers & Traders of Brass God Idols, Brass electric diya, wooden chowki Brass Diya, Brass Hanging Bells, Ganesh Wall Hanging, etc. These idols are not only handcrafted with care but they’re also designed to be the perfect addition to your place of worship. They direct all their activities to serve the expectations of customers by providing them with excellent service as per their gratifications.


Demand For

Rishab and his team began to assess a number of solutions and track them against their core requirements: 

The Bhimonee Decor team wanted us to design and develop their website with the intention of laser-focused on creating a better overall user experience — from website flow and layout to messaging. To upload products and content for the same. In-Short to design user-friendly website.

Also, Demand for reducing the time to open new pages. To add filters in categories, to measure the website’s page speed. To add tab collections, and to do small changes like color, text, etc.

Major Improvements

Now that ControlF5 is taking the help of Shopify experts in our team to begin making updates to the Shopify site.

Firstly design the whole website with the help of the best UI/UX designers. And then sent it to the client to finalize the design and move forward, Once the client has approved the design then we begin to start developing on that and the website goes live.

  • With the help of our designer, the whole website has been designed with Pixel-Perfect and UI/UX figma software. 
  • Put all the products with the help of the CVS File given by the client in an Excel sheet.
  • And edited all the relevant content on the website.
  • We also suggest they to create a 404 error page. This is because an effective 404 page will recognize the mistake and guide them back to relevant pages of the site. (if they have some).
  • We manage broken links on the website. 
  • Done the responsive of the websites (which means that no matter what theme you decide to use. Your website will load exactly how you want it to on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.)
  • Also, we suggested they to design inner pages like, a return policy, privacy policy, etc. By which a website can give a good impression to our prospective customers.
  • As they wanted to move faster so we make flexible designs and native features. And our greater Shopify expert team can make changes quickly, efficiently, and completely autonomously.
  • Done small changes like text fonts, and color changes. Are in their particular product can take place in less than an hour and require little planning if we do it in advance.  
  • We also took care of the site’s page speed maintenance and security issues. By increasing traffic, we look over the SEO part as well and create a mobile-friendly Shopify website.

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Tools That Help Us


By taking the help of Shopify experts we hold a team who are able to optimize images and create attractive designs on every page. From handling heading to subheadings, and headers to footers the website is now amazingly running with the help of Shopify. Also, the site is easily optimized to attract a new audience while being easy to find the important products that are provided by bhimonee decor. With well-planned and organized navigation, everything is now in good hands and users can use the website easily. 

The services provided to the team of Bhimonee got so impressive and confirmed that they will hire us again in the future for more website work.


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Anurag Pandey

Anurag Pandey an Founder & CEO with an experience of 17+ years in the same field. He is mostly Ambitious and Aims to learn and share information about Web Design, Mobile App Development, React JS, Angular JS, and SEO.

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