Top 10 Best Shipping Companies and Partners in India for e-Commerce Businesses

e-Commerce Businesses

The article will be going through how to shipping companies are changing the face of eCommerce in India through partnerships and investments that are making life for sellers a little bit easier.

In this article, we will list the top 10 shipping companies in India that provide their services to e-commerce businesses as partners or investment holders. This list is based on what we have seen during our research, though there are many more players in this space. The first company on our list is Aramax, best known as an Indian e-commerce company with global recognition. Their partnership with logistics firm Deliv has been commanding headlines since it was announced by both parties.

Why are shipping companies needed for e-commerce?

E-commerce is all about bringing customers online, hence the issues surrounding trust and credibility are of paramount concern.
The idea is to boost your business with a partner who can help you gain the trust of your customers and ensure that they receive their orders on time. With such kind of partnership, it is possible to grow the business exponentially with the reduced risk involved. Let’s look at how logistics companies contribute to e-commerce in India and what their role entails in helping businesses succeed online.

Reach – The reach that a logistics partner offers varies depending on the size of its fleet, reach, and the number of facilities it has across geographies.

Losses: The common loss is due to the buyer not receiving their ordered goods or the products being damaged in transit.

Expenses: The expenses of a shipping company are as per its terms, but it covers all expenses that are vitally important for a business like freight charges, handling costs, conversion charges, and so on. In addition, there are other factors such as collection points, warehousing facilities, and economies of scale that influence the pricing structure of the shipping companies.

Fake orders: Shipments that have been faked by sending fake parcels to misguide dishonest customers or by using special means to trick clients into believing they receive what they have ordered.


Top 10 Shipping Companies and Partners in India for Ecommerce

1. Shiprocket
Shiprocket is a global logistics company based in India. The company has partnerships with many countries across the globe and has the largest network of intermodal terminals, freight services, and specialized vehicles. Shiprocket is India’s only automated shipping solution for eCommerce. It lets you choose from 17+ courier partners, print shipping labels, track orders from a single panel, and also process returns from an integrated dashboard. Apart from the shipping automation

The shipping companies that are part of this company have a wide variety of shipping options available for their clients. Since it has been working in some of the most popular domains and has been popular for quite some time due to its exceptional management.

2. Blue Dart Shipping and Logistics
Blue Dart was founded by Akhlaque (chairman) and his friends Khushroo Dubash and Clyde Cooper in November 1983. In its early years, Blue Dart had a business agreement with Gelco Express International, UK, for the operations of international air package express services from India. In 2010–11, it introduced ′cash on delivery (COD)′ to its customers as an additional payment option for its courier services. Khushroo Dubash initiated studies on a “Hub and Spoke” concept for the company’s distribution networking.

The company has multiple branches across India and offers various shipping services including Suraksha Express, Parcel Express, and BlueDart Solutions that are tailored to meet the varying needs of its clients across the country. Along with its services, the company also offers warehousing facilities, as well as a comprehensive range of value-added services that extends to custom clearing and forwarding, door-to-door delivery, and third-party logistics support.

The BlueDart Group is an importer and exporter of finished goods, industrial raw materials for export markets, and trading items for domestic consumption. It offers a wide variety of logistics services including air freight (75% of total freight volume), sea freight (20%), multi-modal transport & inland transportation (5%).

3. DHL Express India
DHL is a German logistics company that currently operates in over 320 countries around the world. India is one of its key markets and services under the DHL Global Forwarding brand. The company was founded by German army captain Franz Schneider in 1937 and its first operations were in Germany where it continued for 50 years until its selling to Deutsche Post AG in 1996. The company DHL itself was founded in San Francisco, United States, in 1969 and expanded its service throughout the world by the late 1970s. In 1979, under the name of DHL Air Cargo, the company entered the Hawaiian islands with an inter-island cargo service using two DC-3 and four DC-6 aircraft.

The India operations of DHL are currently managed by the DHL Supply Chain Solutions (DHCSS), which was formed after a spin-off from DHL International Limited. After India, DHCSS also provides services to other regional markets such as Bangladesh, the Philippines, and Indonesia, among others.

The company’s business segments are Domestic Air Freight and Inland Express, International Air Freight, International Courier and Parcels, Customs Clearance, and Logistics Solutions. The company serves clients in education (approximately 18%), information technology (13%), and consumer goods (5%).

4. Delhivery
The company offers integrated logistics solutions that encompass last-mile delivery, warehousing, and transportation. Their core values include leveraging technology for efficiency, customer delight, and employee satisfaction. Delhivery was founded in 2009 as an e-commerce-focused logistic services provider, with its headquarters located in Gurgaon near New Delhi.

Delhivery currently serves over 1500 clients across all major cities in India. Their products include express courier services (smartpost), e-comm logistics (Sparrow), international logistics (Smartgate), and supply chain management systems (delivery hub).

5. Ecom Express
Ecom Express is a Bengaluru-based company that provides outsourced logistics solutions to its customers. The company was founded in 2012 by Mr. Rohit Baweja and Mr. Mahesh Dahiwale, who are the Executive Co-Chairs of the company.

In addition to customer service, Ecom Express also provides customs brokerage, logistics planning, and supply chain management services to clients across India.

6. eKart Logistics Pvt Ltd
It is a logistics service provider based in Vadodara, Gujarat that provides domestic and international courier services under the ownership of Reliance Industries Limited (RIL). Mr. Aditya Vikram Birla started the company as an outgrowth of his former company Vikram Birla Powertrains Ltd (VBPPL).

It currently offers domestic express shipments and international courier services. The company also offers supply chain solutions and solutions that involve freight consolidation & disposal, inventory control & management, and logistics research.

7. FedEx India
United Parcel Service (UPS) is a global courier service provider based in the United States of America, with additional operations in Canada, China, and Australia. Its services include freight forwarding, international shipping, express shipments, and logistics solutions for businesses all around the world. The company was founded in 1968 by Fred Smith just before he relocated to Memphis Tennessee to start his own delivery service company.

The India operations are run by the FedEx Services Private Limited subsidiary that is based in Mumbai. The company provides tracking services to online sellers and retailers as well as home-based e-commerce businesses. It also offers international shipping services that include time-definite and quick deliveries to over 220 countries, while an additional 176 countries can be reached via its global express network.

The Delhi Transport Corporation is one of the largest state-owned bus operators in India. The company was founded to manage shipment and logistics better. The company currently operates some 13000 buses to over 1.3 million (as of 2018) commuters across the country.

The company currently has a fleet of approximately 1,700 buses that are run by 250 routes in Delhi and other cities across India under 47 depots across the country. The company was referred to as the “Most Transparent” Operator by the Indian State Government.

9. Flexport
Flexport is an American freight forwarder that provides customs clearance and logistics services to expedite international shipping. The company also offers software that allows small businesses to monitor their international shipments along with a phone app for its users as well. The service has over 15000 customers across 155 countries, including Australia, New Zealand, India, China, Indonesia, and Mexico among others.

10. Xpressbees
Xpressbees is a logistics company that also provides courier services to customers via its web platform. The company has a network of 82 depots across India. The company was founded in 2014, by an alumnus of the University of Michigan and Wharton Business School. The company has recently raised $7Mn worth of funding from Tiger Global Management, Khosla Ventures, and Qualcomm Inc., among others.

It is one of the largest express transportation companies in India that provide a network with over 42 locations across 20 cities in 15 states covering 70,000 pin codes across the country. The company delivers more than 5 million shipments using a fleet of about 3500 vehicles (trucks and vans).

Shipping Companies


The logistics industry has seen increased competition and growth over the years as the demand for robust delivery and shipping solutions increases. As a result, more companies are entering the Indian market to use its low cost of operations and efficiency to their advantage in order to serve their customers better.

The sector is also fairly fragmented due to changes in the way goods are being shipped today with emphasis placed on express delivery services over traditional shipping methods. As a result, companies that offer specialized and niche products are rapidly growing while they provide value-added services along with convenience as well. The growing number of logistics startups also attests to the high demand for such products and technology-driven solutions across India.

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