Reasons Why You Need to Start Using WordPress Plugins

Reasons Why You Need to Start Using WordPress Plugins

What is a WordPress plugin?

WordPress is a free and open-source blogging platform that can help you to create a blog. It has an enormous reach, as evidenced by the fact that it’s the most popular publishing platform on earth. However, due to this, one of WordPress’ downsides is how much it can be hacked. To help combat this, there are plugins all over Google Play that you can use to secure your site while also adding features and functionality like analytics tracking and content management systems (CMS).

Wordpress Plugin

Benefits of using the WordPress plugin:

1. Your work is done on time

One of the best things about plugins is that they get your work done on time. Others are looking too much on Google & social media so if you have a website and you want to get a better ranking and more traffic then this article is for you.

2. Easy to use

WordPress plugins are easy to use, the process of installing the plugin on your site is very simple, all you need to do is drop the downloaded file into the ‘plugins’ folder and then activate it from the ‘Plugins’ menu in the WordPress panel.

3. Have many features

WordPress plugins have many features, and have a wide range of features that can be very useful to the site owner.

4. Compatibility with other plug-ins

WordPress plugins are also compatible with other plug-ins, so if you want to add more features to your website then you can easily add this feature by using the plugin of your choice.

5. Support services

Some WordPress plugins offer support, and online forums can also be a source of assistance. It is advisable to locate a free support service staffed by experts and professionals. This service can aid in resolving website issues linked to the plugins utilized on your site.

6. Easy to install

A wordPress plugin is very easy to install and gets good ratings, the process of installation for a WordPress plugin is very simple and you can easily follow the steps and will have a good rating on your site.

7. Will create more traffic to your site

When you install a WordPress plugin, it will automatically promote your site. Most plugins add ads on your site so whenever someone visits your website they can find new content which is helpful in increasing the traffic of your site in the long run.

Benifits of Using the WordPress

Reasons why WordPress plugins are the perfect friend for your site

Reason 1: Feasible Functionality

WordPress plugins are flexible, they can do everything, from making your posts look appealing to search engines to tracking the performance of your site.

WordPress plugins are also very helpful, many of them give support through email or forums. This means that you don’t have to wait for a long time before your problems are solved.

Reason 2: No Code Required

No need for coding or programming skills are required if you are wanting to install a wordpress plugin for your website. All you have to do is download it from their “plugin store”, unzip it and upload it to the plug-in’s folder in the WordPress area. 

WordPress plugins are also fuss-free, they make your blogging easy because you have to spend less time managing your website.

Reason 3: Has A Wide Range Of Plugins

WordPress plugins are available in wide varieties these days, you will find plugins for about everything you can think of. There is a plugin for site optimization to track traffic or compose music. You can have these features added to your website with just a few clicks of the mouse. 

Reason 4: Easy To Install

Install a WordPress Plugin is very easy as they contain just two files, one of them is the unzipped file and the other is the plugin that you downloaded. With some clicks of the mouse, you can install a plugin.

WordPress plugins are also very easy to find, there are many search engines that provide you with the best WordPress plugins to make your blogging experience better.

WordPress plugins are what makes WordPress so popular. They make it easy to install and use, and they allow you to customize your blog in an unlimited way.

These extra wordpress plugins are available for your website:

The great thing about WordPress is that it’s very easy to just make a blog. WordPress is also very user-friendly. Because WordPress is open source, it allows anyone to change the software as they see fit.

This means that there are several different types of WordPress installations on the web ranging from highly customizable installations with few plugins but a lot of customization, to standard installations with mostly one-click installs and then minimal configuration (usually a theme or two) found at

Reasons why WordPress plugins

Reason 5: Most of them are free

WordPress plugins are all free of charge, they do not cost you a penny to install and do not require any payment.

Reason 6: Add-ons can be added to your theme

If you have a premium WordPress theme, there is a good chance that it comes with a couple of add-ons. These will add extra functionality to your site.

For example, if you have an image slider plugin installed, then when you upload an image with the Widget Area widget, it can automatically display the images in a slide show format.

Reason 7: Wide range of choices available in the plugins market

WordPress plugins are available for just about anything you would want them to be useful for. WordPress plugins are also very easy to install. All you have to do is download the plugin, unzip it and upload it to the plug-in’s folder in the WordPress area.

Reason 8: Most of them are SEO Friendly

WordPress plugins are SEO-friendly. They will not only help your visitors to find and visit your site, but they often help your rankings as well. This is because most of the plugins will add social sharing functionality to your blog to help you attract more traffic and rank higher in search engines.

Many bloggers include custom buttons within their sites, which allow them to share their content across all the top social media sites.

Reason 9: Endless Design Options for Plugins

WordPress plugins allow you to completely customize your blog for a reasonable price, so you can make your site look like anything you want it to. Most of the plug-ins have a large variety of designs that you can choose from.

This means you can find the perfect theme for your site without having to spend any money on professional services.

WordPress is one of the biggest and most popular blogging platforms on the Internet today. There are many reputable developers that create plugins for WordPress sites. Because WordPress is about making blogging easy, it gives visitors the opportunity to customize their blog according to their specifications, so they will be more likely to return often and continue making posts on your site regularly.

A WordPress theme will help change what your website looks like. Picking and tweaking a theme to your liking is one of the most exciting parts of building a website.

Resons Why WordPress Plugin

How to install a WordPress Plugin?

Step 1:

Go to Plugins Inside the WordPress Dashboard, you will see a list of plugins with their descriptions. Click on the one you want and follow the instructions to install it. You can also find any new updates or reviews on WordPress plugins.

Step 2:

After your plugin has been installed, hover over to Appearance > Theme Options > Add New > Upload. There will be a list of all the plug-ins you have installed. You can then choose which plugin you want to use and then choose where it is located (on your website/wordpress or in your computer).

Step 3: 

After you have uploaded your plug-in, all you have to do is click on it and follow the instructions to activate your plugin. There will be a form for you to submit information about your plugin, such as what it does, and what type of website or page would best suit your plug-in.

Step 4:

Make sure that all the information you supplied to the plugin administrator is correct and that you are ready to publish your plugin on your website.

WordPress is the best site to set up your business, not only for personal blogs but also for professional businesses.

You can create a strong web reputation by using WordPress Plugins. Just like in any other financial market, it is essential to keep your reputation rating high. This is by providing the right products or services to your customers and making sure that you give them good customer service. A good way to accomplish this is by having a well-designed website with some beautiful themes. And adding some of the best plugins that were discussed earlier in this post.

Plugins are small snippets of code that you can use on your website or blog.

Also, if you hire WordPress developers for your site then they can get your WordPress website made in just a few days with concentrated effort. 

How to Install a WordPress


WordPress plugins are one of the many reasons why WordPress is by far the most popular blogging platform on the Internet today. With so many free WordPress plugins, users have a lot more flexibility and the opportunity to do anything they want with their blogs.


1. Are plugins good for my WordPress?

Yes, they are good for your WordPress. They can help you in many ways such as protecting your website from spam comments, helping you make more money with affiliate marketing, and much more.

2. What are the best plugins to use in WordPress?

To be honest there are so many best plugins that you can use for WordPress. The most popular plugins at the moment are W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache, and Yoast.

3. How to install the best plugins for WordPress?

In the WordPress admin section, look for Plugins > Add New; then upload your plugins. They can be found in two locations: within the WordPress installation itself (using FTP) or in your computer’s file system. You can also download them directly from their website and upload them there manually (one by one).

4. How do I know which plugins are not working?

You can find information about the plugin in a number of places: on its help page, on its website, or looking for other reviews about this plugin.

5. Can I hire developers to get my WordPress website created?

Sure, you can do it, but exercise caution! It is advisable to possess your own web server and domain name in order to establish your site. If you lack proficiency as a developer and are unable to undertake this independently. Then you ought to familiarize yourself with the technical aspects of WordPress. There is an abundance of information available on the internet that can assist you if you are genuinely interested in commencing with WordPress.

Maintenance is the key point for WordPress Website Development. Some plugins improve the SEO of your website, some plugins avoid spam comments on your website. Other plugins let your visitors submit reviews for free or paid products.  Plugins automatically publish Twitter/Facebook posts or the latest tweets from your Twitter account and so many more…

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