How To Create a Fitness Mobile App Like Strava?

how to create a fitness mobile app like strava

Strava has quickly gained popularity in the fitness industry, as they say, “If it’s not on Strava, it didn’t happen.” It’s an impressive achievement for an app to move from being an editor’s pick in the AppStore and Playstore to being named as the top mobile app in numerous categories by multiple publications. People’s interest in fitness and activity tracker mobile applications has grown in recent years, and many now use them on a regular basis.

Being fit is the new cool, and these mobile applications allow users to go head-to-head with friends and global fitness fanatics. Strava has quickly grown in popularity among runners, cyclists, swimmers, and other fitness enthusiasts across the world.

Today, it is a dominating player in fitness, especially among health-conscious individuals. Unlike other applications, Strava goes beyond simply collecting user data to become a digital friend. If the concept behind activity monitoring applications is sound, then they can assist users in creating schedules and inspire them to put in more effort.

The explosive growth of mobile apps like Strava has increased demand for similar platforms. In this article, we’ll lead you through the main features, steps, and costs of creating an app similar to Strava.

What Do You Understand by Activity Tracker Apps?

The activity tracker apps are used to track the metrics of a sport that the user performs, it could be anything from swimming to simple walking. Activity trackers enable users to get exclusive insights that aren’t available otherwise, and many have built communities of like-minded people. Social integration has allowed people to compete with friends directly and has motivated them to do better in the sports they choose. A myriad of devices that are capable of recording vitals has enabled activity-tracking apps to be much more advanced than before.

Steps To Create a Mobile App Like Strava

Strava’s success must be attributed mostly to its mobile app and feature offerings, as well as a general interest in fitness. Strava is essentially a social network for fitness enthusiasts that allows you to find friends in a variety of ways. Strava offers a one-of-a-kind interface and UI/UX, allowing users to enjoy recording their exercises and comparing them to their peers. Strava has created a connected environment for fitness lover and assisted them with their workouts in a variety of ways.

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1.  Conduct Research

First and foremost, Conduct extensive research on fitness app market leaders like Strava, examining their fitness business strategies and user engagement approaches. By researching competitors and understanding their strengths and limitations, you can identify areas for innovation and difference in your own fitness mobile app development project. This thorough analysis will create the framework for developing a unique and engaging application to satisfy the changing needs of fitness lovers.

2.  Develop MVP

Creating a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a critical step in the fitness mobile app development process. MVP allows you to find areas for improvement and betterment by showcasing fundamental features and functionalities, resulting in a polished, error-free final product. This phase is critical to ensuring the flawless performance and user happiness of your final mobile app version.

3.  Focus on UX/UI Design

Effective UI/UX design plays an important role in capturing and retaining consumers throughout their experience with a fitness mobile app. Prioritize the development of a user-friendly and intuitive experience, emphasizing clarity and simplicity at all stages. This phase combines visual attractiveness and seamless navigation to create an immersive voyage that resonates with users and keeps them engaged.

4.  Follow Security Protocols

Maintaining consumers’ security and privacy is critical in the development of fitness mobile apps. You should prioritize user data privacy by employing strong security features such as advanced data encryption techniques and actively correcting any potential flaws. A strong commitment to security not only protects sensitive information but also promotes trust and confidence in our users.

5.  Unique Features & Functionalities

Make your fitness mobile app stand out by including customized workout recommendations based on user preferences and goals. Incorporate social sharing functionality to build a supportive community and drive user accountability. Gamification components, such as achievement badges and challenges, can help to increase user engagement and motivation when tracking fitness.

6.  Find a Reliable Development Company

When getting started on the quest to construct a mobile app like Satrva, it is critical to choose a trustworthy development company like ours. Begin by looking into reliable companies with a track record as the best mobile app development company in India. We have specialize in similar mobile apps and have years of prior experience in the relevant market. Schedule meetings or discussions to discuss your project requirements and ensure everyone understands your vision. Maintain clear communication and transparency throughout the development process. Finally, consider budget, deadlines, and continuous assistance while making your decision.

7.  Test & Launch Your Strava App

Providing a faultless user experience necessitates extensive testing to identify flaws and bugs that may disrupt functioning. Employing experienced quality analysts and testers is critical for ensuring the app’s quality. Thorough testing of the program aids in identifying and resolving any faults, guaranteeing a smooth and error-free experience for users. The involvement of expert quality assurance personnel is critical in finding and correcting possible faults, which improves the mobile app’s overall reliability and performance. By investing in rigorous testing processes, the mobile app can meet customers’ expectations for quality, creating confidence and satisfaction.

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Features To Include a Mobile App Like Strava

Features that count on how to create a fitness mobile app like Strava have to be picked very carefully, as they could differentiate the app from succeeding or failing. Strava has picked its features very carefully, and as we said above, it may have very well contributed to the success of Strava we see today. Make sure you put in the most effort in market research to make a list of features that the users would like to see in your app and try to make the mobile app as user-friendly as possible.

Here are some of the common features you should include while creating a fitness mobile app:

1.  GPS Tracking

For various sports that include long distances, GPS tracking could prove to be an essential feature for an activity tracker app. Strava features advanced GPS tracking which allows users to see their pathways, their speeds, and time, and compare it to the rest of the world or their friends in real time. The global positioning system also allows Strava to create movement within the mobile app, and draw the specifics for the user on the map.

2.  Tracking Across Different Sports

While Strava too has limited itself to a few sports, you can plan ahead and include as many sports as you want to. While most leisure players wouldn’t want to know the depths, they could certainly use things like time active, and total calories burned, etc. You can essentially track all the vitals during the workout and display them to the user or could use some advanced analytics in the case of some sports to help the user get better in that particular sport.

3.  Calories Burned

While it is often found in most activity trackers, it would be an excellent addition to increase the confidence of those using the app. This might be paired with other indicators to help people monitor their fitness. The ideal way to approach this is to go all in; you can also integrate features such as sleep tracking for an optimal all-in-one experience that nearly no one else in the market currently provides.

4.  Multiple device support

To reach the masses, ensure that your product offers direct sync with their preferred smartphones and fitness trackers. This one can be tough if you don’t hire a skilled mobile app development business. As the list will continue to grow every few months as new devices are released, attempt to include as many as possible.

5.  Personal Profile and Badges

To ensure that personalization is carried to the next level, including the ability for users to build their own unique profiles. To personalize a user’s profile, include badges that validate their successes in the app, as well as what they choose to share. This is a must-have feature if you want your app to be more social fitness-focused.

6.  Maps

Maps and navigation can help athletes and users gain more control over their routes. Many fitness apps fail to integrate maps, leaving users stranded. Maps are the best tool for individuals seeking adventure, and having a GPS-enabled map can attract a large number of users to your fitness-oriented program.

7.  Analytics

Analytics may provide consumers with tips for improving their exercises and activities, and throwing away valuable data is a mistake. Analytics can be used to provide consumers with a variety of recommendations, provided they opt in. In the long term, analytics will help you steer the app in a more user-focused path, resulting in increased engagement and a better user experience.

8.  Engage in Friendly Competition

Strava promotes healthy competition; you may challenge friends as often as you want, on whatever course you choose. Your app should provide this functionality, albeit it cannot be used for activities and must rely on other resources such as GPS. If you want to provide a really social experience on your app, integrate this functionality.

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Cost Estimate for Building a Mobile App Like Strava

We’ve segmented the cost of developing a mobile app similar to Strava into three categories to enhance our comprehension of the funding needs.

1.  For Business Analysis:

The cost of hiring two business analysts to research and develop an app similar to Strava could range from $8,000 to $10,000 per month. This pricing is influenced by factors such as market competition, consumer demand, and the company’s track record.

2.  Development:

Developing a mobile app similar to Strava wants a team of four developers, covering back-end, front-end, iOS, and Android requirements. The development approach can vary, including the option for hybrid mobile app development to support both operating systems. However, $17,000 to $20,000 will be the per month cost for each developer may range from, depending on the specific needs and expertise required.

3.  Marketing Cost:

After the launch, you must ensure that the product is appropriately placed; marketing can assist you with this. People would be unaware of your brand if you did not market it. It may cost you $5,000 every month, but it can result in a significant return on investment.

Last word on: How To Create a Fitness Mobile App Like Strava

Finally, now that you understand what actually an active mobile aap looks like and how to create an mobile app like Strava with its full features and cost functions, then let me conclude this guide. Strava is a successful fitness mobile app, thus further development could be beneficial. There aren’t many competitors right now for the software that combines fitness with socializing, so now is a good moment to enter the market.

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