Tips to Successfully Migrate From Shopify to WordPress

tips to successfully migrate from shopify wordpress

Do you ever desire to migrate successfully from Shopify to WordPress Store? It might be a significant obstacle to overcome the difficulties whenever you change the eCommerce platforms. Also, it’s effortless that you might think to move the products and the customers and the orders to WordPress. There is always a virtually hands-off solution that ensures a trouble-free migration procedure is carried out.

WordPress developer

There is no requirement for technical knowledge. One needs to get connected to the two platforms, and you’re all set to go. Also, you can hire a White label WordPress Developer you can quickly get things done! Now let’s understand how WordPress is a good choice for any online store and how one can move from Shopify to WordPress?

Firstly, let’s understand a few reasons that will make you understand why it is necessary to switch from Shopify to WordPress. Also, you can further analyze the step-to-step guide of successfully migrating from Shopify to WordPress.

  • You have more control over the store
  • Limitless flexibility and customization
  • More control over the Pricing
  • Limitless Variations

Now let’s understand the step to step guidelines of setting up WordPress:

You need to set up the WordPress

Before you migrate the Shopify store to WordPress, you have to properly install and set up the WordPress. Unlike any Shopify store, WordPress is a self-hosted platform. IT signifies that you need to host the company and then officially be recommended by WordPress.

After you sign up for the hosting account, you need to install WordPress for yourself automatically. You can easily access the WordPress dashboard from the hosting account dashboard. Now you need to click onto the Log in to the Word Press Button:

It will get you the WordPress admin panel. Now you can further go to the Plugin and then add a new page and then search for WordPress:

Then you need to click on the Install button and then to WordPress. After that, you need to install the Now button, and it gets activated. Then click on the Activate button to additionally continue. After the activation, WordPress will depict you setting up a Wizard where you can easily set up the payment gateway and further store the information and other basics. Now follow the on-screen instructions to set up the score:

Downloading the Shopify Data

There was no such reliable method to migrate Shopify to WordPress. No such migration tool is present to store the data from Shopify and then further import it into WordPress. You need to either pay for the costly service to perform for you or set up any product from scratch. You need to click on the Submit button to continue further.

It will further take you to the store’s Shopify admin section. Here, you will be asked to install the application, automatically generating the Shopify API key for the data migration. You need to click on the Install App button and press the bottom button to continue.

Further on the next screen, the app depicts the data export using the Shopify app. Recently it exported the product data, product categories, customer data and variable orders.

Also, you need to provide the email address where one receives a link to download the export file. Then you further need to press on the Start Export button to further proceed. The application will express to you the progress of the migration procedure. Once it’s done, you will observe a download button. You will get an email with a link to the download file.

Get Things Done Right With Professional WordPress Developer

The tips mentioned above would help you migrate from Shopify to WordPress successfully. It’s time to migrate all the store data like the products, customers, orders, categories, and much more to a dream eCommerce area within a short duration.

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